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Thats right. We are on the front foot with the great local funk!

The latest 45 from Melbourne’s The Seven Ups, sees the band stepping up into the producer’s chair to push the boundaries like never before. The result is faster, dirtier and a whole lot meaner.

Lead track, The Aviator, is the quintessential Seven Ups, afro-groove jam. Paying undeniable homage to Fela, the tune is driven by an unrelenting rhythm section that won’t stop for anything, and laced with super lo-fi horns that bubble and squawk like it’s their last day on earth.

Sitting outside of the boundaries of Afro-Funk, Dash Tapper is the ultimate B-side. This is Afro-Fuzz! Different to anything the band has done to date, the track draws the listener in with a heavy car-chase groove then decimates with big-muffed, freaky-nasty guitar.

Released on Northside Records, the 45 has been pressed in a limited run of 300.

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Stand up and be counted!

HS023-Pack-Shot-A-side-350A lot has happened since Northside opened it’s doors on Gertrude Street around 12 years ago. We’ve seen governments come and go, Prime Ministers challenged and defeated, we’ve heard about ‘the boats being turned back’ and we’ve even seen race riots on Australian streets. Despite all this, undercover racial segregation and prejudice are still rife – perhaps now more than ever. We live in a confused society.

Amidst all this confusion there are always musicians and songwriters who are willing to take a stand and use their music as a weapon against injustice, media control and general stupidity. Here in Melbourne we are lucky enough to have a record label that is prepared to back their musicians, and support both our indigenous and multicultural communities. That label is HopeStreet Recordings.

“This October Emma Donovan & The PutBacks have brought together some very special guests to release a new 7” single featuring two classic Aboriginal Australian songs. Emma is joined by Tim Rogers of You Am I and rapper Joelistics on a version of Warumpi Band’s 1985 anthem Blackfella Whitefella and by Archie Roach on a deep soul rendition of his late partner Ruby Hunter’s heartbreaking hit, Down City Streets.

This release supports the massive grassroots movement led by SOS Blak Australia, an organisation dedicated to supporting Aboriginal communities in remote Western Australia currently under threat of closure.

Earlier this year SOS Blak Australia issued a worldwide call to action to stop these closures occurring. In response to this, Emma and all the artists involved have come together to declare that they stand with the Indigenous people of Australia in support of their right to self-determination on their traditional lands. All involved have donated their time free of charge and all proceeds from the record go to SOS Blak Australia.”



We currently have the new single in stock at Northside, and every copy includes a yellow 45 adaptor as shown in the pic! Do your thing to support SOS Blak. Coming very soon we also have a special announcement relating to this release… we can’t say too much right now, except watch this space.

OUT NOW: Emma Donovan & The Putbacks feat. Joelistics and Tim Rogers “Blackfella Whitefella” bw. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks feat. Archie Roach “Down City Streets”.

If you’ve just listened to the new tunes and you’re feeling fired up, cop some more heat from the HopeStreet Crew.

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DAPlicious week!

They are falling from the skies!!!!


DAPTONE RECORDS new releases.

DAP-1084-A_Doughnut copy-228x228 DAP-1082-A_Doughnut small-228x228 DAP 033 Cover Art Hi Res-228x228












NAOMI SHELTON AND THE GOSPEL QUEENS “Cold World” LP (+ download) $25
– With Gabriel (Bosco Mann) Roth at the helm, Naomi and company went into the studio Summer 2013, and cut onto tape what can only be described as bonafide Soul Excitement of the highest order!  At the heart of it, Cold World is a Soul record but the cross section of sub-genres the album weaves through makes it difficult to label it plainly as such.  There are tracks like ‘Sinner’, ‘Heaven Is Mine’, and ‘Humble Me’ that capture the group’s penchant for Soul grooves, seasoned with Naomi’s tough vocal delivery, and the Queens melodic interplay, which captures perhaps better than any of the other tracks, NSGQ’s live show.  Then there’s some hard funk by way of ‘Bound for the Promised Land’, ‘Cold World’, and ‘Thank You Lord’ – the percolating church rave-up of ‘Get Up, Child’, the country heavy ‘One Day’, and ‘I Earned Mine’, and the bouncing rumba of ‘Everybody Knows.’  This album is a menagerie of Soul music at its finest, untied by the strong message-laden lyrics. Trust us, the wait was worth it.

