“Drinking Water”
(Northside Records) LP $30 CD $20

Melbourne’s heavy-groove combo The Seven Ups are releasing their

sophomore album Drinking Water, via Northside Records. A follow up to 2015’s self-titled, the new record steps things up a notch with faster tunes, deeper grooves and just a bit more crunch. The self-produced batch of 7 new tracks holds on to the bands established sound of improvised solos over afro grooves, but this time there’s a shift in focus to more complex arrangements and a tighter interplay between the rhythm section.

The album kicks off with an extended, unaccompanied sax solo (an undeniable homage to Fela) played by the tracks namesake, Harry Cooper. Tracks like The Aviator and 17hr Trip roll along at breakneck speed while Bello at Night is reminiscent of one of Fela’s slow jams, and Through the Dust explores the darker side of heavy groove. The album then closes with the 10 minute epic title track. The album features original artwork by Benny Montero (Pond, Gum, Kurt Vile) and will be available on Vinyl, CD and digitally. VINYL ARRIVING on FRIDAY. PUT YOUR HAND UP!

VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘OZ WAVES – Compiled by Steele Bonus’ (Efficient Space) LP $28

Another sterling dispatch from Efficient Space – who were behind the excellent Midnight Spares and Sky Girl sets off late – now turning their attention to a slew of obscure OZ Waves drawn from the Aussie ‘80s DIY collection of Steele Bonus, who is also responsible for the label’s artwork and sleeve art for Music From Memory. With most of the original tracks originally issued on tape in editions of between 5 and 100 copies, unless you were there at the time or have the baddest fetish for obscure Aussie music, this set is likely to open an unprecedented window for most wave riders. Weird, dreamy and groovy are keywords for the set: taking in the lilting electro-pop of Lady On The Train by Irena Xero – which Chris & Cosey apparently used to lullaby their son to sleep – at one end, and the breezy dub sway of Squids Can Fly from Zerox Dreamflesh at the other pole, taking in total winners like Andy Rantzen ov Pelican Daughters’ serpentine bubbler Will I Dream; the Vaz-like C86 styles of Don’t Wish It Away by Ironing Music; the Severed Heads-esque budge of He Dark Age’s Holding Out For Eden; even a freakish sort of electro-ramp cut in Jesus Krist Klap Rap by MK Ultra & The Assassins of Light; and prepare yourself to swoon at the Antenna or Ludus-like charms of Take A walk In The Sun from Moral Fibro.


ORGANISED CONFUSION / BABE RUTH “Prisoners Of War / The Mexican (Mr Fantastic Edit) (ORIGINALS) 7” $14

After a little hiatus, Originals return with an absolute bomb! Bristol’s Mr. Fantastic edits down Babe Ruth’s B-Boy anthem, The Mexican, to fit our favourite format without losing any of its glory. Flip the script to Organised Konfusion’s Prisoners Of War taken from their debut self-titled LP from 1991 and hear Prince Po and Pharoah Monch’s interpretation of the break.

D.I.T.C. / OLIVER SAIN “Day One / On The Hill” (5 borough breaks) 7” $14

5 Borough Breaks deliver another stone cold hip hop classic in the form of Diggin In The Crates “Day One” from ’97, featuring legends Diamond D, Big L and Lord Finesse amongst the rest of the DITC crew. On the B-side you can find the original sample source, Oliver Sain’s funky jazz rarity “On The Hill” which regularly brings a pretty price whenever it appears online. Limited pressing of 300.

MEL BOULTON’S MIGHTY FIRE “Love On The Shelf / Bring Your Love Closer” (Bolton / Superdiscoedits) 7” $18

Based in Los Angeles, Mighty Fire recorded two albums, in 1981 and 1982 respectively. ‘No Time For Masquerading’ was released, in 1981, on Elektra Records and featured Mel Bolton and Marilyn McLeod as co-producers.

RALPH MCDONALD / FOXY “A Jam On The Groove / Get Off Your Aaaah And Dance (Danny Krivit Edits) ” (TK Disco) 12” $20

NYC disco legend Danny Krivit returns to the editing block on behalf of seminal Miami disco powerhouse T.K. Disco – killer edits of classics by Ralph MacDonald and Foxy!

AZYMUTH “Dear Limmertz / Maracana” (Far Out) 12” $20

Far Out Recordings announce the release of a 12″ reissue of two of the Brazilian mavericks’ heaviest dance cuts, remastered from the original Outubro (FARO 190CD/LP) tapes. Alex Malheiros’s earth-shaking slap bass in the first few seconds of “Dear Limmertz” makes up an iconic moment in jazz-funk history. The groundbreaking disco hit “Jazz Carnival” is one of their heftiest floor fillers, and is also one of the trio’s most recognized tunes. “Maracana” is another super-heavy jazz-funk belter encompassing Ivan ‘Mamao’ Conti’s signature swing, backing Jose Roberto Bertrami’s effortlessly slick keyboard harmonies.

KIKO NAVARRO “Twilight / Cranc” (BBE) 12” $20

A pair of tracks from Spanish producer and DJ Kiko Navarro on glorious 12″ vinyl, providing a glimpse of his much anticipated forthcoming album ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’. Opening track ‘Twilight’ will need no introduction for crate diggers and 80’s club kids. A complete remaking of the Maze classic, Kiko’s version raises the tempo into deep house territory, retaining the dreamy, sensual feel of Frankie Beverly’s original. Providing a sumptuous taste of the oldschool, Kiko’s own acid-laden, energetic dub version of ‘Twilight’ is sure to wreak havoc on the dance-floor, with perhaps a little hint of good old fashioned euphoria as it reaches it’s synth string-filled climax. On the B-Side ‘Cranc’ provides a raw, analogue, Detroit-esque synth jam, building an intense groove with an insistent, wrongfooting bassline underpinning dizzying arpeggios, jazzy stabs and warm chords.

POTATO HEAD PEOPLE “Big Luxury” (Bastard Jazz) LP $26

Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical’s boom-bap boogie project has already been championed hard by the likes of Kaytranada, Nightmares On Wax and Soulection. Reaching album maturity, the Canadian duo paint their broadest picture on Big Luxury, an album that ranges from silky mid-90s west coast hip-hop (“Explosives”) to lavish, jazz-maxed Amp Fiddler style future-soul (“Palmreader”) via wonked-out broken beat bass (“Luv Ya”). Living up to its name in every way, Potatohead People are effectively celebrating everything that’s great about dancefloor music in the last 30 years right here. As a result it will sound great for another 30 years to come.

KEB DARGE AND CUT CHEMIST present DARK SIDE 60’s Garage Punk & Psyche” 2LP (BBE) $48

Picking up where they left off on the 2007 compilation Lost and Found – Rockabilly and Jump Blues, Keb Darge and Cut Chemist join forces once again, this time to explore the wonderful world of 1960s Garage music. While Rockabilly could be defined as a DIY emulation of the music of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and others by young American artists, Garage was heavily influenced by British bands of the day like the Beatles, Kinks and Rolling Stones. Simple drum kits, guitars and the occasional organ keep the sound honest and raw, retaining a palpable sense of excitement even to this day. With a multitude of bands springing up all over the SA, many of these wonderful records were released in tiny numbers, making certain titles almost impossible to find. Keb Darge’s love affair with this intriguing genre happened almost by accident, while on the hunt for obscure Northern Soul records. “Dj Shadow told me I would like Garage years ago, but I didn’t listen.” Hearing a few records he liked and being assured by collectors that they were classified as ‘Garage’ got him hooked, so for the last years he’s been digging obsessively for the stuff. Knowing Cut Chemist was a collector, he suggested they collaborate on compilation, and ‘The Dark Side’ was born. 30 obscure records, some of which

change hands for frightening amounts of money, all with wonderful stories attached as told in Keb’s encyclopedic and entertaining liner notes ‘This compilation is not aimed at the many collectors of this wonderful style of music.

