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The freshest homies

Now we’ve seen it all! Gangsta wrap air-fresheners are here… at Northside for only $5 a hit. Get your ride smelling fressshhhhhhhh, from the depths of the sea, back to the block! There’s SNOOP DOGG, doused in special Gin & Juice fragrance (honestly, it smells more like Hubba Bubba), there is ICE CUBE flavoured with BLACK ICE! Picture Me Rollin in my 500 Benz! with theTUPAC freshener flavoured COOL WATER. Last but not least is EAZY-E scented APPLE. These are designed as car fresheners – but you you can rock this shit anywhere! Tie it on you bicycle helmet, on your christmas tree, or just make it jiggle in your 5-star hooptie


Want to see more? Check the website hanginwiththehomies –> These are flying out the door faster than free beer. Get on it now.

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