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Record Store Day will go ahead online.

Unfortunately the show with @hiatuskaiyote will not happen with the lockdown.

We will put out an email and out on our website at 2pm today with all the records that will be available from 9am on Saturday morning.

We will have exclusive local releases and imported ones as well.

We will have crates of  SOUL JAZZ LATIN FUNK KRAUTROCK REGGAE SOUNDTRACKS classic reissues that are $30 each but if you get 6 LPs they will be $150 so only $25 each.

We will be offering FREE DELIVERIES (within 20kms) for $100+ orders for Record Store Day orders.

The records will be up on our seller page on @discogs

Click n collect is available at staggered times, to maintain safety for all.

Massive respect to @hiatuskaiyote for offering to do a free show on the funky streets of Fitzroy. Big thanks to City Of Yarra for facilitating a potential STREET SHUTDOWN for the funk!

Hopefully it happens one day again.

RECORD STORE DAY is a worldwide celebration of independent records stores. Get around yours

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Even though you can’t make it down to Northside this Saturday to catch the funky bands we always have on during Record Store Day, we are bringing the funk to your living room! YES! Live streaming from the Northside Records Instagram Page in conjunction with Isol-Aid from 7-8pm featuring LOCAL LEGENDS:

LANEOUS (solo) 2pm

EX-OLYMPIAN (Northside’s own Liam McGorry) 2:20pm

THE BAMBOOS (duo set from Lance Ferguson & Kylie Auldist) 2:40pm

Live & direct from their funky abodes!

yes, of course we will be doing a PRIZE for the best dancer. We always do. Just put up on your INSTAGRAM STORY evidence of the get down, make sure you tag us so we can pimp out your moves later!  The winner will receive a super limited copy of the RSD LANEOUS 45. 

We have a select handful of LANEOUS’ brand new single to give away after his performance on RSD this year. 

These will be on sale after Laneous’ performance. Just email me at to get one. 

Also don’t forget about the GREAT AUSTRALIAN WAREHOUSE SALE that will be happening at Northside on Saturday as well, grab yourself a bargain!!!!! Get in contact. 

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the very next night FRIDAY 6th March 7pm


perform live at 7pm

celebrating the launch of their DEBUT ALBUM “NO!” out on RESEARCH RECORDS

MC action from Chris Gill to compliment a special sweaty live in-store performance by Big Yawn 💦Sythns, drum machines, REAL drums, dancers and good times. Thats what will be going down this FRIDAY at Northside Records. Of course it will be FREE and ALL AGES

LP’s and a new tee will be available for purchase. Limited space and stock so get down early to avoid disappointment.

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Good Manners Music and Music in Exile present


Thursday 5th March 6pm



live INSTORE PERFORMANCES, from the UKs hottest jazz band. London 5-piece Ezra Collective are proving themselves as a harmonious tour de force. Their sound nods respectfully to a classic jazz footprint, celebrating the originators whilst also carving a path solely their own. They marry the delicate technicalities of jazz with afrobeat & hip hop, tied together by a sound that’s unmistakably London. Celebrating their debut album YOU CANT STEAL MY JOY its gonna be a PARTY IN FITRZOY. Come and sample this band with an intimate taste of their show before their big gig at THE CORNER HOTEL on FRIDAY 6th MARCH.

Warming up the spot will be local legends AUSECUMA BEATS who make music to make you dance, they will make you put your hand up early for the best dancer prize! Born of the fusion Australia, Senegal, Cuba and Mali, AUSECUMA BEATS as a band stands for unity among diverse peoples, and it shows through their combines influences from Africa, Cuba and Australia. We get to rejoice in their debut 4 track 12” release out now on MUSIC IN EXILE.

Fitzroy loves to dance and THURSDAY night is gonna be super fun. All gigs at Northside Records are free and ALL AGES.

music from 6pm!!!! 

Get Down to GET DOWN!

This marks the first of a super funky double header with BIG YAWN launching their debut album the next night on FRIDAY March 6th 7pm – Live at Northside.


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To celebrate the release of the wild new album MOMENTUM by Melbourne jazzy disco clubbed out funk party band we call Sunnyside. Momentum will be their second album after coming off a hot year on Melbourne dancefloors and overseas as well. Slaying their FujiRock show in Japan they also had wild shows at the Night Cat and The Curtin. Very dance focused, the music guides you to the floor. This sort of fun record falls perfectly the day before summer starts down under. Its gonna be a fun summer.


Join us at 7pm to get down and get loose for this party band born in Fitzroy and now about to shake on my desk. There will be prizes for the best dancer and of course this gig is FREE and ALL AGES. Bring your friends and make some new ones. 