OSUNLADE “Pyrography” (BBE) 2LP BOOKLET $110

More of a cultural artifact than an album in the traditional sense, Osunlade’s ‘Pyrography’ first materialised in 2011, intended to mark the closing chapter in his House music journey, the start of a new creative phase. Titled after the ancient artistic practice of burning an image onto a surface, everything about ‘Pyrography’ implied both ritual and permanence. A few signed, ultra-limited edition CD copies of the album were accompanied by a specially commissioned art book, with original works by highly regarded Australian artist Scott Marr and a series of ‘oriki’ prayers appearing in print for the first time ever. In 2017, BBE are proud to team up with the mercurial DJ, producer and ordained Yoruba priest Osunlade to make this incredible work of art available on vinyl for the first time. Two heavyweight 12” records nestle in the front and back covers of a lovingly printed book containing a brief history of the Yoruba culture, Scott Marr’s evocative images and those all-important traditional oriki prayers by Maria Oggun Bemi. Placed at the meeting point of art, culture, history, music and spirituality, Pyrography simply cannot be described or compared, much like the ritual Anagó language the project celebrates. “The work in this book was created in honour of the Yoruba Orisha gods. Its concept, music and artistic direction by devotee and Yoruba priest, Osunlade.”



Jonzuz Crew “Pac Jam” (Tommy Boy) 12” $10

House Of Pain “Who’s The Man” (Tommy Boy) 12” $10


A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “We Got It From Here… Thank You For Your Service” 2LP $45

BEASTIE BOYS “Ill Communication” 2LP $38

COOKIN ON 3 BURNERS “Blind Bet” (Freestyle) LP $30

COOKIN ON 3 BURNERS “Soul Messin” (Freestyle) LP WHITE VINYL $34

DE LA SOUL “And The Anonymous Nobody” 2LP $42

TALL BLACK GUY “Let’s Take A Trip” (first Word) 2LP $35

TALL BLACK GUY “Let’s Take A Trip” (first Word) CD $25




“Soul Messin” (Freestyle)

With the now classic track THIS GIRL on the white wax, this amazing release from 2009 gets a long awaited preprint and this time on coloured wax. Cookin’ On 3 Burners are Australia’s foremost organ trio joining the dots between funk, soul, boogaloo & jazz. Long time partners Lance Ferguson (guitar), Ivan Khatchoyan (drums) and Jake Mason (organ) have taken their home brew of soulful Hammond get down everywhere from jazz festivals to after hours bars and clubs.

TUNNEL SIGNS & WILL BUCK ’Spirits’ (Cutters) 12” $20

Tunnel Signs is the nom de plume of Australian born lover, fighter and romantic, Ash Moses. With a taste for playing and producing records that embrace the darkness, Moses parts the sea and finds the wonky middle ground between reverb drenched postpunk, hypnotic techno and spaced out disco. Having previously seen releases on labels such as Nein, Clouded Vision and HAKT he now finds a home with Cutters Records with this 12” with Will Buck.

The release, titled “Spirits” came into existence when Ash relocated to New York City, a place he had long dreamed of from afar. As luck would have it he found himself sharing an apartment with another likeminded electronic musician named Will Buck who became his studio-partner and eventual collaborator. Having bonded over a shared love of synthesizers, drum machines and all things rhythm they soon began their own freeform jam sessions which paved the way for this 12” release.

“Spirits” shares some of the slow hypnotic swagger and dark disco drone of Red Axes and Multi Culti but with a futuristic percussive palette of the likes of Four Tet. The heady modulated elastic synth sounds give way to deep undulating bass patterns and tribal percussion. On the flip, the lights get turned out and the acid turned up with an ominous Techno rework courtesy of Hivern Disc’s own Marc Piñol.

STATUE ‘Monument’ (Cutters) 12” $20

STATUE is a live percussion based dance project, the brainchild of Melbourne drummer Tom Gould. Over the past five years he has honed his craft in cult Melbourne bands NO ZU and Worlds End press but now greets the dance world under the moniker STATUE. After featuring in last years Beats In Space – best of the year list with his debut 12″, his second EP ‘Monument’ is a reflection of the human and a testament to dance floors both indoor and out. MONUMENT further establishes STATUE as a fixture in Melbourne’s dance music culture, constructed for both warm afternoons and the sweaty early hours of Australian summer.

The EP traverses multiple tempos, creating a world of warm percussive dance floor odysseys arriving parched and thirsty for more at it’s aural peak, Monument. The expedition ends with an expansive remix by Disco Halal king pin and recent ESP Institute alumni, Moscoman.


(Stones Throw Records) 2LP $48

Best known as a jazz drummer and hip-hop producer, Karriem Riggins returns with Headnod Suite. The album is the follow up to 2012’s critically acclaimed debut Alone Together. With 29 instrumental hip-hop tracks, Headnod Suite places Riggins’ beatmaking chops front and center. It’s a testament to why Riggins is the producer of choice for artists like Kanye West, Common, Erykah Badu, and The Roots.

Karriem Riggins’ second album for legendary LA label Stones Throw, follow-up to the praised Alone / Together. Riggins has produced tracks for the likes of Common, Kanye West, The Roots, Erykah Badu, and Kaytranada.

PRATT & MOODY with COLD DIAMOND and MINK “Lost Lost Lost” (Skylart) 7” $14

The third outing on the Timmion sublabel Stylart presents two musical heavyweights from up north. Pratt & Moody are Tuomo Prättälä and Markus Nordenstreng, neither of which are strangers to singing, songwriting or playing instruments in jazz, soul or rock circles in Finland.

On Lost Lost Lost Pratt is heard on vocals and Moody on guitar. Recently they have performed under the contemporary americana duo Tuomo & Markus, but now it’s time to hear their take on old school soul balladry.

Backed by the Stylart house band Cold Diamond & Mink Lost Lost Lost takes the listener to the soundscapes of classic late 60’s West Coast soul. It’s not a song of many words, but once the mood pulls you in, you’ll be locked for a while, and asking for a second helping.

HARLEM RIVER DRIVE ‘Idle Hands/Seeds Of Life’
(Soul Brother) 7” $16

Harlem River Drive is a group that launched the careers of Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, two giants in the field of Latin fuelled jazz fusion. Comparisons have been made with the work of groups they inspired including War and Funkadelic from first recording and performing in the early 70s. Both “idle Hands” and “Seeds of Life” come from the group’s self titled debut album released by Roulette in 1971. Drums are by one of the most prolific players of the day Bernard Purdie (Gil Scott-Heron, Aretha Franklin, Roy Ayers among many more), another high profile musician Cornell Brown on guitar with Randy Brecker on trumpet for “Seeds Of Life”. Both tracks have been released before on 7” vinyl, now extremely rare, “Seeds Of Life” appearing here on 7” for the first time in full length version.

RITA WRIGHT “Touch Me All You Like / Love Is All You Need”
(Soul Brother) 7” $16

Soul Brother first reissued this on CD/LP on a compilation “The Wants List”, but such is the demand for the 7” it’s back on the label again. Little is known about Rita Wright, only that she is not the singer who began with the same name and became Syreeta. “Touch Me Take Me” was originally the b-side of this release and a song written and produced by Steve Royal who had released it in 1975 by Ester Byrde. “Love Is All You Need”, now the b-side, was arranged by Richard Niles who would go on to work with Swing Out Sister, Pet Shop Boys and Grace Jones. Original copies of this record on Jet have been on sale this year for over £300!

CHRIS READ & PUGS ATOMZ ‘You/Baby Don’t Go’ (BBE) 7” $16

Funky drummer type hip hop. Drums up front sitting next to the raps. Upcoming tunes form their new album.

K C & THE SUNSHINE BAND ‘I Get Lifted’ (T.K Disco) 10” $20

Oooh Weee, something special from the TK Disco vaults here as the Miami label unleashes the underground, formerly unofficial Todd Terje edit of KC & The Sunshine Band’s “I Get Lifted”, backed with the original version of course. The original sees the unparalleled disco troupe reimagining George McCrae’s funk soul classic with a little more groove and some borderline Balearic guitar riffing. Terje applies some classic edit pressure on his rework, pushing the vocal adlibs front and foremost into the killer loop which forms the introduction to the track.

KIKI GYAN ’24 Hours In A Disco’ (Soundly) 2LP $35

Soundway Records present ’24 Hours in A Disco 1978 – 82′, 7 cuts of relentless disco grooves from the sublimely gifted Kiki Gyan. Hailed as Africa’s answer to Stevie Wonder, he produced a series of highly ambitious disco records aimed at positioning him as an international star, but weighed down by the excesses of the era, Gyan saw his meteoric rise matched by an equally swift fall back into obscurity.

PAUL WHITE FT DANNY BROWN ‘Accelerator’ (R&S) 12” $20

Paul White received universal acclaim for producing the majority of Danny Brown’s genre-defying ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ album. In 2016 he also released a collaborative record with Open Mike Eagle, and began work on a slew of solo material to be released on R&S Records.

