JACKIE WINTER “Jackie Winter double EP” (Very Rare Animals) LP $28

LOCAL ‘No rules, my friends, my money’ is how Melbourne’s Phil Gionfriddo AKA JACKY WINTER went about making his self-titled 2nd LP. Released digitally as a pair of EPs – ‘The Nails’ and ‘Every Bump’, this 12” comprises a body of sideways Dancefloor jams that took Winter to Manhattan six times to work with producer Matt Verta-Ray (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). Breakbeat at it’s core it bounces pure pop exploration against the lifetime of a twisted guitarist, drive radio DJ and pub cleaner. Bored with singers who hide behind their instruments and electronic artists that wilt under the fog of laptop reverb, Winter turned lead singer with a skinny microphone, MPC2500 and a massive bass stack to throw it. Hugely popular on 3RRR and PBS FM, tracks feature collaborations with GL’s Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson, Dorsal Fins’ Liam McGorry and Jarrad Brown, Spinning Rooms’ Pete Dickinson, Amy Franz of Super Wild Horses and Dirtbombs’ Mick Collins. Released on NYC’s Very Rare Animals, the LP comes gatefold with download card, incredible watercolours by revered American pop-artist Mark Mulroney and is limited worldwide to 300 copies. It’s got hip hop in its veins!

THE TRAFFIC “Bangarang / Fire” (Choi Records) 7” $16

LOCAL repress! The Debut release from Choi Records is a funk 45 by brand new Australian band, The Traffic, which includes of some of Melbourne’s best players. A brainstorm band brought together by producer/drummer Ivan Khatchoyan (Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Mayfield) The band was recorded/mixed/produced in Melbourne Australia at Choi Production Studios FTG. over 2-3 weeks. The result is a stompin 45 with two great covers played instrumental style. Side A is Fire by Jimi Hendrix. A Classic reformed to become a BBoy style funk epic dance off number. Side B is the awesome Bangarang By Skrillex done in a funk/dance groove and captures the essence of this hard hitting track.

THE TRAFFIC “White Lines / Smack My Pitch Up” (Choi Records) 7” $16

LOCAL repress! Choi Records second installment of funk from The Traffic takes on 2 great covers by ground breaking ol skool artist Grandmaster Flash and the dark big-beat specialists The Prodigy. The Traffic are a brainstorm band brought together by producer/drummer Ivan Khatchoyan (Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Mayfield) The band was recorded/mixed/produced/mastered in Melbourne Australia at Choi Production Studios FTG. over the course of the year. The result is a stompin 45 with two great covers played instrumental style.

Side A is White Lines by Grandmaster Flash. Another ol skool hip-hop groundbreaking dance number from 1983 transformed instrumentally to be a hard-funk Bboy track.

Side B is the hard hitting Smack My Pitch Up(slight name change :)) by none other than the legendary big beats of the Prodigy.

GATOR BOOTS ‘Gator Boots Vol. 7 INXXXWEL’ (Soul Clap) $20

LOCAL Fresh housed up edits from local producer Inkswel. Limited copies!

SHAPESHIFTER ‘Stars’ (Art Inc) 2LP $42

Shapeshifter NZ solidify their out-of-this-world status with their sixth studio album Stars, out now!Melding a progressive bass music approach with their definitive core elements – hypnotic electronic textures, barreling backbeats and the driving vocals of P Digsss – Stars pushes their stadium-sized sound to new heights. Recorded between their New Brighton and Auckland studios, Shapeshifter NZ spent six months writing tunes and ideas before setting down the album at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios with The Upbeats’ Dylan Jones and Jeremy Glenn. That interstellar result includes a tracklisting of 11 expertly crafted tunes – tracks which travel between the summer-time anthem of lead single ‘Stars’ and the cosmic craftings of ‘Her’, to the driving dance anthem ‘Eternal’ and darker corners of ‘Ex Machina’. It’s cohesive collection which blends their signature heavy soul and explosive drum ‘n bass sound, all the while exploring space-sized synths and electric, energetic, genre-defying avenues. Their first album since the platinum selling Delta in 2013 – a release that also bore platinum single ‘In Colour’ – Stars marks the welcome return of one of New Zealand’s finest.

TKAY MAIDZA ‘Tkay’ (Dew Process) LP $50

LOCAL Tkay Maidza burst onto the electronic music scene in 2014 with her debut EP Switch Tape. The Australian singer/rapper earned comparisons to established artists like MIA and Banks upon its release, and the singles “Switch Lanes” and “MOB” both made strong impressions on the charts. Maidza was born in Zimbabwe, but she and her family moved to Adelaide, Australia when she was five. She went on to study architecture at the University of South Australia, but quit her studies to become a full-time musician. She was only 17 when she released her debut single, “Brontosaurus,” after taking part in an artists’ development program in Adelaide. Following on from the success of Switch Tape, Maidza set about recording her debut long-player. The lead single, “Carry On,” appeared in 2016 and featured Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike.