HERE IS A LINK to their Bandcamp page. Check the funk.

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its my great pleasure to announce the FIRST ever INSTORE PERFORMANCE by local super heroes


On Oct 27, a SUNDAY, at 4pm, join BRADLEY ZERO from Rhythm Section as he hosts and toasts the launch of the latest album for future jazz collective 30/70.
Their new album FLUID MOTION is released on Friday 25th October and will make you shake, like an egg flip Big M with an extra scoop of ISCREAM. The Band has been a soundtrack in Fitzroy and surrounds for some time now. With their third album they keep the funk up front, the jazz in the pocket and the soul in your earhole. 30/70 are a family that supports the musicians coming up around them too. Bringing the music up with them on the trip.


Like all instores this is FREE and ALL AGES with a prize for the best dancer awarded to the funky……


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Big thanks to all of you good good people who made it down to funky town. Sampa sure put on a show! One of the greatest! Here is a review of the show done by our work experience student who wasnt’ there but interviewed Lauren Taylor (RRR) who was! 

Northside Record’s Friday night in-store performance by Sampa the Great was a triumphant occasion. A crowd of 400+ people filled the tight pace store before spilling out onto Gertrude Street. So much so that a caped Chris Gill had to protect the audience from the threat of 60 rhinos on skateboards coming at them along the tram tracks.

Footage of the concert shows Sampa dancing on the desktop overlooking a crowd of wildly moving bodies. The hysteria that came about spread to those who weren’t even at attendance, from word of mouth individuals knew of the magic that Sampa gave off that night. Those who were amidst the madness say it was “one of the best concerts they had ever been to”. With a crowd made up of anyone and everyone, the performance exemplified the power of music and its effect on an audience and a place.

As an artist, Sampa’s new album is a complete elevation to her previous work. Her initial two mixtapes ‘Birds and the BEE9’ and ‘The Great mixtape’ brewed elements of what was coming for the young artist but it seems that with her latest release, she has officially come. Arrived. Not only do audiences love the sound, music videos and overall presentation of the work helps audience understand the underlying notions of identity and home in the album. Combined provides a powerful reappearance into the scene. Fans already wait in anticipation for where she will take her music next.

Northside Records as a performance venue is a central meting hub for music lovers alike to come and share their passion of the genres that they hold dear. When all-inclusive events take place, an audience is provided with active involvement in celebrating the vibrations that they love, an experience that many miss out on. A thriving community scene is also presented in these circumstances and a different buzz fills the crowd to that of a commercial ticketed performance. Aside for the literal connotations, intimate concerts are much more emotionally accessible to a crowd and leave a longer lasting warmth in the crowd. Personal connections are established.         “Seeing a show at Northside Records is like watching your team play at their home ground, it’s that sort of feeling.” A new generation of music lovers and musicians is built in moments like this as tender musical moments stick and influence further listening.

Funky times at a funky place are to follow ‘The Return’ of Sampa the Great.


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Next Saturday we have the pleasure and privledge of hosting a great of the local beat scene.


he will be releasing his new album, BRUXO released on HOUSE OF BEIGE

As somewhat of a follow up to the “Os Afro Sambas Reworks” project, “Bruxo” is another release inspired by Hoyle’s deep love for Brazilian music. Sampling rich sounds from flutes, Fender Rhodes, guitar and even melodica, it fluctuated between being a completely vocal or instrumental-only album throughout the creative process, eventually leading to a mix of the two with contributions from Tom Scott, Cazeaux O.S.L.O & N’fa Jones. The backbone of these pieces is formed by the world-class Myele Manzanza, who played drums on every track, shifting between boom-bap grooves and also flexing his incredible chops. Damian Smith also adds life to this project with various solos and keyboard parts that colour in the instrumental pieces.

The instore will feature the HOUSE OF BEIGE djs from 3pm before and after the show. The INSTORE will feature the Live drumming of MYELE MANZANZA and some fresh MC’s.

The show will be wild! Can’t wait.

SATURDAY 24th August at 3pm! 

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We are proud to host


Sunset Cities are a supergroup made up of SO.CRATES (Melb) and NELSON DIALECT and ALNITAK KID (Adel). Two rappers flow over two different sides from two producers SKomes and Alnitak Kid. Together they make the SUNSET on both CITIES.

Joined on the day from 2nd THOUGHT and ZIMA dropping some very fresh soulful sounds.

The record is out next week on BEDROOM SUCK records.

