This is the 25th release on the label. A great moment to share with the man who made me start the label Liam McGorry.

Ex-Olympian is the new musical vessel for Liam McGorry – songwriter & musician for SASKWATCH, the band that launched the label and also the dreams of so many young KIDS in town who loved to get down. Named after the neon sign that adorns ‘Borsari’s Corner’ in Melbourne’s Lygon St, Ex-Olympian reflects the times we all need to shift things forward into a new phase. Musically, things are shifting gears too.

Liam McGorry has always made sure things are in the right pocket, I mean in the groove. And this project EX OLYMPIAN brings together so many of his great elements to create a new sound. A fresh sound. Welcome people to DREAM FUNK. Using Graeme Pogson on the drums means that its got the sweet beat, with Liam using his trumpet and on the track “Voices In My Head” its Liam’s first recording of him signing on a track too! Sound wild! The B side Liam enlists the help of his old friend NKECHE ANELE (Saskwatch) to sing the dreamy sounds on the b side, “LILAC YOUTH”, the next hot single coming off the debut album. 

Liam’s new music has been warmly received especially in his home town of Melbourne where Community radio has embraced it as another McGorry sureshot! 



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