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Scatter Scatter + Gentlemen of Leisure


There’s no rest for the wicked! Coming up this weekend is the highly anticipated Scatter Scatter Party at the Prince of Wales / POW Bandroom (St. Kilda), featuring Live performances by The Shaolin Afronauts and Papa Chango, with support for Public Opinion Sound System, plus DJs Manchild and Jumps. This will be the official album launch party for Shaolin Afronauts new album – don’t miss it.

Following up Friday night’s SOUTHSIDE afro-experience, the funk will return to it’s natural habitat on the Northside on Saturday, with DJ Manchild and his Gentlemen of Leisure collective pumpin’ the funk in the Grace Darling Basement. With t-t-t-turntable assistance and the tightest and most righteous selections from DJ Jumps and super-digger DJ Arks, it promises to be a butt-shakin’ night of the deepest, hardest, rawest dancefloor funk and soul this city has to offer. Expect a healthy dose of Afrofunk and Ghetto Boogie in the mix – along with a few of those secret ‘rare as rocking-horse shit’ records the Gentlement of Leisure have been saving up for this auspicious occasion. And heads-up – it’s lights on at 1am – so get in early to get your groove on.

Want more? Scatter Scatter is back at the Prince of Wales again at the end of the month (Aug. 31), featuring the one and only Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, who are rumoured to have a big-arse bag of new material. Joining POAO on the night are 8-bit champions, Cumbia Cosmonauts, along with Manchild and Jumps. Sensible shoes is a must!

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This Friday is Scatter Scatter time again. Guests for Scatter Scatter #3 are Saca La Mois DJ!! (Cumbia Cosmonauts),
The Public Opinion Sound System (LIVE), DJ Mel (Uruguay) and DJ Manchild (POAO + The Breakdown, PBS).
Afro Funk, Island Disco, Cumbia and more. Til late!  Let the rhythms take you to the truth ~ Mother Africa!


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SOUL FOOD @ The Espy


This night looks great! Not just because I’m there, but the great local talent again! Electric Empire with a new album really close and just after they slayed them at Glastonbury, I can’t wait to hear them. Then there’s the Melodics and the Cumbia Cosmonauts who have just released their debut LP. Not to mention the rest, I’ve banged on about them before! But flying in from Detroit is ELZHI from Slum Village here alone, hopefully to rep his new awesome album Elmatic, a tribute to Nas’ “Ilmatic” only Detroit styles with the WILL SESSIONS band behind him, on the shelf at Northside now! HURRY!elzhi

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