So, it looks like Melbourne keyboardist Simon Mavin is starting to turn heads overseas, seriously. Simon plays with many bands around town, his main focus being Haitus Kaiyote at the moment, but his sound is spread around The Bamboos, Kirkis, Quarter Street Orchestra, The Putbacks, Swooping Duck and I am sure many more. (he can fill me in later…)

Last weekend he played in the band for Miguel Atwood-Ferguson at the HiFi bar. This show was reviewed for The Guardian and Simon’s performance caught the ears of reviewer David James. In it he says….Especially impressive was keyboardist Simon Mavin, whose playing would not have been out of place in the electric bands of jazz legend Miles Davis.” You can read the rest of the review here.

simon mavin

Make sure you check out this local player while you can. He is not alone too, there are many players who are right up there with Simon, its just that David James hasn’t heard them yet. You be the judge and go out and see the crazy talent we have in this town.

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