DD DUMBO ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD) LP $42

LOCAL Sprawling, funky, ambitious—D.D Dumbo is a pop outcast with serious wanderlust. That the Castlemaine resident (real name: Oliver Perry) can plunge you into kaleidoscopic daydreams (“In the Water”, “Toxic City”) as easily he can make your backbone slide (“Satan”, “Walrus”) speaks to his abilities. Fluent in multiple styles and instruments, Utopia Defeated moves with confident ease and grace—the work of a restless perfectionist searching for, and finding, the perfect sound in his head.

JOHN COLTRANE ‘A Love Supreme’ (Impulse!) LP $34

ESSENTIAL reissue of a VERY important record. Spiritual jazz starts here.

BEASTIE BOYS, THE ‘Ill Communication’ (Capitol) 2LP $46

By 1994 the Beasties had settled into their cultural role as the grand arbiters of cool, and Ill Communication is pretty much a catalog of coolness: live funk, a bit of hardcore, ingenious samples of obscure records, keyboards by analogue master Money Mark, guest shots by Q-Tip and Biz Markie, MCA’s cop-show metal number “Sabotage,” and the inevitable cascade of witty old-school rhymes. But it’s also a surprisingly mature record from a band that had, after all, been at it for 12 years already. The original jazz-funk instrumentals hold their own with the group’s favorite sample sources.

CONSUMER WATCHDAWGZ ‘Consumer Watchdawgz’ (Butter Sessions) 12” $20

LOCAL Our milestone tenth release brings the worldwide debut of Consumer Watchdawgz, a collaboration between two mysterious figures from down under. Experience a techno expedition to the dry waves of the central desert and moist air in the eastern tropics, featuring dubbed out forward thinking rhythms and other-worldly electronics, for earth people!

GALIX presents “Broken Heart” (a broken heart shaped thumb drive on a chain in a velvet bag) $15

LOCAL it contains 2 mixes from GALIX featuring tracks from Micah Levi, Quiet Village, Arthur Russell & Kane Ikin. 100 only! Good/silver

A.B. ORIGINAL “Reclaim Australia” (Bad Apples Music) 2LP $42

LOCAL landmark album. Thats right, this is a significant cultural work of art! A Brash, tough, funky wake up to white Australia that things are not OK down under. This is an important release in our nations history. Working hand in hand with the radio station JJJ that helps promote them, this is a scream that January the 26th is NOT a day to party (The Hottest 100). CHANGE GONNA COME baby! This will make it happen. To the music. It is hip hop that is resonating with the people charting on iTunes (#2) and drawing on the American West Coast funky sound of protest that NWA began in the early nineties this is an up to date manifesto. Guests used are legends Guilty Simpson and King T and the local legends Dan Sultan, Caiti Baker, Thelma Plum, Hau, Gurrumul and the the mostness of ARCHIE ROACH. This album will start more discussions than it will end. Very limited pressing. With beautiful textured gatefold vinyl. WOW.

DORSAL FINS ‘Digital Zodiac’ (Remote Control) LP $35

LOCAL Dorsal Fins have released their new album Digital Zodiac, the songs on Digital Zodiac feel born of the kind of musical collaboration that can only be described as joyous: at turns frenetic, laconic, overblown and understated. Digital Zodiac is a decidedly more laid-back affair than its predecessor, 2015’s Mind Renovation. When asked how he manages to keep cohesion on a record so full of musical ideas, Liam McGorry warns, “It’s not graceful. Throw it at the wall and see what sticks.” For a band that is adored for its eclecticism, finding a characteristic that unites each song from Digital Zodiac might seem difficult, but there is no doubt that what defines this record is its sense of wholeness. To say it sounds like a well-maintained machine denies the album of its visceral, human flourishes, but the moving parts within Digital Zodiac function so harmoniously that there’s something stunning about their mechanics — it truly sounds like nine moving as one.

BOJASS “Invisible Desert” (Poorboy Records) LP $50

LOCAL Be transported to a place behind the nothingness, beyond the unimagining, amongst the weeds of forever. Bohjass is Tim Pledger’s longest running band. Bohjass began in 1986 as a trio called Bohemian Jazz. They keep the freak flag flying for more freaky jazz coming straight outta 3070. Thats Northcote, this time. Wild head trip jazzzzzz that starts you at the fire then sends you off into tomorrow. Driven by two drummers and two other percussionists this is a pulsing jazz jam. With spiritual groove at the forefront of the mind, get on board.

