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What’s new at Northside?

Last weekend I was down at the Croft Institute for the Kon & Danielsan show (aka Wax Museum Jam) and I ran into one of Melbourne’s most prolific gig-goers and certified hip hop head, Rolex. He told me this blog was getting a little tired at times, so here’s some news to keep him happy!

Chris has just put out a bunch of Funk+Soul 7’s. Stay tuned for the email-out or call Chris or Elle at the shop to get the jump on super digger Arks!

Plus, there is an insane amount of good second-hand hip hop falling from the sky at the moment. Get in quick to check the crate upon crate upon crate of classics. I’m not usually a fan of Serato or any other digital-based DJ system – but you have to love it when peeps are selling the records they’ve been collecting for the last 25 years. Keep it coming!

Oz hip hop is back on the map with the best release for a long time. Hau and Danielsan raise the bar (again) with a solid album.
Thankfully – this doesn’t fall into the narrow cliched sound and content that is oz hip hop; it’s another world class release from the the ex-Canberra duo. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s def worth the wait. The beats are great and Hau is on point as usual. Some seriously good tunes on here – and a little taste of what Daniel is cooking up in his lab for future releases.

This is a dope arse 12″! It features a tasteful selection of tunes – the highlight of which is Fela’s Water Get No Enemy. Plus covers of Art of Noise, Jay Z, Doom+Madlib and more. Cover pictured here. Don’t sleep on this.

Seu Jorge? It’s that dude from the movie “The Life Aquatic” who does Bowie covers… Almaz is his band. Produced by Mario C (Beastie Boys/Jon Spencer etc). Their album is both warm and dark; psychedelic and yet grounded, uplifting but at times somber. Nice artwork, Sure to be a classic.

THE WORLD ENDS (Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970’s Nigeria) VOLUMES 1 + 2
They never sleep at Soundway Records. The is a monster set of funky afro madness. The World Ends is the latest title from Soundway Records showcasing a wave of guitar driven and psychedelic groups that sprung up in Nigeria during the early 1970s. Featuring electrifying and funk laden grooves, this is the sound of a generation attempting to pick up the pieces after the devastation of the Nigerian civil war. CD and LP.


From Antibalas and direct from New York City, the undisputed James Brown of the Casio…CHICO MANN. 
Live Electro, Afro-beat, Afro-Cuban and more! Marcos Garcia aka Chico Mann grew up in a musical family in New York and New Jersey. His father was the owner of a Latin record label based in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City and a young Chico observed the ins & outs of the biz while practicing his guitar and piano. It was then that he began to propagate his deep musical roots with such influences as Afrika Bambaataa, Lisa Lisa, Willie Colón, Celia Cruz and Fela Kuti.
Last in Australia as one of the key collaborators and musicians in the worlds finest Afrobeat band ANTIBALAS. Chico has also worked his magic with such artists as TONY ALLEN, THE ROOTS, RAEKWON,  MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD, DAM FUNK, DJ SPINNA, TROUBLE FUNK, BRAND NUBIAN, RICH MEDINA, TICKLAH, NICODEMUS, THE BUDOS BAND and many more.
This is Chicos first trip to Australia with his acclaimed three piece live act.
If you want a taste of the richness of New Yorks musical underbelly then come down and feast on this super funky show.
Support from the undisputed James Brown of the Dunlop Volley, Chris Gill. Sho’ is funky in Chris’ shoes! More guests to be announced. Get the lowdown at chicomann.com

I see Chris added a Thought for the Day to the View from the Northside. Just to stick with the program, here’s a quote of the week from one of Melbourne’s finest wordsmiths!

“Remember Breaks? They used to be so good before all the trance / prog people got involved and neutered the sound, really, one minute it’s Raw on 45 with a jamaican style sub bass and some Yardi yelling stuff on top then you turn around and it’s asshats like Sasha and Digweed claiming the sound, fuck was that? DJ Ransom

More magic words from Ransom and the Late Show crew here: late-show.blogspot
I just read the latest addition to this blog – I’m in tears after checking what DJ Stiffy had to say about Ben Cousins!

I’m tired after trying to excite Rolex. Stay tuned for attempted weekly updates of Rappin’ for Rolex. ALWAYS OPINIONATED, SELDOM INFORMATIVE, OFTEN ENTERTAINING!

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