It’s almost Christmas… RIP James Brown

It’s almost that time of year again. Christmas day will mark eight years since the passing of James Brown, ‘The Godfather of Soul‘. Come pay your respect, and shake your money maker on Christmas night. Get up, get into it and get involved at the John Curtin Hotel in Carlton. Northside DJs will be joined by Karate Boogaloo and surprise special guests for the No. 1 James Brown party in Melbourne. Entry is free. Get down.


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Jordan Rakei at Northside – Thurs. November 27

Northside is hyped to be hosting one of Australia’s most exciting new ‘musicians’ Jordan Rakei for a live instore performance on Thursday 27th November. Jordan is an amazing singer and multi-instrumentalist with a sound that transcends modern soul, sitting comfortably alongside the likes of Hiatus Kiayote, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Taylor McFerrin. Jordan’s current EP Groove Curse has been capturing the attention of  a worldwide audience – and has already been stamped a modern classic on the Northside super sellers list! Originally from New Zealand and now residing in Queensland, Jordan calls his sound lo-fi soul – we call it dope. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch Jordan Rakei in the flesh.

Entertainment will start around 6pm with DJs and refreshments, followed Jordan doing a ‘bare bones’ set shortly after.

Check out his sounds here. Check the Soul Has No Tempo label too. Check his facebook for other dates ++ I think I should pimp his Friday night show at Boney too,  where he’ll step it up to his full electronic show – appearing with other soul luminaries including Steve Spacek! Put me on the guest list please JB/JR/SS! 



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HEAVY 45s on the racks

They are new soul 45’s and also some reissues of some classics, but the one things that unites these is that they are all ESSENTIAL.

Pimp 45 $14

Pimp 45

Fuck the Police / Scrabble  $14

Fuck the Police / Scrabble

Thank You / Don't Know What I'd Do $16

Thank You / Don’t Know What I’d Do










from Brooklyn comes the new and super funky steel band, the Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band “Pimp / Laventile Road March” Coming in at $14 this track PIMP is actually a cover of 50 Cent’s track “Pimp”. Many people thought that this was the original that was sampled for it, but alas no. Its fresssshness.  The flip brings a great new track that is a funky upbeat dancer.  $14

Then there is the ORIGINALS reissue. One of the first in this series that matches great hip hop songs with the originals that they sampled for it. This time it is J DILLA and his track “Fuck the police” with the classic an hard to find library tune “Scrabble” by Rene Costy. $14

Dont forget the new PAUL KELLY project that is almost fully released now. The MERRI SOUL SESSIONS is a project that Paul started using his friends to record some soul music that he had hidden away inside. It is inch by inch that it comes out. Infact seven  inches at a time. Part two is with himself and KIRA PURU. $16

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Thats right, it’s on! THURSDAY, November 20th marks the start of a weekend of roller disco madness!

NORTHSIDE RECORDS will be hosting the Thursday night, the 20th Of Novemeber. They will be transforming 1000 £ Bend into a roller disco of cosmic proportions. Over the course of three nights, the space will host a line-up of Melbourne’s best DJ crews and live bands to keep the party spinning.

To kick the party off on the Live Music Safari night, the Northside Records DJ crew – Chris Gill, Manchild, Lewis Cancut, Ms Butt – will get down to support the Mondo Freaks and a very special guest TBA.

We are talking only ROLLERSKATES only – hot pants optional.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE THURSDAY night WILL BE A FREE EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is part of festivities of Melbourne Music Week.

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Acclaimed indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan and Melbourne, rhythm combo the PutBacks are releasing the LP “Dawn” on November 11.

Their label HopeStreet Recordings is premiering the new single, “Daddy,” with a video (below).  This track is a psychadelic groove monster. The band are ferocious and restrained. Emma holds back until its time to freakout.


the first single from their album Dawn – an LP of hard hitting and heartfelt soul songs telling stories of grief, struggle and redemption. Dawn is a gritty, uniquely Australian record, simultaneously classic and contemporary. The songwriting is in turns optimistic, angry and melancholic, and on occasions bruisingly honest. The music is fluid, live and raw, recorded in one room on eight channels of analog tape and the electric connection between Emma and the band comes through in every beat.


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The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra are ready to party!

With the AFL Grand Final upon us and all that Spring Carnival crap just around the corner, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra will officially usher in the Melbourne ‘Silly Season’ this Saturday night. Helping them turn up the heat at Howler will be The Let Your Hair Down Girls, DJ Manchild + MC 1/6, and The House of Beige Crew (rumoured to be Remi, Sensible J, Dutch, N’Fa and friends???). No matter how you spend this Saturday afternoon – there is only one place to be on Saturday night; on the dancefloor at Howler shaking it to the sounds of afrobeat, hip hop, funk, boogaloo and tropical disco flavours. Get down to Howler early to ensure you get in before it sells out. Only $15.


POAO have been rehearsing – and are super excited about the show ( ), the House of Beige Crew are on fire after their recent tour, TLYHDG always deliver and will be embracing footy (and beer) fever. And it goes without saying that Manchild & 1/6 are hyped and will rock the party from the outset.

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