SCRAPS “Think” (Moontown Records) EP $23

LOCAL TTNIK (pronounced Titanic) is her latest full length, its a hard one to pin down – Call it club music with luscious cosmic sunburn ~ Addictive, playful and sludgy synth pop that works just as well in a club setting as it does booming through the walls of a dilapidated weatherboard queenslander on a steamy afternoon. It is an absolute pleasure and honour to be releasing SCRAPS latest album TTNIK through Moontown ~ We hope you enjoy just as much as we do. “The synthpop of Brisbane’s Scraps (Laura Hill) is described by her US label Not Not Fun as “alienated karaoke”. It’s spot on. She is both solo and solitary sounding, making music to dance to, despondently.

BRAND NUBIAN “One For All” (Elektra) 2LP$48

Pure greatness from Brand Nubian at their early best! The Nubes’ have made a handful of solid-to-great albums, but none could top this essential debut. Grand Puba, Sadat X and Lord Jamar are on point with the politicized rhymes over classic early 90s jazzed up, funky beats, built from now well known breaks – and truly raising the bar for classic east coast production.


Adrian Younge calls The Electronique Void an academic album, by which he means it is both instructional and informational. The science of love, its formulas and if-then constraints, causal relationships and observable properties, is best taught experientially, but learning it hurts so, so bad. Music, especially electronic music, reliant as it is on abstraction and unrepentant as it is about hijacking your physiological responses to tempo and rhythm and dynamics, is a way to get there without going through it. Electronic music as practiced and developed by pioneers like Dick Hyman and Raymond Scott and Wendy Carlos is precise and intentional. In making his first electronic album, Younge took his cues from them, reminding a contemporary audience what a synthesizer, deep in its heart, really could be.

KARRIEM “I Love You” (Pashlo) 12” $20

Many hardened disco diggers have long dreamed of finding a copy of Karriem’s super-sweet 1979 single, “I Love You”. It has a reputation for being one of the harder disco records to find, with copies of the original Pashlo Records release changing hands for serious sums online. Happily, Favorite Recordings has gone to the trouble of licensing it, offering this re-issue in replica artwork (complete with lyrics on the back sleeve). “I Love You” itself is near perfect, with Karriem’s fine vocals and killer electric piano solos riding a loose disco groove full of clipped guitars and rich percussion. Like the original 12″, this version boasts the superior extended mix, and a tighter edited version.

VARIOUS “Mr Bongo Record Club Vol.1” (Mr Bongo) 2LP $38

The first instalment in our new ‘Mr Bongo Record Club’ compilation series – a selection of favourites, recent discoveries and sought after obscurities, which form the basis of our DJ sets and our radio show of the same name. Including cuts by Claudia, Cortex, Dave Pike Set, Fruko, Neno Exporta Som, Connie Laverne, Barbosa and more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

VARIOUS “Ivore Promotion EP” (Sofrito) 12” $20

A double shot of vital Soukous / Coupé Décalé hybrids out of Abidjan & Paris – available on 12″ vinyl. A Side: “Nassima” is a deep hybrid of Soukous and Highlife, recorded in Abidjan in 1975 by the mysterious Bazaré D. Pablo. Thumping percussion, intricate guitar, ethereal vocals and a solid bassline add up to a perennial Sofrito classic that never fails. B Side: Atalaku 8 – a Paris-based Ivoirien/Congolese group operating out of the legendary Kos studio – lay down a seriously funky house-tempo Coupé Décalé track, topped off with a Siwo dub.

VARIOUS “Haiti Direct EP ” (Sofrito) 12” $20

Hypnotic Carnival rhythms, DIY electro and Compas experiments from Haiti… Claudette & Ti Pierre’s 1979 version of the folk song ‘Zanmi Camarade’ jumps straight out of leftfield. Haunting vocals are accompanied by a heavy drum machine and arpeggiated synth backing for a Kraftwerk-in-Port-au-Prince vibe. Stockholm’s Tropical Treats crew give the track the subtle edit treatment, bringing out the bass and rounding off the sound. Ti Marcel‘s rugged, hypnotic Rara track ‘Nan Point La Vie‘ is dominated by the single-note ‘Vaksin’ bamboo flute – nature’s sub-bass – and comes to life with Siwo‘s one-take drum machine update, a serious carnival mover. On the B-side the Ibo Combo cover Coupé Cloué’s evergreen ‘Mateau’, adding beautiful horn arrangements to the acoustic original for a masterclass in the Mini Jazz sound. Les Loups Noirs offer up ‘Pile ou Face’ (heads or tails), an unhinged slice of psychedelic compas, replete with swirling organs, screeching vocals and a heavy bassline.