With a free beat tape ‘Everything You’ve Forgotten’ released in January, Paul White now returns with two tracks featuring Danny Brown that showcase a producer at the very top of his game with a vocal by one of the most exciting MCs of his generation.

Accelerator is a fuzzed-out psych monster that defies conventions about what rap music should sound like in 2017, while Lion’s Den proves that Paul White and Danny Brown can beat the traditionalists at their own game too.


FUNKADELIC “One Nation Under a Groove” (Warner) LP + 7” $35 (SEALED)

Forget desert island discs – this is one for your nuclear bunker. Nearly 40 years on since this mothership dropped out of the sky, and these are original copies too. Cut-out US stock, still sealed with the bonus 7″.



We got a whole bunch of fresh re-issues from the greatest jazz label of all time. Quick!

ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS “Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers” $34

BOBBY HUTCHERSON “Components” $34

BOBBY HUTCHERSON “Happenings” $34

CANNONBALL ADDERLEY “Something’ Else” $34

DONALD BYRD BAND & VOICES “A New Perspective” $34

DONALD BYRD “Black Byrd” $34

FREDDIE HUBBARD “Blue Spirits” $34

FREDDIE HUBBARD “Ready For Freddie” $34

FREDDIE HUBBARD “Breaking Point” $34

GRANT GREEN “Idle Moments” $34

HANK MOBLEY “Soul Station” $34

HERBIE HANCOCK “The Prisoner” $34

HERBIE HANCOCK “Empyrean Isles” $34

HERBIE HANCOCK “Speak Like A Child” $34

HORACE SILVER QUINTET “Song For My Father” $34

IKE QUEBEC “Blue & Sentimental” $34

JACKIE MCLEAN “Capuchin Swing” $34

JACKIE MCLEAN “Let Freedom Ring” $34

JASON MORAN “Soundtrack To Human Emotion” $34

JOHN SCHOFIELD “Time In My Hands” $34

JUTTA HIPP QUARTET “New Faces – New Sounds Form Germany” 10” $34

MADLIB “Shades Of Blue” 2LP $45

MCCOY TYNER “Expansions” $34

ROBERT GLASPER “Double Booked” 2LP $45



ZILLANOVA ‘The Fader / The Glasgow Coma Scale’ (Hope Street) 7” $15

ALICE COLTRANE “Journey In Satchidananda” (impulse) LP $34

AMY WINEHOUSE “The Collection” (island) 8 LP box set $230

BONOBO “Migration” 2LP $42


IGGY AND THE STOOGES “Raw Power” (epic) 2LP $44 (Includes OG Bowie Mix from 73 and the 97 Iggy Mix – both remastered)

JAMIE XX “In Colour” LP $42


JOHN COLTRANE QUARTET “Crescent” (impulse) LP $34



MISTA SAVONA presents HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON “Carnival” (Universal) 7” + download $15

ROB ‘Make It Fast, Make It Slow’ (Soundway) LP $26

SOLANGE ‘A Seat At The Table’ (Sony) LP $45

TROMBONE SHORTY “For True” LP (verve) $34

VARIOUS ‘SOUNDS FROM THE ARCHIPELAGO: an Introduction to the Lush Indonesian Music Tradition Vol 1’ (Shiok!) LP + CD $40

VARIOUS ‘SOUNDS FROM THE ARCHIPELAGO: an Introduction to the Lush Indonesian Music Tradition Vol 2’ (Shiok!) LP + CD $40

VARIOUS ‘Cut Copy Presents Oceans Apart – Sample One’ (Cutters) 12” $20

VARIOUS ‘Cut Copy Presents Oceans Apart- Sample Two’ (Cutters) 12” $20

YUSEFF KAMAAL ‘Black Focus’ (Brownswood) LP $38

and 30/70 TSHIRTS $30 black or white….


AVALANCHES, THE “Since I Left You” (Modular) 2LP $55

LOCAL This is where it all started. Long awaited reissue of this Aussie classic! Don’t sleep… VERY limited numbers. BLUE VINYL.

LAMINE SONKO & THE AFRICAN INTELLIGENCE ‘Afro Empire’ (The African Intelligence) CD $25

LOCAL – 4 years in the making, this incredible new album is out. Laine has firmly established himself as one of Australia’s Leading proponents of afro-fusion music as the album melds the zestful tunes and polyrhythmic power of the 10 piece band with his compelling stories of urban and ancient Africa. Born in to the ballet school of West Senegal, Lamine is a LEGEND in this town. What can’t he do!! This album was inspired by two recent trips to West Africa fusing their afro beats with a new new wave of funk, roots and jazzy.

ERIC LAU ‘Examples’ (First Word) LP $34

First Word enters 2017 with a bang: a 28-track album courtesy of Eric Lau. This, his third instrumental album, is a veritable tapestry of vibes, ranging through Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Funk & Brazilian beats.

‘Examples’ really provides you with what it says on the tin – a mere taster of this man’s talents, available digitally and on wax; black vinyl for the purists and limited edition yellow vinyl for the heads. Kicking off the new year with a bounce, it’s unnecessary that we tell you that you shouldn’t sleep on this.. Don’t sleep on this.

CYLO “Arc 1: Jenesis” (Cylomusic) CD $115

LOCAL Consisting of Sebby and Julian AK, CYLO are a sub-group of Melbourne collective The Outside Inn. Arc 1: Jenesis is the Melbourne duo’s first album. Arc 1: Jenesis is heavily inspired by the duo’s roots of and love for hip-hop, exploring all aspects the genre, as well as a consistent theme of duality between the two rappers.

HEJIRA ‘No Matter / I Don’t Belong To Anyone’ (Lima Limo) 7” $15

‘I Don’t Belong to Anyone’ is the first single from a project centred around the group’s visit to Ethiopia earlier this year. Upon their return to London the band entered into a prolific phase of creativity, fleshing out skeletal ideas that they had begun in Ethiopia. The resulting piece of work is perhaps Hejira’s most audacious release so far: a head-spinning collection of field recordings, hissy beats constructed from sampled Ethiopian cassettes, all encased within a refreshing home grown production aesthetic.

MOR THIAM ‘Dini Safarrar (Drums Of Fire)’ (Jazzman) LP $36

Release number 24 in Jazzman’s popular Holy Grail series of sought-after reissues takes us to Senegal, and the celebrated free-jazz work of drummer Mor Thiam (or, as he’s known to rapper-turned-producer Akon, ‘dad’). Dini Safarrar: Drums of Fire was originally recorded and released way back in 1973, and has become something of a must-have for African jazz enthusiasts ever since. Laden with dense, tribal drums, modal horns, spiraling solos and a dash of Sun Ra style spirituality, it’s a set that craftily joins the dots between indigenous Senegalese music, and the best of experimental American jazz. It’s every bit as good as you’d expect, and should be essential listening for those interested in the African jazz movement.

ROY AYERS ‘Funk In The Hole/Liquid Love’ (Mukatsuku) 7” $14

Two killer album tracks lifted from the Virgin Ubiquity II unreleased album for BBE from a few years back get their own issue on a dinked 45 for the first time for London based Mukatsuku Records. The 7 inch encompasses two musical sides of Roy Ayers with the A side kicking off with the hard funk urgency of the instrumental Funk In The Hole with underlying strings and fatback drums flipped by the super soulful but sultry vocal track, Liquid Love. Early DJ support on this 45 comes from Red Greg, DJ Spinna, Herbaliser & Kenny Dope.This exclusive Juno version comes in hand stamped kraft paper inner sleeve plus branded card sleeve,protective outer sleeve + sticker

MYELE MANZANZA ‘One Point One’ (First Word) LP $25

First Word are proud to present ‘OnePointOne’ from Myele Manzanza, recorded live at the legendary Blue Whale in Los Angeles. The son of a Congolese master percussionist, New Zealand born Myele first gained international attention as one third of NZ soul act, Electric Wire Hustle. As well as live takes on some of the material from his debut album, there are covers of Theo Parrish, Jill Scott and the late, great Bobby Hutcherson, capturing an intimate performance from a fearless artist at the hub of the resurgent West Coast Jazz scene.

