Big thanks to all of you good good people who made it down to funky town. Sampa sure put on a show! One of the greatest! Here is a review of the show done by our work experience student who wasnt’ there but interviewed Lauren Taylor (RRR) who was! 

Northside Record’s Friday night in-store performance by Sampa the Great was a triumphant occasion. A crowd of 400+ people filled the tight pace store before spilling out onto Gertrude Street. So much so that a caped Chris Gill had to protect the audience from the threat of 60 rhinos on skateboards coming at them along the tram tracks.

Footage of the concert shows Sampa dancing on the desktop overlooking a crowd of wildly moving bodies. The hysteria that came about spread to those who weren’t even at attendance, from word of mouth individuals knew of the magic that Sampa gave off that night. Those who were amidst the madness say it was “one of the best concerts they had ever been to”. With a crowd made up of anyone and everyone, the performance exemplified the power of music and its effect on an audience and a place.

As an artist, Sampa’s new album is a complete elevation to her previous work. Her initial two mixtapes ‘Birds and the BEE9’ and ‘The Great mixtape’ brewed elements of what was coming for the young artist but it seems that with her latest release, she has officially come. Arrived. Not only do audiences love the sound, music videos and overall presentation of the work helps audience understand the underlying notions of identity and home in the album. Combined provides a powerful reappearance into the scene. Fans already wait in anticipation for where she will take her music next.

Northside Records as a performance venue is a central meting hub for music lovers alike to come and share their passion of the genres that they hold dear. When all-inclusive events take place, an audience is provided with active involvement in celebrating the vibrations that they love, an experience that many miss out on. A thriving community scene is also presented in these circumstances and a different buzz fills the crowd to that of a commercial ticketed performance. Aside for the literal connotations, intimate concerts are much more emotionally accessible to a crowd and leave a longer lasting warmth in the crowd. Personal connections are established.         “Seeing a show at Northside Records is like watching your team play at their home ground, it’s that sort of feeling.” A new generation of music lovers and musicians is built in moments like this as tender musical moments stick and influence further listening.

Funky times at a funky place are to follow ‘The Return’ of Sampa the Great.


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