A beautiful soul MOMENT

Yesterday, local soul sister FLORELIE ESCANO dropped in her debut soul 7″ THE MOODY BLUES / THE LIBERATING KIND. She pressed it on 7″ and the cd has a few dope remixes of it. Including Lotek’s reggae mix! Anyway, check out the song below, but first. It was made with the lads from ELECTRIC EMPIRE with a few horns added for full effect!

When she was in, none other than Joe Bataan arrived in town and was in the neighbourhood to slap a high five. The Afro-Filipino undisputed King oF Latin Soul heard her song that was playing and then found out that FLORELIE is part Filipino as well! He seemed so impressed that he’d walk into a local record store and bump into an awesome (part) Filipino soul singer that was dropping wax!

Joe is going to enjoy his stay in Melbourne!

The launch for the 7″ is WEDNESDAY October 17th @ The Toff in Town

tix: http://www.flo.fm/

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