SPACE SYSTEM ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ (Akamady Records) 12” $20

Space System are Aryo Adhianto and Jonathan Kusuma from Jakarta and they bring that citys salad bowl to the disco dancefloor. Its a 4 track EP. There is a disco track, an acid house gamelan track byJD Twitch, a dubby jam and a remix by LOCAL LEGENDS – MESIN – a dark minimal dub rerub.

STEVE SPACEK ‘If U Wan 2 Find Me / Time Is Running Out’ (Eglo) 12” $20

Steve Spacek returns to Eglo Records after making his label debut with the summer smash ‘Follow Me’ The Lewisham born singer/producer continues to innovate, utilizing the latest technologly (he made these two tracks on an ipad) to push his unique London style from his new home in Sydney NSW. ‘If U Wan 2 Find Me’ is a celestial slice of vocal footwork/soul, with Spacek offering his own zero gravity take on the chicago sound. Bside ‘Time Is Running Out’ completely switches up the tempo, this stripped back techno bubbler feels like the soundtrack to a late night cruise around the red planet. Signature Spacek swing and acid bounce throughout.


Limited, one sided 12″ single from LA based master teacher and musical visionary Shafiq Husayn, featuring the vocal talents of Fatima and Jimetta Rose. Following on from his previous single with Anderson Paak, taken from the forthcoming LP ‘The Loop’.

VARIOUS ‘Africa Airways Three: The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972-1984’ (Africa Seven) LP $35

The Africa Seven label might not have been around for very long, but the London-Paris dynasty has certainly established itself as a no.1 outlet for rare, unhinged world music. This is Africa Airways Volume 3: The Afro-Psych Excursion, a gorgeous compilation spanning the years 1972 to 1984, and it clearly offers some of the most magnetic tunes that they label has put out thus far. There isn’t a mediocre song in here and, as the saying goes, it’s all-killer-no-filler; take African Black’s “Nzango”, for example, a twisted, FX-heavy tribal experiment, or the more soulful highs and lows of tunes like “Zinabu” by Bunzu Soundz. Rough, dusty, completely psyched-out, and inimitable the whole way through; if you’re looking for something that’ll get the heads turning, and the diggers jealous, then this is your LP. Highly recommended.


Ulf Lindemann aka Dunkelbunt was born in Hamburg in 1979. At the beginning of the millennium in his Vienna studio, hebegan to merge electronic music with Balkan, Gypsy and Swing sounds and along with his contemporaries like Waldeck, Parov Stelar and Shantel who helped popularize the new music genres “Electro Swing“ and “Balkan Beats“. Just fresh from tearing the up the desert at Rainbow Serpent!

DUNKELBUNT ‘Cinnamon Girl/The Chocolate Butterfly’ (Chat Chapeau) 12” $20

DUNKELBUNT ‘Smile On Your Face’ (Chat Chapeau) 12” $20

Smile on Your Face & Remixes by Brian May, Tecsumo and Umberto Echo

DUNKELBUNT ‘Abendsonne’ (Poets Club) 12” $20

DUNKELBUNT ‘Sun Dub Vol.2’ (Poets Club) LP $30

With Sun Dub Vol 2 [dunkelbunt] present a mix of Electro Swing, Mestizo, Balkan Beats, Oriental Dub, Tarantella, Gipsy Jungle and many more!

DUNKELBUNT ‘Schlawiener’’ (Poets Club) 12” $20

Mr. Dunkelbunt takes the mic himself, rapping about Vienna the way he sees it… and his life as a traveller & jetlag junkie. As far as the music goes, the artist calls it “HipHop-rattle-electro-swing mixed in with funky-sirtaki-dubstep on a eastern tip“.

DUNKELBUNT ‘Morgenlandfahrt’’ (Poets Club) LP $40

Between 2003 and 2006, [dunkelbunt] has recorded the album Morgenlandfahrt, a mix of Dub, Reggae, Bossa, Jazz, Electronics, Trip Hop and Break Beats woven with a Balkan twist.

DUNKELBUNT ‘Raindrops & Elephants-Piranha Re:Interpretations’ (Piranha) LP $35

With Raindrops and Elephants [dunkelbunt] applied his passion for blending to selected Piranha Records original tracks and transformed them into a fresh, summery, Mediterranean-flavoured whole; electronica á la ragga, dub and house paired with rap, singing and samples.

DUNKELBUNT ‘Raindrops & Elephants-Piranha Re:Interpretations’ (Piranha) CD $10

With Raindrops and Elephants [dunkelbunt] applied his passion for blending to selected Piranha Records original tracks and transformed them into a fresh, summery, Mediterranean-flavoured whole; electronica á la ragga, dub and house paired with rap, singing and samples.

DUNKELBUNT ‘Picnic with Dunkelbunt’ (Poets Club) LP $42

A collection of travels around the globe

DUNKELBUNT ‘Mountain Jumper’ (Poets Club) LP $42

A sound collage of the American continent when it was first founded. A diverse sound of various local cultures with electro and modern club sounds, Bluegrass In Dub, Hilly Billy Breaks, Fiddle´n´Bass,

DUNKELBUNT ‘Kebab Connection/Memories’ (Poets Club) 7” $14


30/70 ‘Cold Radish Coma’ (Moontown) LP $25 – LOCAL SOUL

ALAN LEE ‘An Australian Jazz Anthology’ (jazzman) LP $38 – LOCAL JAZZ LEGEND!

COOKIN ON 3 BURNERS ‘This Girl’ (Freestyle) 7” $14 – LOCAL SOUL CLASSIC

HAU ‘The Could Life’ (House Of Beige) 7” $12

HIATUS KAIYOTE “Choose your Weapon” (sony) 2LP $40 – LOCAL HEAT!!

HORATIO LUNA “LOcal Honey” (cassette) $20 – LOCAL 30/70 collective HEAT

JAZZ PARTY “Rock N Roll Graveyard / Mountain Goat’ (Jazz Party) 7” $15 – LOCAL SWINGIN JAZZZZZZ

KYLIE AUDIST ‘Waste Of Time’ (freestyle) 12” $20 LOCAL DISCO QUEEN!

LET YOUR HAIR DOWN GIRLS, THE ‘Abuja Death Cab / Snag” (Northside) 7” $10 – LOCAL AFRO / DOOM / SOUL

PAUL KELLY “Seven Sonnets And A Song” (Gawd) 10” LP $32 LOCAL

REMI ‘Divas & Demons’ (House Of Beige) 2LP $40 – LOCAL HIP HOP

REMI ‘For Good feat Sampa The Great / One Love’ (House Of Beige) 7” $15 – LOCAL HIP HOP

ROSS MCHENRY ‘Child Of Somebody’ (First word) LP $25 – LOCAL / Shaolin JAZZZ CAT

RUN THE JEWELS “Run The Jewels 3” (RTJ Inc) 2LP $75 (GOLD VINYL)


SILVER LININGS ‘So Good To You’ (Gulf Point) LP $30 – LOCAL SYNTH SOUL

VARIOUS ‘Slow Grind Fever Vol 6’ (Stag-O-Lee) LP $34

VARIOUS ‘Black Feeling Vol 3’ (Freestyle) LP $28 – THE BAMBOOS!!! – LOCAL


THE LET YOUR HAIR DOWN GIRLS ‘Abuja Death Cab / Snag” (Northside Records) 7” $10

LOCAL The original RHTYHM SECTION of SASKWATCH plus some of their old horn section come together to blast some super heavy instrumental funk. Two song’s ABRUJA DEATH CAB and SNAG are both hot!! Abruja is a pulsing and driving song with great horn stabs and dreamy piano lines.
Snag is a lot slower with big fat wobbly bass. then halfway through the distortion pedal kicks the bass and it gets even heavier. Hear it to believe it. LAUNCHED this coming TUESDAY NIGHT!

THE JAZZ PARTY “Rock N Roll Graveyard / Mountain Goat’ (Jazz Party) 7” $15

LOCAL Made for the bar room not the ballroom, Jazz Party is a loose collective of jazzbos known for their sporadic take-over residences in unassuming rooms across Melbourne. Playing a slippery mix of jump blues, boogie, and rhythm n blues á la New Orleans. Shouting, drinking and slow dancing with strangers all encouraged.

Darcy McNulty, Jules Pascoe and Loretta Miller are all former members of Clairy Browne & the Bangin Rackettes and now finally have some original music out on this tasty 7″!

RUN THE JEWELS “Run The Jewels 3” (RTJ Inc) 2LP $75 (GOLD VINYL)

Run The Jewels, the firebrand rap duo of El-P and Killer Mike, have announced their hugely anticipated third album ‘RTJ3’.

