Record Store Day releases that will be available on Saturday 9am….


RED are AUSTRALIAN releases!!!

ARENA “Arena” (Roundable / Northside Records) LP $30
– Arena is a 7-track progressive Jazz/Rock album by Melbourne musicians Ted White, Peter Jones, Graham Morgan, Bob Arrowsmith and Charlie Gould. The albums highlight, “The Long One” starts with a drum break and then heads into 6:32 minutes of funky madness. There are a number of other breaks and ill moments spread throughout this platter. This is a highly sort after Australian Jazz funk issued privately in Melbourne. Could be described as the Australian Placebo. Recorded in Melbourne in 1976. This album also takes its cues  from the sounds of Herbie Hancock at the time as well.

GL “Number One / Gripp” (plastic World) 7” $15….
– Melbourne duo GL, aka Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson, won hearts last year with their synthy and sweet EP, Love Hexagon. “Number One” is a tad funky and a ton starry eyed. In short, this is a song for any one who is vying for that top spot. “We made a rhythm track that was inspired by early drum machine funk, we wanted to express the feeling of frustration at being someone’s second best, yearning to become the number one to that person in your fantasies”

REMi “So Good (feat Sampa) / One Love” (house of Beige) 7” $15 – beige vinyl
– now on track to be one of the worlds best rappers REMi has taken his game up ANOTHER LEVEL. His application to his craft is infectious, he can get the whole room jumping or necks snapping at a moments notice. His tight bond with Sensible J is getting to the point now where these two are “in the zone”. this new 45 is another example. So Good is really that, with a little skank on the guitar the beat is sweet and Sampa adds the smooth touch to make this song work perfectly. The flip is Remi’s cover version of Nas’ One Love (personally my favourite Nas tune). They performed this one live on RRR and who ever works the nobs over there is amazing. Sounds BIG. Very limited and out on (house of) BEIGE vinyl.

MAN MADE MOUNTAIN “Congo Square” (house of beige) 12” EP $25
– Man Made Mountain is comprised of The ARIA Award winning producer Billy Hoyle and vocalist Cazeaux O.S.L.O. By drawing upon their spiritual connection with the sounds of Brazil, the two come together to create a musical experience that both uplifts and challenges the boundaries of Hip Hop. They create uplifting hip hop sounds inspired by the likes of J Dilla, Remi & Sensible J, and by the the music of Brazil. Layers of sweet soul loop and hit the one to deliver some sweet sounding hip hop gold.

HAU “The Could Life (feat Che Fu) / If I was the Sun (feat Syrene & Oddissee)” (house of beige) 7” $12
– Hau Latukefu lives and breathes hip hop. With 20 years of writing and performing under his belt (best known as the front man for ARIA award-winning duo, Koolism and as the voice of triple J’s Hip Hop Program). With The Could Life, this song is dedicated to everyone who is trying to live with the potential of life being better than it has been and features the one and only NZ hip hop legend Che Fu. If I Was the Sun he joins with local soul sister Syrene and beat smith Oddissee who takes the mic on this one.

– it has now been called a classic aussie blue eyed soul jam. Of course they needed to repress it. Get it now, as they are snapping it up overseas now.

DEEP STREET SOUL “Souls Come Alive / Done Me Wrong” (Freestyle) 7” $14
– Like Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and their Aussie compatriots The Bamboos, Deep Street Soul are at the forefront of the modern funk and soul scene. Having played at Glastonbury in 2013 to a rapturous response, the band are back with the first single from their upcoming third studio album on London’s Freestyle Records. 2016 sees the band return with this two track teaser – taken from the new album ‘Come Alive!’ – and it’s clear right off the bat that the group have taken it up a level with Mighty May making her presence felt on both sides of this heavy 45. Souls Come Alive leaps from the speakers with Monique Boggia’s electric piano intro, the blistering horns kick like a donkey behind May Johnson’s simply exemplary singing. The song’s catchy appeal will be lost on no one with an ear for genuine organic 21st century soul music. The flip side, Done Me Wrong, also doesn’t let the pressure drop for a second.

