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SWEETHEARTS the Documentary!

Sweethearts play soul.They mainly play in a Motown inspired style, a central part of the world’s music heritage but one rarely heard live in Australia. The sound of young America has become the sound of young Australia – Geelong’s Motorcity Soul. Thats GEETROIT baby!

For the past fifteen years they have been playing loving homage to Motown, developing a unique perspective on a cornerstone of 21st Century music that has infused their own compositions and arrangements. Not just Motown, the Sweethearts do Lance Ferguson and Kylie Auldist too!

Sweethearts are based at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College, Victoria, Australia, where members can study Certificate IV in music, the highest industry based musical qualification available in any school in Australia. Thats right they are high school students, they have released 8 cd’s over the last 15 years and toured the world extensively. Under the soulful eye of Ross the Boss the Sweethearts now have a documentary about them! SO AWESOME! Don’t you wish you were a girl in Geelong when you were a teenager! BIG UPS TO AUSSIE SCHOOLS!! We got to get them and Cactus Channel together!
Dig the doco preview

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