SO.CRATES promised me they will play MY MAMA DANCED ON SOUL TRAIN! plus a secret new hot jam too! Of course it is an ALL AGES GIG. Yes, Its FREE…

Today is the release of a new single OH BABY! from SUNSET CITIES.
Facebook event here…


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On Tuesday November 20th we hosted an amazing live radio experience with GILLES PETERSON. We invited many local musicians to come down and talk to GILLES, not just musicians, but DJ’s, producers, and other integral members of this music community. Many came! It was a great day!The band LANEOUS performed live as well. They were incredible. Featuring four songs off their upcoming album. Gilles was STOKED!

Many great songs were played of these wonderful artists too. Some old gold was dropped in too, with a set by MIKE GURRIERI at the end too! 

The Melbourne music community is massive and we could only fit so many in, see interviews that Gilles and I conduct with 30/70, MILDLIFE, HIATUS KAIYOTE, THE BAMBOOS, KYLIE AULDIST, DIGITAL AFRIKA, DJ PREQUEL, not just musicians but also PRODUCERS, DJ’s and other integral members of the music community.

It features GILLES PETERSON (BBC radio 6 / worldwide FM / Brownswood Recordings) and its a great snapshot of people who make other people feel…….and dance. The movie goes for just over 4 hours! We were sweating by the end of it. Who thought radio was that funky.

Specials thanks to SAXALL VIDEO and to CROWN RULER PROMOTIONS. and ALEX INTAS and of course, you the people for the support.



01. George Rrurrambu & Birdwave ‘Gating’ (2006 Rex J Records) Australia

02. Chris Williams ‘The Funky Get Down’ (1975 Wizard Records) Australia

03. Don Burrows ‘The Tasman Connection’ (1976 Cherry Pie) Australia

04. Cookin On 3 Burners featuring Kylie Auldist ‘This Girl’ (2009 Freestyle Records) Australia

05. Kylie Auldist ‘Community Service Announcement’ (2008 Tru Thoughts) Australia

06. Kylie Auldist ‘Is It Fun’ (Unreleased) Australia

07. Lance Ferguson ‘Am I Wrong’ (2019 Freestyle Records) Australia

08. Menagerie ‘Jamahlia’ (2012 Freestyle Records) Australia

09. Cy Gorman ’Hipgnosis – Ennio Styles Edit’ (2017 Heard & Felt) Australia

10. Yothu Yindi ‘Treaty – The Filthy Lucre Remix’ (1991 Razor Records) Australia

11. Prequel ‘Nothing Better’ (2016 Rhythm Section International) Australia

12. Prequel ‘The Song I Said I’d Make For You’ (2018 Distant Hawaii) Australia

13. Laneous ‘Terms’ (2019 Soul Has No Tempo) Australia

14. Laneous ‘Modern Romance’ (2018 Soul Has No Tempo) Australia

15. Laneous ‘Pheromones’ (2019 Soul Has No Tempo) Australia

16. Laneous ‘I Wanna Be Your Girl’ (2019 Soul Has No Tempo) Australia

17. Hiatus Kaiyote ‘By Fire’ (2015 Flying Buddha) Australia

18. The Putbacks featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson ‘No Man No’ (2018 Hope Street Recordings) Australia

19. Mildlife ‘The Magnificent Moon’ (2018 Research Records) Australia

20. Godtet ‘Arp’ (2017 La Sape Records) Australia

21. 30/70 ‘Misrepresented’ (2017 Rhythm Section International) Australia

22. Billy Davis featuring Allysha Joy ‘Problem’ (2016 Northside Records) Australia

23. Horatio Luna featuring Syrene Favero ‘Work It Out’ (2018 La Sape Records) Australia

24. Digital Afrika ‘Mozambique’ (2018 Digital Afrika) Australia

25. Sex On Toast ‘Oh Loretta!’ (2015 Tonay Records) Australia

26. Audrey Powne ‘Flowers’ (2018 Audrey Powne) Australia

27. Au Dre ‘Wanna Know’ (2017 Gulf Point) Australia

28. Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston ‘Carnival Horns’ (2017 ABC Music) Australia

29. Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston ‘Carnival’ (2017 ABC Music) Australia

30. Karate Boogaloo ‘Bound’ (2018 Karate Boogaloo) Australia

31. Judy Bailey Quartet ‘Colours Of My Dream’ (1976 Eureka) Australia

32. Col Nolan Soul Syndicate ‘What’s The Use’ (1973 Avan-Guard) Australia

33. Wilma Reading ‘Beginnings’ (1972 CNR) Australia

34. The Rookies ‘Milestones’ (2018 The Rookies) Australia

35. Hiroshi & Claudia ‘The City Evening Concert’ (1979 Atom / 2016 Northside Records) Australia

36. Alan Lee Jazz Quintet ‘Comin Home Baby’ (1963 Crest Record Co) Australia

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local legends


launch their new album “Just Across The Border” – bass driven political hip hop.


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