PLUTONIC LAB “The Crib (feat GULITY SIMPSON) / Flex The Complex” (wax museum) 7” $20
– Wax Museum Records is proud to present Plutonic Lab’s upcoming new full length ‘Deep Above The Noise’. To celebrate World Record Store Day, a limited edition 7” featuring two cuts from the LP will drop on April 16th. Side A contains the banger ‘The Crib’ featuring notorious Detroit MC Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw Records). The B-side has the heavy instrumental ‘Flex The Complex‘. Australian music producer, artist & performer Leigh Ryan (aka Plutonic Lab) is an ARIA Nominee (as one half of Muph and Plutonic) and a UK Mercury Prize Winner, for his work with Speech  Debelle. He is also currently the international tour drummer for Hilltop Hoods.

HILLTOP HOODS “Drinking From the Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung” (golden era) 3LP $95
– aussie legends repress for the day with all the bells and whistles.

SVEN LIABEK “To Ride A White Horse OST” (votary) LP $30
– Continuing its focus on the film music of Sven Libaek, Votary Records are pleased to announce a special Record Store Day only re-release of the soundtrack to the 1968 Bob Evans surf documentary To Ride A White Horse. Originally released by Festival Records, To Ride A White Horse is one of the rarest surf movie soundtracks and a landmark jazz recording. Shifting away from the rock or psychedelic sounds that characterized many Australian surf films of the period, To Ride A White Horse is superb mix of cinematic modal jazz, playful waltzes, and impressionistic underwater mood music. An incredible set of modernist music from one of the masters of documentary film jazz.

DANNY WALSH BANNED ‘The Dirt And The Sky’ (Band Productions) LP $25
The Danny Walsh Banned have a reputation for performing unmissable live shows reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell’s infamous ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’ tour of the 1970’s with a heavy dose of vintage Aussie boogie thrown in for good measure. The Dirt and the Sky showcases the song-writing talent of the Banned’s feather-capped ringleader Danny Walsh, bass player Johnny Livewire (Morning After Girls) and pianist Leo ‘The Weed’ Tellefson, who’s been honing his Jerry Lee Lewis style of playing in the bush for more than 40 years. Combined with the drumming chops of Dave Mudie (Courtney Barnett), smoking lead guitar work from Will Hewett (Colleen Hewett) and soulful vocals of Lucy Dwyer, the album proves that the Danny Walsh Banned are a force to be reckoned with. As if that isn’t enough, there’s also an all- star cast of special guest performances including: Talei Wolfgramm, Ian Collard, Chris Altmann and Cayn Borthwick (No Zu).


From the rest of the world…

THE HOT 8 BRASS BAND ‘Sexual Healing + remixes’ (Tru Thoughts) 12” $24
– Finally back on wax, the Hot 8 Brass Band’s legendary cover of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing gets a special release for Record Store Day 2016. First time the original edit has been on 12″ since the original 2007 press, accompanied by new remixes. Limited to 2000 units. Gold coloured vinyl in a deluxe pantone gold sleeve.

Alongside the original, this release features new reworks from Ibibio Sound Machine, Maddslinky (AKA Zed Bias), Werkha, J-Felix and more – the diverse package sees the New Orleans greats celebrating their classic track on an excitingly fresh note. Hot 8 Brass Band celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2015 with a Best Of and a sold out UK tour

INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND ‘ST’ (Mr Bongo) 5 x 7” boxset $70
– We are very pleased to announce our special release for RSD 2016 – a 5 x 7″ vinyl mirror board boxset, containing tracks by the Incredible Bongo Band: 1A. Duelling Bongos / 1AA. Let There Be Drums 2A. Bongo Rock / 2AA. Last Bongo In Belgium 3A. Apache / 3AA. The Riot 4A. Bongolia / 4AA. Kiburi 5A. In-a-gadda-da-vida / 5AA. Wipeout

NEW ORLEANS FUNK: various (soul Jazz) 5 x 7” BOXSET $95
– Record Store Day 2016 Release. Soul Jazz Records’ Record Store Day exclusive limited edition New Orleans Funk 7″ Box Set comprising five classic New Orleans’ seven-inch singles reproduced here in exact replica bespoke label artwork and all digitally re-mastered. Seriously rare, killer and classic party tunes from the Big Easy, brought together here in this unique one-off Record Store Day boxset edition. Limited to 500 copies.

SKATALITES : Original Ska Sound From The Skatalites 1963 -65. (Soul Jazz) 5 x 7” BOXSET $95
– Unique Soul Jazz Records’ Record Store Day seven-inch box set comprising five separate singles featuring ten killer tracks from the first and greatest ska and reggae band of all time. Seminal, rare and classic tunes collected together here for the first time ever.