The announcement arrives on the heels of the recently released new songs “2100 (ft. BOOTS)” and “Talk To Me.”

The album features a cadre of talented guest performers, including Danny Brown, Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio, Trina, saxophonist Kamasi Washington and more, but the new album is first and foremost about the explosion of creativity born from the unique collaboration between Mike and El, a partnership-turned-friendship that has pushed both rappers to new heights in their storied careers.

VARIOUS ‘Slow Grind Fever Vol 6’ (Stag-O-Lee) LP $34

LOCAL Still more adventures in the sleazy world of popcorn noir. Welcome once more to Slow Grind Fever, the soundtrack to Melbourne’s smokiest slow dance party, where they play moody mid-century slow burners for the indolent and the aroused. Listening to the albums is nice, but when you’re up there all wrapped up in the smoke and the smells and the sizzle of the records, there’s nothing quite like it. Slow Grind Fever Vol. 6 was compiled by guest DJ Simon Laxton. A local legend and long time customer here…. Expect the best in Slow Dance! It features Little Jimmy Scott, Bo Diddley, Malcom Dodds, Donnie Elbert and more!


Voodoo here has little to do with zombies and all to do with the history of New Orleans, where religious practices and rhythms brought over from Africa became new forms. The Soul Jazz label has been putting out deep, dense and ear-popping compilations of vintage New Orleans party music since 2000; the well has not yet run dry on this superlative series, now in its fourth instalment. Styles and tempos vary; themes range from measuring up a man’s worth (Norma Jean’s sassy, proto-feminist No Competition) to Dave Bartholomew’s storied The Monkey, in which three chimps express their horror at how humanity lives. But the groove is constant: these compilations are both history lesson and a party in a box.

BENT ‘Snakes And Shapes’ (Moontown) LP $25

LOCAL Bent are back! Bent are an angular, post punk trio hailing from Brisbane, Australia. A place that is providing some of Australias most interesting music at present.

Provided the current heatwave of summer ‘Snakes and Shapes’ comes in at a fitting time. Completely refreshing, unhinged and addictive. Inspired, wonky, scratchy, angular post punk that screams softly at our current scorching climate.

The album is riddled with clues and ill-fitting shapes. A sound created through not only guitar and drums but pots, pans, recorders, xylophones, tins, shakers and rocks. Heidi’s lyrics come through more like contemporary poetry responding to the apathy of living in Brisbane. A observation of everyday life and it’s small rewards, like bike rides and clean underwear.

Featuring Mark Barrott, Lena Willikens, Chee Shimizu, Luke Jenner, Danny Krivit, The Art of John Cage, Zaltan, Becky Sui Zhen, David McFarline, Palmbomen and Nancy Whang.


ALABAMA SHAKES ’Sound & Color’ (Rough Trade) 2LP $46

ANN PEEBLES ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ (Hi Records) LP $25

BADBADNOTGOOD ‘III’ (Innovative Leisure) 2LP $40

BADBADNOTGOOD ‘IV’ (Innovative Leisure) 2LP $40

BETTY DAVIS ‘Betty Davis’ (Light In The Attic) LP $40

BETTY DAVIS ‘The Columbia Years 1968-1969’ (Light In The Attic) LP $56

BETTY DAVIS ‘They Say I’m Different’ (Light In The Attic) LP $40

BONOBO ‘Black Sands’ (Ninja Tune) LP $30

CARIBOU ‘Our Love’ (City Slang) LP $30

D’ANGELO ‘Voodoo’ (Light In The Attic) 2LP $46

D.D DUMBO ‘Tropical Oceans’ (4AD) 12” $20 LOCAL

FAT FREDDY’S DROP ‘Bays’ (The Drop) 2LP $46

FKA TWIGS ‘M3LL155X’ (Young Turks) 12” $28

FLYING LOTUS ‘Cosmogramma’ (Warp) LP $32

FLYING LOTUS ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp) LP $32

FLYING LOTUS ‘You’re Dead’ (Warp) LP $30

IBEYI ‘Ibeyi’ (XL) LP $36

KAMASI WASHINGTON ‘The Epic’ (Brainfeeder) 3LP-BOX $100

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD ‘Paper Mache Dream Balloon’ (Flightless) LP $30 LOCAL

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS ’Skeleton Tree’ (Kobalt) LP $42 LOCAL

RODRIGUEZ ‘Coming From Reality’ (Light In The Attic) LP $46

ROMARE ‘Love Songs Part Two’ (Ninja Tune) 2LP $46

SASKWATCH ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’ (Northside Records) LP $30 LOCAL

SERGE GAINSBOURG ‘Histoire De Melody Nelson’ (Light In The Attic) LP $40

SILVER LININGS ‘So Good To You’ (Gulf Point) LP $30 LOCAL

VARIOUS ‘New Orleans Funk’ (Soul Jazz) 2LP $40

VARIOUS ‘New Orleans Funk Vol 2’ (Soul Jazz) 2LP $40

VARIOUS ‘New Orleans Funk Vol 3’ (Soul Jazz) 2LP $46

VARIOUS ‘New Orleans Soul’ (Soul Jazz) 2LP $46

VARIOUS ’Studio One Rocksteady’ (Soul Jazz) 2LP $46

VARIOUS ’Studio One Ska’ (Soul Jazz) 2LP $30



wow – all NEW releases now are either MELBOURNE heat or KIWI sweet! Thats PACIFIC soul!

HORATIO LUNA “Local Honey” (30/70 collective) CASSETTE $10

LOCAL Linked to the 30/70 collective….Horatio Luna is a secret collaboration involving some of Melbourne’s most prominent soul musicians. The first instalment being a stripped back UK jazz-house inspired cassette with 30/70’s signature dank wave approach to producing and improvisation. “The embodiment of house music through the lens of post-bop jazz “….a group that is sitting somewhere between the jazz/funk/disco movement of the mid to late seventies but played with the intensity of a Detroit house mix from 86…

HORNS OF LEROY “Horns Of Leroy” (HoL) LP $30

LOCAL Melbourne bringing the New Orleans brass band vibe to our streets and now your lounge room. Eight tracks of sassy heat, shaking your body down to your feet. 3 Originals, 3 covers and 2 brass standards. This is a great piece of Melbourne magic. These guys have seen the funk, been with the funk and will give you the funk back.

DAN WHITE ‘Now You Are Here’ (Cry Baby) 12” $20

LOCAL Whilst hardly regarded for their junglist culture, White proves the spirit is still burning down under with a fine nod to LTJ Bukem, Omni Trio or Steve Gurley in the luhs, recursive amen roll out, Precognitive Dreams, before turning his attentions to crunching late ‘90s Autechre styles with VP3, and melting out into air with the creamy pastel ambient hues of Fearless Freak.

MANTRA “Nowhere to Go (feat E-Swift & J-Ro (Tha Alkaholiks) / Rappers Duality” (ten to two records) 7” $15 – SIGNED and NUMBERED!

LOCAL Only 320 pressed, all hand numbered and signed. Featuring tracks No Where To Go (feat. E-Swift & J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks) and Rapper’s Duality. Both tracks taken from the EP Scenefour, released November 2015. Super heavy Funky neck snapping heat from MC Mantra.

LORD ECHO “Just Do You feat Mara TK” (soundly records) 12” EP $26

heavyweight KIWI soulful disco HEAT! Just Do You is the first single from underground super-producer Lord Echo’s hotly antici- pated 3rd album ‘Harmonies’. So long has it’s gestation been that it has reached a status reserved only for the mythical and the absurd. Some say it will never be finished with the album devouring its host creator and assuming a life of its own – but this first single proves other wise. Lord Echo emerges from the darkness with a gleaming diamond in his hand – a slice of pure disco dub indulgence with all the rough trimmings that have made him a cult favourite from Tokyo to Trinidad. With the real life concerns of the DJ always foremost in his mind, this 12” has something for every occasion with two different vocals and a radical excursion into the realm of left field disco dub that record collectors sweat over in feverish night dreams of cult record acquisi- tion.


This bishop’s no gold-cloaked, scepter-wielding, church figure – as the single’s this mad bit of trippy soul – with the Smith singing in a style that’s almost like Screaming Jay Hawkins – over slow-tripping funk that’s very heavy on Hammond organ, and some nicely spaced-out guitar! Even without the vocals, the instrumental side is pretty great – as it lets you focus even more on the psychedelic wah-wah guitar! (Hand numbered limited edition of 250!) Kiwi magic!


