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50 reasons why Melbourne is Funky!

Someone pulled my coat as to a little CNN article about 50 reasons why Melbourne is the worlds most liveable city. Looks like Northside (and the other 50+ record stores in town) and our neighbour Dr Follicles are doing good in this crazy little town…..Caught on film, as the Bombay Royale 45 is finally delivered by Tristan, to a happy record store guy…

47. Vinyl capital of the world


Chris Gill is among a band of Melbourne record sellers who are marginally broke but happy. While the rest of the world goes digital, there are still about 50 vinyl record stores around Melbourne, staying alive in musical worship of everything from Bollywood funk and hip-hop and retro rock. That’s more stores and more records, per capita, than any other place in the world.

As well as the latest-pressed seven-inchers by local DJs, there are always bins of pre-loved and once-loved stuff. “None of us are making much money,” says Chris Gill, owner of Northside Records in Fitzroy. “But we’re happy.”

Northside Records, 236 Gertrude St., Fitzroy, +61 (0)3 9417 7557

46. Free beer during haircuts

There are more than a few combination hairdresser/barber/tobacconists. At Doctor Follicles in Fitzroy, Richmond and St Kilda, you even get a free beer with your haircut. It’s the discerning man’s choice. (Conveniently located neat Nothside!)

Dr. Follicles, 240 Gertrude St., Fitzroy

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Diggin’ Melbourne – website updated


The Diggin’ Melbourne website has now been updated with the 2011 information and listings. 51 stores in total + new and improved maps, icons indicating new/secondhand/music related products and more. We’ve also added a new section the site entitled ‘Music’ where we will be featuring some new and recent vinyl releases coming out of our fine city.

We are also looking for ‘heads’ to participate in this initiative. If you feel you have something to contribute – contact us through the Diggin’ website and hit us with your ideas or tell us about the records you are releasing.

Some of you may have seen the feature on Channel 9’s Getaway over the weekend ( watch it here ) – starring Northside Chris,  Licorice Dave and the Missing Link Crew. Unfortunately – they failed to show the cover of the new map (pictured above). The new 2011 map is available now – pick one up at a record store or ‘street press’ location near you or download a copy from the website.

Keep vinyl alive – Keep on diggin’

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