ON-U SOUND 10” Disco Plate “Super Mystic Breaks” (On-U Sound) 10” $22
– Mystical work from Adrain Sherwood…

THE GREG FOAT GROUP ‘Cityscapes’ (Jazzman) 10” $30
Greg Foat’s music is redolent of a special era when jazz was approachable and possessed a rhythmic imperative. There was also another kind of irresistible jazz, that bordered on the pop and rock music of the time propagated by the likes of Roy (Get Carter) Budd, Harry (The Sweeney) South, Brian Auger’s Trinity and Soft Machine. But the origins of this soulful, funky and electrifying jazz also hark back to those 1960s innovators in soul jazz; Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Lou Donaldson and others. The title of the opening track on ‘Cityscapes’ is ‘Ingen Reklam (Tack)’ which translated from the Swedish literally means ‘no advertising (thanks)’ but is taken to mean ‘no junk mail’. Apparently, this is written on all the letter boxes in Sweden! Electric piano, bass and drums lay down an insistent groove shortly enjoined by the scintillating brass section à la Elton Dean-era Soft Machine and if that isn’t enough there’s a coruscating guitar solo from Andreas Hedstrom. ‘Pluribus’ is essential funk but with added oomph and a tricky time signature. One significant fact about these early recordings is that Trevor Walker on trumpet and flugelhorn has been an essential, constant presence, alongside Foat since the inception of the group and has imbued the music with its characteristic edge.

THE GREG FOAT GROUP ‘Landscapes’ (Jazzman) 10” $30
Greg Foat wrote the four pieces for ‘Cityscapes’ whilst he was a session pianist and nightclub DJ in Sweden’s capital city for almost a year. Following a move back to his native Isle of Wight, he then wrote ‘Landscapes’ in recognition of his contrasting life and times. A lone arco bass lugubriously opens ‘Dawn’ with wave-like piano and a hovering seagull cry from flute and occasional splashing cymbals. Thus the scene is set for this record’s predominantly bucolic theme. The flute on ‘Paper Kites’ is reminiscent of the doyen of that instrument, the late, great Harold McNair, replete with some ‘wild flute’. Indeed the underlying swing of this fast-paced number possesses all the panache that was the trademark of that often overlooked hero of British modern jazz. ‘Landscapes’ begins as a slow, pastoral track with the melody gently evinced by the group’s stalwart trumpeter, Trevor Walker. Half-way through the number the tempo and volume pick up, transforming the piece into a real toe-tapper and there’s more deft soloing from trumpet and flute, all underpinned by solid piano, bass and drums. The final number, ‘Dusk’ is something of a brief reprise of the opener, certainly in feel, with once more an underlying arco bass and mellifluous piano closing this perfectly balanced set.

JESSE MORGAN “JEsse” (Mo-Soul) LP $35
Soul music fans all over the world may have never heard the name Jesse Morgan. Of course this has its reason. Although he was an original member of one of Hawaii’s most famous bands in the 1960s (“The Mopptops”), his solo career never materialized. This would have certainly been different if his album from 1978 had been originally released. An album which could have placed as one of the top 10 modern soul albums of that decade. But, as is often the case, multinational corporations putting profit before people forced the work back on the shelf. This is how the story goes…  Starting out with The Mopptops in the 1960s and releasing several records with them, Jesse’s first solo release was a 45RPM single which might have made even the great James Brown jump back: (“I Gotta Get Back” b/w “I Pity A Fool”). It would take another 9 years for him to get into a recording studio again. Jesse remembers: “The album was done and scheduled for release in 1978 when I was signed to Anchor/ABC Records, London, England. The same year, either EMI or MCA bought ABC Records and all newly signed artists were put on the shelf, including me. The record company denied to release me from my contract so I was stuck at the label under contract with a great album and no release for 3 years.” The album remained in the can for another 24 years until Jesse signed a deal with Universal Music Group (UMG). The label was very excited about the album and even used some of the songs in movies to get Jesse’s name out and gain public interest. Unfortunately, the record company finally informed Jesse that the album would not be released. Again, the album was forced to remain in the can for another 10 years  In 2016, 38 years after the initial scheduled release, Tramp Records is very proud to be present the album “Jesse” in it’s entirety, the debut album by singer/guitarist extraordinaire, Jesse Morgan.