Definitely not your usual gospel single – as the cut’s got a drum break so heavy, it beats most of the secular 45s we’ve got in the racks! The heavy drums, burning Hammond, and a wah-wah guitar bring a very funky vibe to the cut – while the Rev shouts his knowledge over the top! (Hand numbered limited edition of 250!) Done by Kris Holmes of New Zealand

THE SENSATIONAL DISCIPLES / ELDER SMITH “My Own Way / His Voice” (fnr) 7” $14

Funky funky gospel – a contemporary single, but one that feels like one of those unusual soul/spiritual hybrids from the end of the 60s! There’s a raw guitar that struts out the groove at the bottom of “My Own Way” – as a lead singer trades searing vocals with the rest of the group! The flipside’s great, too – a cut that talks about the voice of god, but set to an echoey breakbeat that’s totally outta sight! (Hand numbered limited edition of 250!) More kiwi goodness!


KARATE BOOGALOO “ These Are The JB’s / The Joy Of Giving (The Drummer Some)” (Northside Records) 7” $14

RENNIE FOSTER feat MOKA ONLY ”Do IT Like Hip Hop” (mslx) 7” $16

CONSUMER WATCHDAWGZ ‘Consumer Watchdawgz’ (Butter Sessions) 12” $20

DD DUMBO ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD) LP $42

FRANK OCEAN “Endless” 2LP $35

JOHN COLTRANE “Blue Train” (blue note) $40

JOHN COLTRANE “My Favourite Things / Africa / Brass” 2LP $46

NINA SIMONE “At Newport / Forbidden Fruit” 2LP $46

ROMARE “”Love Song Pt 2” (ninja Tune) 2LP $45

SNOOP DOGG “Doggystyle” 2LP $46

TKAY MAIDZA ‘Tkay’ (Dew Process) LP $50

PEACE “Black Power” LP $48 – ZAMROCK!

NGOZI FAMILY “Day Of Judgement” LP $42 – ZAMROCK!


ABY NGANA DIOP “Liltal” LP $36


NO ZU “Afterlife” (Chapter musci) LP $26

THE FRIGHTENERS “Nothing More TO Say” (Daptone records) LP $35

SHARON JONES AND THE DAP KINGS “Miss Sharon JonesOST” (daptone records) 2LP $48

THE BUDOS BAND “III” (daptone records) LP $35

THE BUDOS BAND “Burnt Offering” (dapsone records) LP $35

NAOMI SHELTON & THE GOSPEL QUEENS “What Have YOuDone, My Brother” (dapsone records) LP $35

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB “Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall” 2LP $55


BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB “BUena Vista Social Club” 2LP $55

AFROCUBISM “afrocubism” (world circuit) 2LP $55

IDRIS MUHAMMAD “Black Rhythm Revolution” LP $34


SLUM VILLAGE “Fantastic Vol 2” 2LP $42


KENYA SPECIAL vol 2 various 2LP $55

PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH “Mecca & The Soul Brother” 2LP $48


OTIS REDDING “Sings Soul Ballads” 2LP $42

KMD “Black Bstrds” 2LP $58


KARATE BOOGALOO “ These Are The JB’s / The Joy Of Giving (The Drummer Some)” (Northside Records) 7” $14

LOCAL Australia’s first ever XMAS FUNK 45. In keeping with the classic tradition of rocking the funk over X-MAS we get to release a tribute to James Brown on the 10th Anniversary of his death. The first ever release from KARATE BOOGALOO (The Rhythm Section of the Cactus Channel) is set to scorch your speakers. With a respectful cover of the song that would introduce James and the band the boys make is super funky! Recoded in front of a live crowd this is the bomb!! The b side features an orginial song about giving! Nows the time!!! The tracks pops off on a super fun bass line. Then Hudson stretched out on the drums at the end in a Clyde show of respect. A piece of soulful Australian history. Look forward to more heat from the KB’s soon! 

In order to help you feel the Joy Of Giving we will sell them for $14 each or you can get 5 for $50 to help spread XMAS soulful joy. The first 150 will come with a commemorative sleeve. This is a release I am PROUD of….

DOING IT IN LAGOS : Boogie, Pop & Disco in Lagos in 1980’s Nigeria VARIOUS (soundway) 3LP + 7” + download + 8 [page booklet $55

Keeping their unbeaten record intact, Soundway Records present a new compilation of twenty rare and mostly unavailable tracks from the slick and sassy world of Nigerian pop music and club culture of the early 1980s. Buoyed by an explosive oil boom and a return to democracy after a series of military dictatorships, Nigeria’s economy in the years of the early ’80’s was mirrored by its recording industry as countless young artists and groups hit the airwaves and dancefloors of the capital and beyond. It was a glossy, brash new form of pop music born out of ashes of late 1970s disco and funk and, just as in America, was the soundtrack to a new generation for whom money, style and flirtation trumped the overblown psychedelia of the previous decade. Eager to sound as American as possible with no hint of the fervor for afro-beat, afro-rock and afrocentric thinking that the 1970s had thrown up, a new generation of young artists and performers turned their backs on their cultural roots in music and sought a new kind of stardom and fame firmly connected to the glossy, snazzy world of the 1980s that was erupting in the USA and Europe. The 1970s flares and cuban heels began to disappear, in their place came sleek suits, rolled-up sleeves, bow-ties, jumpsuits, leather jackets, greased hair and a firm nod in the stylistic direction of Michael Jackson.

AZIMUTH “Freedom” (far out) LP $28

Since the passing of keyboard maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami in 2012, remaining members Ivan Conti and Alex Malheiros have worked tirelessly to keep the spirit of Azymuth alive, and to continue the legacy of Bertrami’s genius. But Fênix also marks a new era as the Azymuth trio is complete once again, by special guest keyboardist Kiko Continentino. A hugely talented pianist, composer and arranger, Kiko has worked with the likes of Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil and Djavan, and the fresh energy and inspiration he has brought to the group is undeniable. The album also features Brazilian percussion legend Robertinho Silva, one of Brazil’s most important and influential players. From the disco-carnival title track to sunny jazz-funk head-nodder Orange Clouds, through to the deep-space samba Corumbá, Azymuth have drawn upon five decades of consummate craftsmanship.

JOSE MAURO “Obnoxious” (quartin /  far out)) LP $32

A firm favourite amongst a small circle of deep diggers including Madlib, Gilles Peterson, and Floating Points. Jose Mauro’s mournful and melancholic vocals create a dark, brooding atmosphere that stands in contrast to the usual joyfulness and high-spirited rhythm of the more prominent Brazilian music of the era. Despite this air of foreboding, Mauro’s confident baritones, chord patterns and sumptuous arrangements have the ability to induce in the listener an almost trance-like state of ecstasy. Mauro’s long hidden masterpiece, a complex and uniquely stunning work is being offered the chance to be heard by the wider audience it has always deserved. A second Jose Mauro release, A Viagem Des Horas, compiling more incredible tracks unreleased in Mauro’s lifetime, will follow, alongside other unreleased jewels from the Quartin catalogue, from the likes of Piri and Victor Assis Brasil…

FEELING GOOD: Funk Soul & Deep Jazz Gems: The Supreme Sound Of Producer Bob Shad various  (strut) 2LP $48

Wewantsounds is back with “Feeling Good”, a compilation of rare Spiritual Jazz and Funk grooves culled from legendary Producer Bob Shad’s Mainstream Records. Alice Clark’s cult classic “Never Did I Stop Loving You” features here alongside many gems uncovered for the first time. Working with titans such as Charlie Parker and Lightnin’ Hopkins in the 40s, founding the EmArcy jazz label in the 50s and discovering Janis Joplin in the 60s, Bob Shad has had an incredible influence. TDrenched in modal Fender Rhodes keys, spiritual sax and flute solos, deep percussions and funky beats, these albums have slowly been rediscovered by a new generation of DJs, hip hop producers and vinyl junkies. Afrique’s classic “House of the Rising Funk” and its funky wah wah frenzy to Hadley Caliman’s deep jazz Flute ode; From one of Clark Terry’s famous Mumbles (Shad produced the original with Oscar Peterson) to Jack Wilkins’ “Red Clay” sampled by both A Tribe Called Quest and Chance the Rapper. A Soul Music lover, Shad also excelled in soul divas and produced Ellerine Harding, Maxine Weldon and of course the mighty Alice Clark. Carmen McRae, one of Shad’s long time collaborators, gives a soulful, conga-led version of the classic Feelin’ Good a song made famous by Nina Simone. 