ROMARE ‘Love Songs Part Two’ (Ninja Tune) 2LP $45

The results are as varied as they are electrifying. First single ‘Who Loves You?’ starts with a hard four-to-the-floor, a tight swirl of strings and the kind of b-line which recalls the greatest moments of punk-funk. ‘Come Close To Me’ has the sort of unquantized swing which Theo Parrish would be proud of. ‘Je T’Aime’ comes on as if disco had been invented by the Irish. ‘L.U.V.’ takes a moment of unalloyed beauty and then resolves into a lowdown groove, a kind of unlatched funk which will set pants swinging. ‘All Night’ is a good-time floorfiller. Album closer ‘My Last Affair’ is swinging, slinky and trippy by turns. ‘Honey’ builds from a kind of nursery rhyme simplicity into a psychedelic hymn. All of this packaged with beautiful artwork drawn by Fairhurst himself.“I’ve tried to cover different areas,” Fairhurst explains, “from sexual urges to tender first encounters, from affairs to the questioning of one’s love.” Whatever Romare does, though, it’s held together by his own unique aesthetic, a sonic signature which stamps everything he does as his and his alone.

VARIOUS ‘80s Groove: Original 12” Mixes’ (Rhino) 2LP $44

The 12” DANCE series is dedicated to showcasing the finest rare original 12” remixes and extended versions of crowd-pleasing, floor-filling classics. From the Disco, Soul, Rare Groove and Funk mixes of the 70’s, to the Groove, Hip Hop/Electro & Techno/House of the 80’s and the Acid Jazz, Indie, R&B, Rap & Club/House of the 90’s, 12” DANCE will deliver a lovingly curated selection of both the commercial big hitters and the underground cult club classics! This 2LP collection presents the finest in soul, funk, disco and jazz-funk mixes of the era, from feel-good old school classics to dance-floor anthems to underground club classics featuring artists such as Gwen McCrae, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Jocelyn Brown, Sister Sledge and many more…

NICOLAS JAAR ‘Sirens’ (Other People) LP $42

LIMITED EDITION VINYL features white scratch-off ink and a 25 cent piece cased in a plastic outer sleeve. Each copy will be unique, as the quarter will move around the plastic sleeve in transit creating its own pattern. This is intentional, so any scratches that appear on the front cover when the vinyl arrives is a result of this. Sirens is the highly anticipated second full-length LP from Nicholas Jaar, the Chilean-born electronic music producer, mixing engineer and DJ. A prolific artist with a wide palette of talents, Jaar spent his teenage years in dance music circles in New York City, where he now resides. In 2011, he released his debut album, the critically-acclaimed Space is Only Noise. In 2012, he was contributed to BBC Radio 1’s prestigious ‘Essential Mix’ series, winning ‘Essential Mix of the Year’ In 2013, Matador released the debut album from Darkside, Jaar’s project with his friend Dave Harrington. The band toured the record with a giant, rotating circular mirror, with key performances at Primavera Sound and Coachella. Other notable projects by Jaar include From Scratch, a live concept first developed for MOMA PS1, Pomegranates, an ambient record and alternate soundtrack to the Armenian film The Colour of Pomegranates, and the original soundtrack for´Dheepan, a thriller by the French filmmaker Jacque Audiard about a family of Sri Lankan refugees living in the suburbs of Paris. Dheepan won the Palme D’Or at Cannes in 2015. Jaar is the founder of the New York based imprint Other People, releasing music and spoken word by a diverse group of artists ranging from Lydia lunchto Ezekiel Honig.

JOHN BARRY “WALKABOUT ost” (Roundtable) LP $38

LOCAL A lost paradise, a lost innocence, and a lost culture; these are the dominant themes presented in Nicolas Roeg’s 1971 masterpiece Walkabout, a survival story of two children lost in the scorched Australian wilderness. Together with other seminal Australian surrealistic outback films, (e.g. Wake In Fright) Walkabout was a film that reshaped the Australian film industry and defined the country’s New Wave. On the cusp of the film’s 45th anniversary it is pertinent to observe that the film’s original soundtrack has also been considered lost. Composed and conducted by the acclaimed British film composer John Barry, the score is a hallucinogenic mix of exotic romanticism, children’s nursery rhyme and potent psychedelic experimentation. For decades, the consensus among soundtrack circles was that the master tapes were officially missing with little chance that the music would ever see a legitimate release, but The Roundtable is pleased to announce that this is no longer the case. The complete soundtrack to one of cinema history’s most visually spellbinding films has now finally been re-discovered, sourced from the original stereo master tapes and prepared to the guidelines of the original ill-fated 1970s LP release.