FEAL KUTI “I GO Shout Plenty / Frustration” (knitting factory) 10” $30
The 1986 recording “I Go Shout Plenty” backed with “Frustration” (the 1983 B Side of “Perambulator”) brought together for Record Store Day 2016 on this exclusive 10″ demonstrate how Fela used a mix of jazz and high-life to create the early beginnings of what was soon to become his trademark Afrobeat.

WAKE YOU UP vol 1 : The Rise and Fall Of Nigerian Rock music 1972 – 1977 (now again) 2LP BOXSET $70
The Western world was in the throes of peace, love and flower power as Nigeria descended into Civil War in 1967. The rock scene that developed during the following three years of bloodshed and destruction would come to heal the country, propagate the world-wide ideal of the Modern Nigerian, and propel Fela Kuti to stardom after the conflict ended in 1970. Wake Up You! tells the story of this time, pays homage to these now-forgotten musicians and their struggle, and brings to light the funk and psychedelic fury they created as they wrested free of the ravages of the late 1960s and created thrilling, original Nigerian rock music throughout the 1970s. Along with the double vinyl, Wake Up You! Includes a 104 page book full of never-seen photos and detailed liner notes by Nigerian musicologist and researcher Uchenna Ikonne (Who Is William Onyeabor?; Brand New Wayo, etc.), with all tracks fully licensed from the bands themselves.

IF MUSIC presents YOU NEED THIS: Eastern European Sounds (1970 – 1986) (if) LP $25
Compiled by If Music’s figurehead Jean-Claude and Adrian Magrys for Record Store Day 2016, the six tracks span infectious Polish disco grooves (Wojciech Karolak and Andrzej Korzyn?ski); bustling break-heavy jazz from the Polski Jazz Ensemble and the Russianborn “Prince Igor” Yahilevich; heartwarming spiritual jazz stylings from Hungary’s Binder Quintet feat. John Tchicai; and Alojz Bouda’s awesome oddball Slovakian synth banger ‘Random’ from 1980 also features. 180g black 12″ vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Sleevenotes by Jean-Claude and Adrian Magrys. Artwork by Guglielmo Willy Tavernaro (1909-1989). Sleeve design by Ali Augur.

MILES DAVIS ROBERT GLASPER BILAL “Ghetto Walkin’” (legacy) 12” $35
Grammy award winning producer and musician Robert Glasper and singer-songwriter Bilal re-interpret the classic Miles Davis song “The Ghetto Walk” with the new track “Ghetto Walkin”. This new song will be on the upcoming release “Everything’s Beautiful.

J DILLA “The Diary” (mass appeal) LP $45
Featuring Snoop Dogg, Bilal, Kokane, J Dilla’s long lost vocal album The Diary is set to be released by Mass Appeal Records. The last collection of unissued material that was assembled in Dilla’s lifetime, initial release of The Diary stalled, the original tapes abandoned in Detroit as Dilla broke with the major label system to move to LA. Featuring production by Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Karriem Riggins and others, the release has been readied by The Estate of James Yancey’s Creative Director Eothen Alapatt

NOTHING LEAVES THE ARCHIVES various feat Mr Thing / Kidkanevil / Tall Black Guy / Eric Lau (first word) 2 x 7” $30
An amazing new film from First Word Records  to celebrate the third and final part of their Record Store Day trilogy. John Peel’s show was fundamental to establishing my wide ranging music tastes as I grew up, and to be at Peel Acres and get to rifle through this collection must have been jaw-dropping. WATCH IT and buy the record on Record Store Day from your local independent shop.  For the third and final part of theFirst Word Recordings trilogy of Record Store Day releases Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil, Eric Lau & Mr Thing visited Peel Acres, exploring the John Peel Archive. The resulting tracks will be released on a double 7” pack

PETE ROCK “Give It To Y’All” (bbe) $20
Previously released on 2001’s ‘Petestrumentals’ album, this fiery slice of authentic hip hop features Flipmode Squad’s Roc Marciano and Wu Tang affiliated rapper Trife. One of the most respected producers in hip hop, Pete Rock’s production on ‘Give It To Y’All is special, even by his standards. An instrumental version is also included on the flip side of this strictly limited release.

ROOTS MANUVA “Switching Sides” (big dada) $24
Roots Manuva celebrates Record Store Day with yet another cutting-edge vinyl packed with the kind of combination of “bass and verb” which has made him one of the UK’s most essential musical artists. All 5 tracks are produced by Switch under his new production banner With You. With You are Switch and Daouda Leonard (assisted by Stabber), on this outing, with a little help from their friends Crookers, Toddla T, Coldcut and were written, recorded and produced at his studio in Los Angeles during the Bleeds sessions.