LETHERETTE “Last Night On The Planet” (ninja Tune) LP $38

Letherette return with their second album for Ninja Tune. Imbued with the duo’s signature warmth and distinctive swing, “Last Night On The Planet” is ten tracks deep and runs the gamut from hip-hop (featuring raps from Rejjie Snow and Stones Throw’s Pyramid Vritra), to straight-up four-to-the-floor house trax, uptempo ‘80s R&B-inspired dancefloor heaters, and deeper, introspective downtempo moments (blessed by Jed & Lucia of Ubiquity Records). With a wide range of RIYL artists including Lone, MCDE, Lapaluz and Flako, don’t let the street ready rap of “Momma” lull you into thinking this is gonna be a straight up hip-hop LP

RAS_G “Bakers Dozen” (fat beats) LP $42

Fat Beats Records is proud to present the fourth installment of Baker’s Dozen, an exclusive vinyl series that shines a light on the best minds of instrumental hip-hop, ambient, and electronic music. Each installment gives one artist carte blanche to capture their signature sound. This edition features Los Angeles based producer Ras_G. Every volume features one artist and twelve tracks, and comes equipped with a 5 x 7″ postcard insert that features a photo of the artist’s workspace along with the equipment used in their music-making process as well as a personal narrative of how they got into beat making in the first place. 

ODION IRUOJE “Down To Earth” (soundway) LP $48

Soundway Records are to release the only self-tiled LP released by Nigeria’s number-one producer of the 1970s and early ‘80s, ‘Sound President’ Odion Iruoje. Originally produced on his own label Odion Ltd and released in 1983, this over-looked and obscure LP was orig- inally only ever distributed in small numbers back in the early 1980s. Iruoje is credited as being the man who signed Fela Kuti to EMI Nigeria and produced all of Fela’s revolutionary early material from 1970-73. Part disco, part Nigerian rap, Afro-funk & Juju it’s a unique and at times eccentric blend of Nigerian music that certainly deserves another look after all these years. 

SIDIKU BUARI “Anokwar” (truth) (soundway) 12” $26

Ghanaian Afro funk and Boogie from Sidiku Buari is the focus of the next Soundway 12″. On the A side a classic Ghana style afro funk cut recorded at Ghana Film Studios has a characteristic Lo-Fi sound led by George Amissah’s (Ebo Taylor, K. Frimpong, Uhuru Dance Band) trademark sax over a squelchy synth and drum groove. The two tracks are taken from an obscure 12″ release from 1983 that unfortunately had a pressing defect on “Anokwar”, so with some twiddling and editing Hide & Smile have restored it ready for some overdue dance-floor use once again.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END “Funky Nassau” (alston) LP $25

Seminal early 70’s Bahamian Funk of the highest order! The debut LP from the Munnings brothers legendary outfit. “Funky Nassau” is one of the most sought after Soul/Funk records ever with it’s highly original blend of US black music styles and Bahamian roots. A very famous band in their native Nassau, the group only had 2 full length albums under their belts along with a slew of 45 singles but have managed to stamp their name on the ears and minds of record lovers since they first burst onto the scene. The obvious track to reference here is the title track “Funky Nassau” a breakbeat fuelled monster dance cut that has supplied hungry samplers with sounds for decades (everyone from The Prodigy & The Roots among those who have used the cavernous drum break!), the rest of this excellent LP also includes the amazing Funk of “Come Down” and a whole host of other brilliant sun-drenched tracks.

SEKUOIA ‘Trips’ (Up My Alley) 12” $20

Sekuoia’s debut EP from 2012, remastered and with new artwork. Music that effortlessly bridges ambient, hip hop and electronica.

MIEUX ‘Neufant’ (Up My Alley) 12” $20

Vienna duo Mieux’s debut EP entitled “Neufant”. Whilst the 4 tracks on “Neufant” still showcase a level of thought-through arrangement skills and advanced musicianship they just don’t allow the head to take the steering wheel at any time. Feet first.
Drawing influences from house, juke and current UK Bass Music this EP carries a very unique musical vision – Next level club music that even grows on your home stereo, if you will.

MIEUX ‘Neufant – The Remixes’ (Up My Alley) 12” $20

Mieux’s debut EP ‘Neufant’ gets the remix treatment by Athens based production duo We Sink, Copenhagen’s latest sensation Sekuoia, London’s own Kelpe and last but not least HADE from Cologne, all delivering outstanding and forward thinking takes on the already smashing originals released on UpMyAlley.

JOHN SCOTT “SATANS SLAVE OST” (moscovitch music) LP $28

This Holy Grail/black magic British jazz soundtrack from 1976 is the most requested movie score of cult film composer and top English jazz flautist & saxophonist JOHN SCOTT. This is an essential album for fans of rare library music and horror soundtracks! Satan’s Slave’ is the latest release from Moscovitch Music (Terror/Prey), the brainchild of producer/compiler Joel Martin (Quiet Village/Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold/Maxxi & Zeus) whose ‘de Wolfe Music’ compilations ‘Bite Hard/Bite Harder’ are considered essential primers of the library genre.

THE JOHNNY SCOTT QUINTET “FRAGMENT OST” (moscovitch music) 7” $15

The 7-song score to cult horror movie director NORMAN J. WARREN’s unique 11-minute short, this is of unheard British jazz from the 60’s.

RENNIE FOSTER feat MOKA ONLY ”Do IT Like Hip Hop” (mslx) 7” $16

Canada’s Rennie Foster isn’t afraid to break new ground – he’s already bravely pushed saxophone acid for example. Here he’s moved on to retro hip-house, with the classic mix of “Do It Like Hip Hop” fusing 90s organ-bass house (think Robin S) with vintage interview clips of rappers explaining themselves. It’s a potent mix that lends itself to a more thoughtful dancefloor experience. Electro-house producer Spiltmilk, rolls up with a stripped back 4/4 version with some pretty squelchy low-end.


SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “Dap Dippin With” (daptone Records) LP $35

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “Naturally” (daptone Records) LP $35

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “Soul Time” (daptone Records) LP $35

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “Give the People What They Want” (daptone Records) LP $35

CHARLES BRADLEY “No TIme For Dreaming” (Daptone) LP $35

CHARLES BRADLEY “Victim Of Love” (daptone) LP $35

THE OLYMPIANS “The Olympians” (dapsone) LP $35

THE FRIGHTNRS “Nothing More To Say” (daptone) LP $35

AMY WINEHOUSE “Back To Back” (universal) LP $42
BADBADNOTGOOD “IV” (innovative leisure) 2LP $42
COMMON “Resurrection” LP $30
CONSUMER WATCHDAWGZ ‘Consumer Watchdawgz’ (Butter Sessions) 12” $20
CYMANDE “Cymande” (janus) LP $30
DD DUMBO ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD) LP $42
DIAMOND D & THE PSYCHOTIC NEUROTICS “Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop” (mercury) 2LP $35
ELZA SOARES “The Woman At The End Of The World” (maisum records)) LP $34
EMMA DONOVAN & THE PUTBACKS “Dawn” (hope street Records) LP $28 LOCAL HEAT!
FRANK OCEAN “Unreleased, MISC. Vol. 2” 2LP $38
J DILLA “Donuts” (stones throw) 2LP $42 – smile cover
JACKY WINTER “Jacky Winter double EP” (Very Rare Animals) LP $28
JAYLIB “Champion Sound” (Stones throw) 2LP $42
JOHN COLTRANE “Blue Train” (blue note) $40
KNOWLEDGE “Anthology” (stones throw) 2LP $45
LORD FINESSE & DJ MIKE SMOOTH “Funky Technician” (wild pitch) LP $30
MARVIN GAYE “Whats Going On” (motown) LP $30
MIGUEL DE DEUS “Black Soul Brothers” (groove Records) LP $45
MILTON WRIGHT “Spaced” (alston) LP $25
ROMARE “”Love Song Pt 2” (ninja Tune) 2LP $45
SHAPESHIFTER ‘Stars’ (Art Inc) 2LP $42
SKULL SNAPS “Skull Snaps” (gsf) LP $30
SNOOP DOGG “Doggystlye” 2LP $46
STEVIE WONDER “Talking Book” (motown) LP $30
THE BABY HUEY STORY ‘The Living Legend” (curtom) LP $35
THE METERS “Look-Ka PyPy” (josie) LP $35
THE ROY AYERS UBIQUITY “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (polydor) LP $30 – yellow vinyl
TKAY MAIDZA ‘Tkay’ (Dew Process) LP $50


