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When Nicky met The Godfather




last weekend was the RECLINK COMMUNITY CUP. Thanks to all who came down it was an awesome day again with Reclink making heaps of money to help fund their programs for the upcoming year. The footy was fun, but the true victory on the day was the unearthing of the photo (seen at the top!) of Nicky “Elvis” Winmar and James Brown. This came from Paul Stewart (singer from the Painters and Dockers) who was working as a journalist at the time and helped persuade James to meet up with Nicky. After telling James about the stand Nicky took at Victoria Park in 1993 against racism he was more than happy to meet with him.

Nicky Winmar and James brownchris-gillhere’s a pic from the Community Cup on Sunday. Footy IS A FORM OF DANCE. funky dance…….


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