MARK PRITCHARD / BIBIO / CLARK “A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf” (warp) $25
Warp will reignite its legendary purple series for a limited edition 12″, exclusive to Record Store Day 2016. The release sees Mark Pritchard, Bibio and Clark balancing their influences to present three new works, spanning acid, jungle, hardcore and Detroit-influenced sounds. “In a world of increasingly conservative dance music – the tracks on display are utterly fresh and relevant. Hard, proper dance music from some of the best producers working on the Warp label,” reads the press materials.

HENRI TEXIER “Les La-Bas (Bonobo Remix) 12” (ninja tune) $22
While French bassist and Don Cherry collaborator Henri Texier may not be a household name, the opening track of his 1977 album Varech has been in demand for years among DJs and collectors alike. A psych-tinged folk-jazz track with a driving elastic bass riff, ‘Les “Là Bas” has been an ever present fixture in Bonobo’s record bag and its his remix of the track which is finally getting a physical release. Backed by the original, Bonobo’s remix extends the modest three minutes of the original, adding enough dance floor clout to transform the acoustic outing into a euphoric jazzy house track. This heavyweight 12″ edition will be released exclusively for Record Store Day via Ninja Tune and comes with artwork from Ninja Tune collaborator Leif Podhajsky featuring a pattern made with raised varnish studs.



BOOK: PRODUCT 45 : Australian Punk / Post Punk Record Covers + 2 x 7”s $140
Product 45 showcases Australian 7’’ record cover art from the Australian punk/post punk era. 200+ BANDS & 320+ RECORDS. This is the first book in a series of three that looks at the art of packaging Australian music as told by the musicians, the artists and the fans.  This lavish coffee table masterpiece has been lovingly compiled by Sydney-sider Murray Bennett who has made a career packaging records for Australian independent and major labels.  These are highly enduring images for a generation who came of age during the era. Product 45 shows how the music was packaged. The creativity in the packaging of this music was as great as the music inside.    1976 is a logical time to start this book. It was a pivotal year in the history of Australian music. This book looks at the creative way music was packaged, from the graphic design to the printing processes and ultimately the delivery of the finished product into the market place.  The two 7’’ singles are: LAST WORDS I’m Not Amused / I Hate The Sun (1977) on GREEN vinyl, and

CYBOTRON Parameters Of Infinity parts 1 and 2 (1979) on PURPLE vinyl.
These have never previously been available in any format. Each limited edition book number matches the numbered edition of the singles.

BOOK: TAIT’S Modern Guide TO Record Collecting $25
as John says….It is a little back-to-basics ‘guide’ to record collecting. I am hoping new and old collectors alike will get something out of it, maybe even a laugh or two. NB. It is not a price guide, just lots of stories, examples and hints about digging for records. Guaranteed to start some arguments, or resolve some….


“This is a take-over…”

Northside will also be taking over the closed-down cafe next door (formerly Birman Eating) and transforming it into a garage sale with heaps of second hand vinyl goodness with DJs laying down their finest dancefloor jazz, afro, latin, funk & soul jams. 

9-10         SHIO (brasilian)

10-11       DAVE BOOTS (dancefloor jazz)

11-12       LANCE (soul jazz)

12-1         COLETTE (90’s hip hop & R&B)

1-2           REX (JB 45s)

2-3          JOHN BAILEY (deep jazz)

3-5          LEFT EAR DJs (flopicle feet)

5-6          NUI (deep future roots)

Remember that in Northside we have The House of Beige DJ’s repping all day long. Cats like Sensible J, Mz Rizk, Billy Hoyle and you never know who else might step up……

diggin-melbourne-map-2016 There will be loads of RECORD STORE DAY RELEASES including our own collaborative release with Votary Records, reissuing the Aussie jazz classic ‘ARENA’ originally released on Crystal Clear Records in 1975.

The famous $20 REISSUES will be back! They are $25 each or 5 for $100. There will be heaps of giveaways & prizes on the day too, so bring your dancing shoes!

We also have 20+ crates of $5 second hand bargains to be found….. $5 each or 5 LPs for $20. 

We will also be releasing the latest edition of the DIGGIN MELBOURNE MAP! Map is already in circulation and the website is updated with all the new info and some bonus stores not included in the printed map!

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