JACKIE WINTER “Jackie Winter double EP” (Very Rare Animals) LP $28

LOCAL ‘No rules, my friends, my money’ is how Melbourne’s Phil Gionfriddo AKA JACKY WINTER went about making his self-titled 2nd LP. Released digitally as a pair of EPs – ‘The Nails’ and ‘Every Bump’, this 12” comprises a body of sideways Dancefloor jams that took Winter to Manhattan six times to work with producer Matt Verta-Ray (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). Breakbeat at it’s core it bounces pure pop exploration against the lifetime of a twisted guitarist, drive radio DJ and pub cleaner. Bored with singers who hide behind their instruments and electronic artists that wilt under the fog of laptop reverb, Winter turned lead singer with a skinny microphone, MPC2500 and a massive bass stack to throw it. Hugely popular on 3RRR and PBS FM, tracks feature collaborations with GL’s Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson, Dorsal Fins’ Liam McGorry and Jarrad Brown, Spinning Rooms’ Pete Dickinson, Amy Franz of Super Wild Horses and Dirtbombs’ Mick Collins. Released on NYC’s Very Rare Animals, the LP comes gatefold with download card, incredible watercolours by revered American pop-artist Mark Mulroney and is limited worldwide to 300 copies. It’s got hip hop in its veins!

THE TRAFFIC “Bangarang / Fire” (Choi Records) 7” $16

LOCAL repress! The Debut release from Choi Records is a funk 45 by brand new Australian band, The Traffic, which includes of some of Melbourne’s best players. A brainstorm band brought together by producer/drummer Ivan Khatchoyan (Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Mayfield) The band was recorded/mixed/produced in Melbourne Australia at Choi Production Studios FTG. over 2-3 weeks. The result is a stompin 45 with two great covers played instrumental style. Side A is Fire by Jimi Hendrix. A Classic reformed to become a BBoy style funk epic dance off number. Side B is the awesome Bangarang By Skrillex done in a funk/dance groove and captures the essence of this hard hitting track.

THE TRAFFIC “White Lines / Smack My Pitch Up” (Choi Records) 7” $16

LOCAL repress! Choi Records second installment of funk from The Traffic takes on 2 great covers by ground breaking ol skool artist Grandmaster Flash and the dark big-beat specialists The Prodigy. The Traffic are a brainstorm band brought together by producer/drummer Ivan Khatchoyan (Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Mayfield) The band was recorded/mixed/produced/mastered in Melbourne Australia at Choi Production Studios FTG. over the course of the year. The result is a stompin 45 with two great covers played instrumental style.

Side A is White Lines by Grandmaster Flash. Another ol skool hip-hop groundbreaking dance number from 1983 transformed instrumentally to be a hard-funk Bboy track.

Side B is the hard hitting Smack My Pitch Up(slight name change :)) by none other than the legendary big beats of the Prodigy.

GATOR BOOTS ‘Gator Boots Vol. 7 INXXXWEL’ (Soul Clap) $20

LOCAL Fresh housed up edits from local producer Inkswel. Limited copies!

SHAPESHIFTER ‘Stars’ (Art Inc) 2LP $42

Shapeshifter NZ solidify their out-of-this-world status with their sixth studio album Stars, out now!Melding a progressive bass music approach with their definitive core elements – hypnotic electronic textures, barreling backbeats and the driving vocals of P Digsss – Stars pushes their stadium-sized sound to new heights. Recorded between their New Brighton and Auckland studios, Shapeshifter NZ spent six months writing tunes and ideas before setting down the album at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios with The Upbeats’ Dylan Jones and Jeremy Glenn. That interstellar result includes a tracklisting of 11 expertly crafted tunes – tracks which travel between the summer-time anthem of lead single ‘Stars’ and the cosmic craftings of ‘Her’, to the driving dance anthem ‘Eternal’ and darker corners of ‘Ex Machina’. It’s cohesive collection which blends their signature heavy soul and explosive drum ‘n bass sound, all the while exploring space-sized synths and electric, energetic, genre-defying avenues. Their first album since the platinum selling Delta in 2013 – a release that also bore platinum single ‘In Colour’ – Stars marks the welcome return of one of New Zealand’s finest.

TKAY MAIDZA ‘Tkay’ (Dew Process) LP $50

LOCAL Tkay Maidza burst onto the electronic music scene in 2014 with her debut EP Switch Tape. The Australian singer/rapper earned comparisons to established artists like MIA and Banks upon its release, and the singles “Switch Lanes” and “MOB” both made strong impressions on the charts. Maidza was born in Zimbabwe, but she and her family moved to Adelaide, Australia when she was five. She went on to study architecture at the University of South Australia, but quit her studies to become a full-time musician. She was only 17 when she released her debut single, “Brontosaurus,” after taking part in an artists’ development program in Adelaide. Following on from the success of Switch Tape, Maidza set about recording her debut long-player. The lead single, “Carry On,” appeared in 2016 and featured Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike.

DD DUMBO ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD) LP $42

LOCAL Sprawling, funky, ambitious—D.D Dumbo is a pop outcast with serious wanderlust. That the Castlemaine resident (real name: Oliver Perry) can plunge you into kaleidoscopic daydreams (“In the Water”, “Toxic City”) as easily he can make your backbone slide (“Satan”, “Walrus”) speaks to his abilities. Fluent in multiple styles and instruments, Utopia Defeated moves with confident ease and grace—the work of a restless perfectionist searching for, and finding, the perfect sound in his head.

JOHN COLTRANE ‘A Love Supreme’ (Impulse!) LP $34

ESSENTIAL reissue of a VERY important record. Spiritual jazz starts here.

BEASTIE BOYS, THE ‘Ill Communication’ (Capitol) 2LP $46

By 1994 the Beasties had settled into their cultural role as the grand arbiters of cool, and Ill Communication is pretty much a catalog of coolness: live funk, a bit of hardcore, ingenious samples of obscure records, keyboards by analogue master Money Mark, guest shots by Q-Tip and Biz Markie, MCA’s cop-show metal number “Sabotage,” and the inevitable cascade of witty old-school rhymes. But it’s also a surprisingly mature record from a band that had, after all, been at it for 12 years already. The original jazz-funk instrumentals hold their own with the group’s favorite sample sources.

CONSUMER WATCHDAWGZ ‘Consumer Watchdawgz’ (Butter Sessions) 12” $20

LOCAL Our milestone tenth release brings the worldwide debut of Consumer Watchdawgz, a collaboration between two mysterious figures from down under. Experience a techno expedition to the dry waves of the central desert and moist air in the eastern tropics, featuring dubbed out forward thinking rhythms and other-worldly electronics, for earth people!

GALIX presents “Broken Heart” (a broken heart shaped thumb drive on a chain in a velvet bag) $15

LOCAL it contains 2 mixes from GALIX featuring tracks from Micah Levi, Quiet Village, Arthur Russell & Kane Ikin. 100 only! Good/silver

A.B. ORIGINAL “Reclaim Australia” (Bad Apples Music) 2LP $42

LOCAL landmark album. Thats right, this is a significant cultural work of art! A Brash, tough, funky wake up to white Australia that things are not OK down under. This is an important release in our nations history. Working hand in hand with the radio station JJJ that helps promote them, this is a scream that January the 26th is NOT a day to party (The Hottest 100). CHANGE GONNA COME baby! This will make it happen. To the music. It is hip hop that is resonating with the people charting on iTunes (#2) and drawing on the American West Coast funky sound of protest that NWA began in the early nineties this is an up to date manifesto. Guests used are legends Guilty Simpson and King T and the local legends Dan Sultan, Caiti Baker, Thelma Plum, Hau, Gurrumul and the the mostness of ARCHIE ROACH. This album will start more discussions than it will end. Very limited pressing. With beautiful textured gatefold vinyl. WOW.

DORSAL FINS ‘Digital Zodiac’ (Remote Control) LP $35

LOCAL Dorsal Fins have released their new album Digital Zodiac, the songs on Digital Zodiac feel born of the