ANTIBALAS “Tattletale” (daptone) 7″ $10
-Composed by the prolific keyboardist/producer Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah, “Tattletale” has been a sinister, funky flute-driven live staple for Antibalas for many years, drawing from musical inspirations of Ethiopian funk and jazz masters Mulatu Astatqe, Wallias Band and Mahmoud Ahmed of the the mid-1970s. After years of performing it to audiences across the globe, the band recorded “Tattletale” at the Daptone House of Soul during the album sessions for their self-titled 2012 LP. Since then, like a trove of military secrets, the song has sat marinating in the Daptone archives, waiting for just the right time to expose the dark, sinister side of Antibalas.”

THE COMO MAMAS “Out Of The Wilderness / Well, Well Don’t Worry ’bout Me” (daptone) 7″ $10
– Led by Ester Mae Smith’s unmistakeable voice, the Como Mama’s have found their place at the gospel end of the Daptone table alongside a legendary stable of soulful musicians. However, as stirring as their music is, up to now, all of their recordings have been a capella. With this record they join forces with the boys of the Menahan Street Band (billed pseudonymously here as The Radiant Rhythm Band) to lay bare the funkier side of gospel music. “The rhythms we all play were already right there in their vocals,” explains drummer Homer Steinweiss, “so it felt natural to lay down the grooves behind them.” Thomas “T-N-T” Brenneck, the up-and-coming producer who brought us both Menahan Street Band and Charles Bradley, presided over the collaboration, which took place in the old Dunham Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Dont forget the SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS show this month on the 18th and 19th!

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This week its a great day on Saturday! At 2pm. the MIGHTY


will launch their new 7″ featuring Dan Merriweather and Kylie Auldist.

Playing in store from 2pm catch this legendary Aussie soul trio. As a special treat we will be putting out the single with a LIMITED EDITION SLEEVE. We will only do 30 of the commemorative sleeves, so be quick.


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2 new LOCAL slices of soul.

Local soul sister Chelsea Wilson has finally been born, on vinyl that is. She has worked a long time, cutting her teeth in jazz town but getting her groove on these days. She has enlisted some great players, led by the Cookin On Three Burners boys the sound is tight and on point. The A side is a snappy funk number opening up with a rolling drum break. The B side is sweet soul where she really does take it “one Day At A Time”. Also the first cut for local axeman Mitch Power.


The PUTBACKS are a super tight super super group of players that lay it DOOOOOOWWWWWWWNNNNNNN. The A Side features the soul stylings on NAI PALM a woman who has been laying it down and making people take notice of Melbourne town. She sings with Hiatus Kaiyote but has joined the Hope Street Records house band to deliver the goods. She told me her parents used to play her the Aretha version when she was little so life is coming full funky circle.  The b side is a hard instrumental groove these guys made their name doing. Led by the guitar the rhythm section pounds behind it with stabs from the keys, another Hiatus player, Simon Mavin. Comes with a download code.

Both at $10 per slice.

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$12!!!!!PINK VINYL!!!!!!!$12


this is THE SONG. This is the one! This is THE tune that is making Melbourne hips grind, making Melbourne’s bootys bounce. This baritone sax lead stomper is a real jam! Is is almost a perfectly written dance song. Its got swing and grind and a snarl that makes you HAVE to move. The second single released off the now sold out LP. These cats gonna make you dance!