CHARLES WAIN “THE LAST WAVE ost” (Roundtable) LP $38

LOCAL The Last Wave (also known as Black Rain in the US) was the final chapter in a trilogy of films scripted and directed by the leading auteur of the Australian New Wave, Peter Weir. Beginning in 1974 with the absurdist black comedy-horror The Cars That Ate Paris, and followed a year later by the lush gothic mystery Picnic At Hanging Rock, The Last Wave was a landmark in existential horror. Sitting alongside other Australian eco-terror films (e.g. Long Weekend) the film featured a haunting electronic soundtrack that is as mysterious and beguiling as the spiritual themes of the film itself. With no LP issued after the film’s premiere in 1977, and together with the mystery surrounding the true identity of its enigmatic composer ‘Charles Wain’, the score is a largely unheard recording of pioneering experimental film electronics, easily compared to the music that contemporaries Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream were composing for Australian films during the same period or the electronic soundtracks of John Carpenter. Tense atonal electronics, synthesizer drones and m anipulated Didjeridu all perfectly capture the film’s ominous atmosphere, punctuating the slow hypnotic pace of this brooding supernatural thriller.

PINK FLOYD “The Dark Side Of The Moon” (pinkfloyd) LP $42

Pink Floyd’s 1973 commercial breakthrough album needs no introduction. Lush, immaculate production augments the slow, atmospheric soundscapes of neo-psychedelic rock to jazz fusion and blues-rock. And now it’s better. Originally released in 1973, The Dark Side of The Moon became Pink Floyd’s first #1 album in the U.S., remaining on the chart for 741 weeks between 1973 and 1988. One of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed albums of all time, The Dark Side of The Moon also introduced the simple and bold iconic album cover artwork by Hipgnosis, which features a prism representing the band’s stage lighting. Cut by expert cutting engineer Doug Sax and overseen by James Guthrie for the best sound possible! Comes with TWO massive posters!!!!


NAP WRAPZ – Silent Jay “The Wraptape” – oh yes. Silent Jay has his own ROLLING PAPPERS. Now you a superstar man!

THE OPERATIVES label papers, to let people know which side of the dance floor you prefer….

$5 each…


BADBADNOTGOOD ‘III’ (Innovative Leisure) 2LP $42

BADBADNOTGOOD & GHOSTFACE KILLAH “Sour Soul Instrumentals” (Lex) LP $34

BEASTIE BOYS, THE “The In Sound From Way Out” (grand royale) 2LP $38

BETTY DAVIS ‘The Columbia Years 1968-1969’ (LITA) LP $55

CHAP ONE “Strange Frequencies” (Chap) LP $30 – LOCAL HIP HOP

CHAP ONE & DURBAN POISON “Future History” (chap) LP $30 LOCAL HIP HOP

COURTNEY BARNETT ‘Sometimes I Sit And Think…’ (Milk) LP $32

DINOSAUR L “24 -> 24 Music” (Sleeping Bag) LP $38

DRAKE “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” (Cash Money) LP $52

