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Good times people – GOOOOOOD times.

We all know that going out midweek is a lot finer than the super messy weekend, well you can taste the proof. Check out these selections…

MONDAY – Cactus Channel tie down the EVELYN. With a month of Mondays, the funk will hit the fan. I will do a DJ support once as well.

TUESDAY – OPEN MIC at CAPE LOUNGE. Hosted by NFA with a band headed by CHOI, this is it. Babes on Grill every second week, serving the food!

WEDNESDAY – its WONDERCORE Wednesdays at JOHN CURTAIN HOUSE. Featuring, KIRKIS, Clever Austin, and more – see poster for details..

THURSDAYS -well you always got SOUL IN THE BASEMENT, or KICKIN THE “B” AT 303 + Many options.


residencymay2013-final-2Get out to Get Down….

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GIGS…this weekend..

Here’s a fun one this weekend! Local tuff funk outfit ULTRAVIBRALUX are finally launching their 10″ ep on Sunday at the WORKERS club. Supported by another upcoming young funk band THE SEVEN UP’S and Chris Gill DJ’ing, this will turn out be be a fun day. Yes, it is held during the day. A good chance to bring some younguns though and see some live FUNKY music! launch-poster-web

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This weekend Melbourne is treated to some CRAZY good times. On this Friday night is one of the funkiest Japanese experiences you will ever have. Right on the JB tip are THE OSAKA MONAURAILS. A supertight JB experience right outta the land of the rising groove. THey are joined by Melbourne funk goodness, Cactus Channel and DEEP STREET SOUL also is DJ Chikashi Nishiwaki – DO NOT MISS. tix on sale HERE

osakathen after a rest you get it again on SUNDAY………

outta TEXAS comes an amazing reformation. THE KASHMERE STAGE BAND were a Texas HIGH SCHOOL funk band. Forty five years later they are back to drop the madness. Their exploits were captured on an awesome documentary Texas Thunder Soul.

These guys are performing with The Cactus Channel, our very own High School Funk Band! Come see what a generation will do.Tix sale for the day gig here.It is on at THE GARDEN PARTY. The Garden Party is a vacant lot in Southbank that becomes astroturf and street art, deckchairs and DJs, flowers and funk.For three days it brings the flavour with THE BAMBOOS, AXOLOTL and BROUS on Friday and FONTAIN and HAITUS KAIYOTE on saturday night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Then there is the AFTERPARTY! this is when the CACTUS CHANNEL and the KASHMERE STAGE BAND actually JAM TOGETHER! This will be happening at the LOUNGE with a bunch of DJ’s and mad DANCERS! (that’s you). This event is FREE before 11pm.


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this saturday! CACTUS CHANNEL launch

make sure you are there! This is history in the making. The funkiest instrumental band in the world just so happen to be the youngest instrumental band in the world.
Many years in the making, many many grooves were laid down to get their sound. The launch is going to be a great night. Doors open at 8pm and the whole things wraps up at 11pm, so get in early start dancing and don’t stop. I am VERY excited about this record release. posterv1-20

same night MORE funk…..

after the Cactus Channel the SASKWATCH kids play at the john Curtain hotel in Carlton (Across the road from Soul A Go Go) – thats right a LOOOOOOONG night of funky soul baby!


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CACTUS CHANNEL “Emanuel Ciccolini” video


Local soul kids The Cactus Channel have dropped the video for the first single off the highly anticipated debut album “HAPTICS”. This track is a glimpse at just how hot this LP is going to be. We are talking some super dope instrumental funk. Take a look at the video to see how tight these guys are. Its not just because they have played together for years and years but they only rehearse in a tiny shed. 9 piece funky squeeze – a lesson to be learned for us all.

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