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I don’t mean Camberwell Carrots, I am talking about some great recent releases to come out on 7″ vinyl. Or you might know them as 45’s. These are some heavy hitters from around the world. Starting with THE  TRANSGRESSORS, this is an unreleased track from the POETS OF RHYTHM or you might know them as THE WHITEFILED BROTHERS. Whatever, these German cats have been doing it for longer than the Dap Kings and hit harder than the taxman.

Then we have the QUANTIC and ALICE RUSSELL direct to disc recording of the two beautiful soul tracks from their latest album. Originally for record store day these babies got held up in shpiping delays. They are here now though. Recorded during the London Riots they have an amazing soulful calm about them.

Then don’t forget RICKEY CALLOWAY outta Florida, who teams up with his favourite band WILL SESSIONS from Detroit. This is some heavy and cold american A grade funk. Aso check the dope instrumental on the flip!



QUANTIC AND ALICE RUSSELL "Look Around the Corner"

QUANTIC AND ALICE RUSSELL "Look Around the Corner"



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cactus45Funk 45 of the Month
Jan. 2011

The Cactus Channel :
“Pepper Snake”  bw. “The Dap”

This month’s feature 45 is the debut single from Melbourne-based high school band ‘The Cactus Channel’. Hailing from Princes Hill High, and with an average age of 17, this 10-piece outfit is not your typical funk band.  Despite their young age, The Cactus Channel kids deliver a sound that is tight and authentic, and the production on both tunes is pretty tidy as well. Limited press of 500 units so don’t miss your chance to grab one of these.
Cactus Channel will be performing live at Northside this Saturday (Jan. 29). The instore is to launch the new single and will feature the full band, plus a DJ spot from DJ Manchild, and the obligatory funky sneakers of Chris “Pepper Snake” Gill. The band will destroy lower Gertrude St. from 3pm onwards, and it’s going to be a party vibe all day. If you’re planning a quiet lunch at Birdman Eating – forget it. The funk is comin’ to town.

Here’s Chris’ earlier review of the new 45:
“A PROUD DAY FOR AUSTRALIA. The FIRST ever funky high school Aussie 45!!!! In fact one of the funkiest EVER Aussie 45’s. Cactus Channel are an ever growing 9+ piece funk band outta Princess Hill High School, in the Northside of Melbourne. These guys have been playing together for years now and have a great understanding together. This 45 lays down an original track PEPPER SNAKE that starts out with a rocking groove, Chicken scratch guitar open on a rolling beat and then horn stabs let you know where your feet should be. Great guitar solo and the horns baby the horns. Its all super tight and sounds just right. The b Side is a great version of the Porgy Jones New Orleans classic “The Dap”. Once again the band is unstoppable, its a classic New Orleans sound they OWN! And it’s a perfect song to match with their youthful strut they got! A great bass / drums breakdown in the middle, this is an AWESOME 45, well done! Recently some of them went to the Truth and Soul studios in Brooklyn to get a feel for more soul, look out for good things to come!”

Cactus Channel on myspace

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Live Instore
Cactus Channel
Saturday Jan. 29

Debut 7 inch release
Pepper Snake bw. The Dap (Hope Street)

Cactus Channel are a dynamic 10-piece high school band outta Melbourne. They’ve been gigging around town for a while now and have recently appeared alongside the likes of Charles Walker and the Dynamites. The band’s new single “Pepper Snake” is out on Hope Street Recordings, and much like stablemates The Putbacks, Cactus Channel are laying down no-nonsense heavy funk. There’s plenty of heat coming off the new Cactus Channel 7 inch; The record made it’s debut last week and is getting a great response from everyone.

Northside Records is excited to welcome Cactus Channel for an instore appearance and the official launch of the new single on Saturday January 29. The full 10-piece band will be instore along with DJ Manchild spinning some warm-up tunes and dropping science. It promises to be an exciting and very busy afternoon, so get in early to get your copy of the single and claim your spot on the dancefloor. The band will play at approximately 3pm, with Manchild getting busy on either side.

SAT. JAN 29 – 3PM. 236 Gertrude St. Fitzroy. Free!