DRAKE “Views” (Cash Money) LP $52

DRAKE & FUTURE “What A Time To Be Alive” (Epic) LP $48

FADOUL “Al ZmanSaib” (habibi Funk) LP $34

FAT FREDDYS DROP ‘Blackbird’ (The Drop) 2LP $30

FRANK OCEAN “Channel Orange” LP $35

FREDDIE GIBBS & MADLIB “Pinata” (Stones Throw) LP $48

GENIUS/GZA “Liquid Swords” (Universal) LP $42

JOHN COLTRANE “Blue Train” (Not Now) LP $38

JOHN MORALES “The M&M Mixes” (BBE) LP $35

JURASSIC 5 “Quality Control” (Get On Down) LP $52

KANYE WEST “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” LP $35

KAYTRANADA ’99.9%’ (XL) 2LP $45

KERBSIDE COLLECTION “Trash OR Treasure REMIXED” (legere) 12” $30

KON AND AMIR “Vol.1: The Bronx” (BBE) LP $35

LEE PERRY “BLackboard Jungle Dub” LP $

MADVILLAIN “Madvilliany” (Stones Throw) LP $42

MADVILLAN “Madvillany” (Stones throw) 2LP $42

MASSIVE ATTACK “The Spoils” (Virgin) LP $42

OL DIRTY BASTARD “Return To The 36 Chambers” (Elektra) LP $42

SERGE GAINSBOURG ‘Histoire De Melody Nelson’ (LITA) LP $42

TALL BLACK GUY “I Will Never Know” (first word) 7” $12

TALL BLACK GUY “Take A Trip” (first word) 2LP $40

NECKS, THE “Mindset” (Fish Of Milk) LP $32

UPSETTERS “Blackboard Jungle Dub” (CTR) LP $34

VARIOUS “Black Rio 2” (Strut) $38

VARIOUS “Sky Girl” (Efficient Space) LP $30


KERBSIDE COLLECTION “Trash OR Treasure REMIXED” (legere) 12” $30

LOCAL Aussie rare groove ensemble Kerbside Collection’s second album of instrumental funk and jazz grooves Trash Or Treasure (released May 2015) gets the remix, rework and re-use treatment with a variety of re-interpretations with everything from downtempo hip- hop/neo-soul and dusty analogue lounge beats, to fuzzy, Balearic electronic club workouts and even some broken beat flavours. Kicking off this limited edition 12 vinyl, AV artist/DJ/Producer Sampology lights up the sitar disco vibes of Strawberry Fields taking the track into sizzling Balearic, club work-out territory with added afro percussion, squelchy wobbles and effects; perfect for summer festivals and hazy end-of-night vibes. Vinnie Laduce’s follows with his cruisy vocoder and lo-fi indie beats reconstruction of Shake ‘n’ Bake, while another local Brisbane producer TwoDee (who also appears on Mind the Curb remixed) delivers an eighties, electro break flavoured re-work of ‘Rabbit Hole’. Side B starts JNBO (The Cactus Channel bass player) and his unique wonky, analogue and quirky touch to the title track for a fuzzed out, analogue electronics burner for fans of Floating Points, Cro Magnon, Dabrye and Dimlite (bounced to tape no-less for added bump!). Closing out the release is Kerbside’s drummer Paprika with 2 remixes. ‘Kojak The Frog’ gets a beatsy re-rub conjuring up some vintage Mr Scruff, Diesler and Quantic sounds, and the coastal groove of ‘Bogangar’ gets taken to the afro side on the ‘Mountain Air Afro- dub’ version, recreating a low slung, Tony Allen styled afrobeat groove with added melodic movements and atmospheric, dubby effects.

SHANTY TOWN “Don’t Tell Me Your Dreams” (ST) 7” $15

LOCAL Since forming in 2012 Shanty Town have been charming, captivating and otherwise infecting Melbourne audiences with their liberal dollops of off-beat goodness. Sporting a stage-squishing 9-piece line-up which includes Steve Phillips on drums Chris Schurmann on bass Adam Thwaites on guitar. Peter Ryan on keys and with that vintage hammond sound The horn section is : Jason Rolfe on Trumpet, luc Weiner on Trombone and Matthew Morris on Saxophone. Shanty Town combine irresistibly danceable beats with the luscious, gorgeous and versatile vocal abilities of Jessy Turner and Paul Jamieson. Shanty Town’s influences span a wide array of artists, and their sets combine faithful renditions and suprising twists on classic repertoire. The result is authentic, earthy, highly contagious and a skankin good time!

TALL BLACK GUY “Take A Trip” (first word) 2LP $40

Since his debut release in 2011 (a daring and addictive flip of Fela Kuti), TBG has become revered for his unique take on soulful hip-hop production. ‘This album is all about taking a journey. As simple as that. Be it physical, emotional or spiritual. It’s asking and answering personal questions from myself within some of the tracks and also touching on social issues i.e. racism, inequality and privilege…that have been at the forefront of my mind over last three years.’ Sonically there is also a shift: ‘Jazz has definitely been more of an influence in this project, as I have been really inspired by so many up and coming musicians who I’ve been blessed to connect with’. Some of these musicians, including Kenny Keys, Miles Bonny, Diggs Duke and Dee Jackson feature on the project as well as regular collaborators Ozay Moore and Mario Sweet and fellow Playlist alumni Daniel Crawford and Masego. But this is one man’s vision, and for Tall Black Guy this trip is just the beginning…’


like I said, but GREEEEEEEEN.

TALL BLACK GUY “I Will Never Know” (first word) 7” $12

For this lead track he has enlisted the talents of LA soul group Moonchild. This collaboration is a very natural one, with Tall Black Guy’s deft drums and soulful instrumentation perfectly combining with the sultry vocals and muted horns of Moonchild. ‘I was a fan of their music as soon as Texas based DJ, Pepper Thomas had put me onto them a few years back. I really wanted to collaborate with them and so I reached out to them – I liked the completed track so much that I asked them if they would like to be a part of my next album. I particularly like the fact that all three of them equally contribute to the group’s sound.’ On the flip of this limited edition 7 is TBG’s own alternate mix of the track (exclusive to this release). With beefed up drums and subtly altered bass notes it’s the perfect accompaniment to the handclap-fuelled and understated original. Look out for the full album later this month on First Word Records.