There’s more about the band on their myspace: Cactus Channel

Expect a more detailed post about the new 45 (Cactus Channel: Pepper Snake bw. The Dap. Hope Street Recordings. 7-inch. 500 copies only) in the next couple of days. Copies are available now – and are strictly limited, so if you think you want one of these hot 45’s, do it now before it’s too late.

“The Cactus Channel hit you with a hard funk groove to rival the likes of James Brown or The Meters and you find you just can’t stop moving. But what’s that? They’re still high school?! With a musical maturity beyond their years you know that this 10 piece collective will go far. And that they’ll get a whole lotta rumps shaking along the way” DJ Manchild (PBS 106.7 ‘The Breakdown’)

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Sealed for Freshness!

Funk 45 of the Month

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro
(Ain’t Got Nobody)
Just A Rambling Man
bw. Tell Me A Bedtime Story

Chris had this to say:
“Insane!! Australian Exclusive…heavy heavy dancefloor funk from the Japanese KINGS of the funky JB sound. Shin tells me this 7″ is just about ALL SOLD out around the world. And we have the last 20 copies in the world!! Not only are these funky but they are sealed 7″s!!!  The A side is really a super heavy dancefloor bomb, very fast and very heavy on the drums! The B Side is a super dope prestige flavoured number that would get them wiggling on the floor as well!! Starting off with the wah wah sound and then rolls into great solos. Do your self the favour!”

And I should add:
“Side B is of course a cover of Herbie Hancock – from the Fat Albert Rotunda LP (on Warner, not Prestige!). Man – this 45 is smokin’ hot! Sinister drumming on the plug side – burning guitar, searing horns – get on the floor or get burnt… Did I say this was smokin’ hot? Check it ya damn self. Don’t sleep, they’re flying out the door. ”

Comes in a factory sealed plastic sleeve. So fresh!

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Did you hear that?

FUNK 45 OF THE MONTH (November 2009)

Brownout is an 8 piece funk band from Texas. Featuring former Ocote Soul Sounds member, Adrian Quesada on guitars, this release blends sax, trombone, flute, trumpet, keyboards, strings and hard percussion. Both sides are instrumental.
“Nawlins” is an uptempo funky disco joint with dangerous amounts of saxophone*. If you’re looking for a bit of a party starter (at the risk of losing all credibility as a funk DJ) this will be a solid addition to any collection.
“C130” is a bit more laid back, with some tasteful breaks and heavy strings thrown into the mix. There’s a big breakdown in the middle of this tune, reminiscent of “Ashley’s Roachclip /Paid in Full”. Had this tune dropped 35 years ago, it would stand proud with such names as the Skull Snaps and The Soul Searchers. Heavy.

* warning: may induce white man’s overbite.

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New 45! Syl Johnson “Lovin’ On The Run”

SYL JOHNSON: Lovin’ On The Run
Half of Love

** Limited Press 200 worldwide **

It’s not everyday that a “Previously Unreleased” 45 pops up to get us all excited, so we are excited. This new 45 – featuring some classic sounding Syl Johnson must be from around 1971 (these details will soon be confirmed and posted here – soon as Mr. Johnson answers his phone).

This 45 is a worldwide exclusive to Northside for the moment – and it’s a strictly limited press of 200. So get in quick. Along with the previously unreleased Syl Johnson tune is a new tune by SIL-J’s NEW OLD SOUL feat. MELLOW-D (new female singer – sadly not Melo-D, World Famous Beat Junkie). More details soon.

As a favour to music lovers worldwide – here’s a 45 seconds of this tasteful new 45rpm thang!

::: LISTEN – SYL JOHNSON: Lovin’ On The Run :::

“The A-Side has Syl hitting a VERY funky groove, made for dancefloor devistation. The drums rock hard and the guitar is like it has been let out of an asylum! When they hit the groove it lets loose! The B-side features a new girl singing on a soulful groove from syl…one for the lovers!! “

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