FADOUL “Al ZmanSaib” (habibi Funk) LP $34

The late Fadoul and his accompanying three piece band played energetic & aggressive funk songs in 1970s Casablanca. After a stint in Paris spent soaking up the music of James Brown and other American funk groups, Fadoul returned to Morocco to release records under Fadaul et les Privileges and other monikers.Al Zman Saib is a collection of 8 songs put together by Jakarta Records & Habibi Funk Records’ Jannis Stürtz after finding Fadoul’s cover of “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” in a hole-in-the-wall Casablanca electronics shop. It took Stürtz, who describes Fadoul as “Morocco’s answer to James Brown,” three years to find the singer’s family in order to secure the songs and permission to release this record.

THE KUTIMANGOES “Made In Africa” (tramp) LP $35

Our musical mission has from the very beginning been to get deeper and deeper into combining our own musical heritage with influences from especially western Africa. So when we met the incredible Patrick Kabre from Burkina Faso, a musical collaboration started that made it possible for us to get closer to the rich musical traditions, the vibrant energy and the unique sounds of western Africa. TKM have composed new tunes based on ancient traditional songs (such as Tolma and M’ba) and included them alongside original afro beat and afro jazz within the tracklisting. TKM’s goal is to create music together – to share and meet diverse but brotherly cultures through music. And that’s exactly what you will experience when listening to this album.

RAIVO TAMMIK “Instrumental Ensemble” (Jazz Agression) 10” + download $26

Early seventies Folkloric Modal Jazz from Estonia, originally lifted from two very rare Melodia single EP’s. Players include Tiit Paulus, Lembit Saarsalu, Taivo Sillar, Raivo Järma and Helmut Aniko. Cotains four fantastic tracks; Kahekesi Õhtul, Kallis Mari, Ratastel and Karjase Kaebus. This 10 inch is presented with newly written liner-notes, and audio beautifully restored from master tapes. Limited 500 run!

TONU NAISSOO “First Recordings” (Jazz Agression) 10” + Download $26

Beautiful late sixties Estonian trio jazz played by the piano prodigy Tõnu Naissoo, aged 16! Lifted from the radio archives and never before released on vinyl. 10 inch contains recordings from Tallinn Jazz festival 67 and 68; Super Do, Rütmogrammid and Suite Varakevadel. Players include Aleksander Samohvalov, Toomas Tiits, Jüri Pliznik and Eino Tandre. Limited 500 10 inch!

EGIL MONN-IVERSEN “Himmel OG Helvete (Heaven Or Hell) “ (Moving Music) LP + donwlaoad $34

For the first time and in limited supply of a thousand copies, the worldwide release of the mythical cult Soundtrack to the Norwegian Heaven And Hell 1969 Norwegian anti drug movie. Composed and arranged by Maestro Egil Monn-Iversen with an all-star cast of young talents on the Norwegian Jazz scene; Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal and Svein Christiansen. The Soundtrack features several upbeat groovy R&B numbers, Modal Jazz, freakout, downtempo blues and a fierce vocal theme opener sung by Inger Lise Rypdal. Musically placed somehwere between John Barry and Lalo Schifrin but with a Norwegian touch. Transfered straight from tapes, originally produced and engineered by Jan Erik Kongshaug. Comes with Digital download slip, Norwegian jacket and English insert.

RECORD BREAKIN’ ENSEMBLE “Batucada Samba” (record breakin music) 7” $14

DJ Junior’s multi-skilled, many-souled in-house label troupe gets the reversion treatment with two fantastic dancefloor twists: Osgage adds a nicely loose and free-spirited house twist of “Batucada” that’s reminiscent of Recloose’s records. On the flip Sol Power All Stars take “Pela” and give it a beautiful sun-splashed Balearic polish. Both capture the sound of a carnival warm-up of the deepest marmalade sunset you’ve ever experienced, Record Breakin’ have delivered something very special right here.


NAP WRAPZ – Silent Jay “The Wraptape” – oh yes. Silent Jay has his own ROLLING PAPPERS. Now you a superstar man!

THE OPERATIVES label papers, to let people know which side of the dance floor you prefer….

$5 each…


BLACK FEELING VOL 3 – THE BAMBOOS!!! – (freestyle) LP $30

ESPERANTO / THE MANUEL AZEVEDO QUARTET “Latin Strut / Futebol De Bar” (Freestyle) 7″ $14 – THE BAMBOOS!!!


JPS X HOOVES “Skitnik / Guerilla” (The Operatives) 7” $15

THE FRIGHTNRS “Nothing More To Say” (Daptone Records) LP $34

PAPA CHANGO “The Lost Moon Of Bellaris” (mfr) LP $28 – LOCAL ETHIO JAZZ !!HEAT!

NON PHIXION “Future Is Now” (Uncle Howie) 2LP $48

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “OST Miss Sharon Jones” (Daptone) 2LP $48

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “Naturally” (Daptone) 2LP $34

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “100 Days 100 Nights” (Daptone) 2LP $34


LEE FIELDS “Special Night” (BIG CROWN + download) LP $32

Produced by Leon Michels and Thomas Brenneck, and brilliantly performed by the Expressions, Special Night was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely to tape in three weeks at the legendary Diamond Mine Studios in Queens, NY. A sense of urgency, equal parts fun and inspiration, and a decent amount of beer and Jack Daniels were the driving forces during the sessions that produced Lee Fields & The Expressions latest offering. Special Night is also the first record in the Expressions catalogue in which every song was written jointly by Lee Fields and The Expressions. “When I record, I make every song like I actually mean it. I mean every word I say. On Special Night I’m talking to my lady — literally, expressing the way I feel.” says Lee Fields. “You can tell if a song is real or not, and every moment I’m recording, those moments are real, this is a record about what people do in real life”. Also, The Expressions have never been sharper, they, along with Lee, have created a collection of music on Special Night which holds court with pretty much any soul music that came before it.

JPS X HOOVES “Skitnik / Guerilla” (The Operatives) 7” $15

LOCAL  JPSxHooves release the The Operatives debut Single, that comes in a limited release 7” vinyl 100% made in Melbourne. The long-awaited release from the Australian collaborators has been tried and tested across late-night dance floors and early morning sound systems around the globe. Spun by world-renown DJs and producers including Sam Binga, Om Unit, Kiat and collected like some rare, mysterious sample by long-time fans of The Operatives-founder Jerry Poon, known as JPS, and producer and furious drummer HOOVES aka Johnny Clayton. A testament to both producers’ years spent as dance floor devastating DJs, Skitnik draws from it’s ethnic Macedonian soundtrack as a lead to new beginnings, a war cry to the rise of the new label. The AA side which has been well received by the dnb, grime, footwork and UK bass communities carries on it’s tribal riddems, simply murderous. 

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS “OST Miss Sharon Jones” (Daptone) 2LP $48

It is our distinct pleasure to present: MISS SHARON JONES! ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK 2XLP! Exclusive to the Double LP is the performance of “His Eye On The Sparrow” as heard in one of the most powerful scenes in the film, performed by Sharon Jones in her local church in Augusta, GA. The film, directed by two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple, follows the dynamic front-woman through her 2013 battle with cancer and her triumphant return to the stage around the 2014 release of Grammy-nominated album Give The People What They Want. The soundtrack, featuring the new song “I’m Still Here,” boasts a selection of Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings classics ranging from her early singles on Daptone to tracks from Give the People What They Want. Much like the film, the soundtrack gives you an intimate, candid look into the life of a woman who refuses to be defined by the challenges she faces the perfect accompaniment to a truly extraordinary film.

THE FRIGHTNRS “Nothing More To Say” (Daptone Records) LP $34

An instant classic, this fantastic reggae-rocksteady album strives directly for legendary status. It’s the first album from The Frightnrs, a Brooklyn band signed on the Daptone label, but it’ll also be the last one, alas. Dan Klein, the singer with the magical tone, died from ALS last june. Produced by Ticklah, miles away from the stereotypes of globalized reggae, ‘Nothing More To Say’ is a true soul feast, lifted from beginning to end by the overwhelming and ghostly voice of Dan Klein.Unfortunatley I only have a few copies of this at the moment. More to come. First in best dressed. 

THE OLYMPIANS “The Olympians” (Daptone Records) LP $34

After repeatedly being visited by a strange messenger in his dreams while on tour in the islands of Greece, Toby Pazner became consumed with a vision to tell the stories of The Olympians through music. Chosen by the gods as a messenger for not only his musical gifts, but for his unique position at the center of the Daptone family, Toby built a home studio from scratch and employed some of the top soul musicians in the world to help him breath life into this album. The result is a dramatic and cinematic journey to the outer limits of instrumental soul music, built on a foundation laid by the same craftsmen whose bricks built the legacies of Sharon Jones, Lee Fields, Charles Bradley, The Budos Band, and Menahan Street Band, and painted with lush strings, harpsichord, harp, and horns. The Olympians is destined to be the instrumental gem of the year.

PAPA CHANGO “The Lost Moon Of Bellaris” (mfr) LP $28

LOCAL Heavyweight ETHIO JAZZ band crashing outta Melbourne town! With the addition of a vibraphone recently to the band all I can say is WOW! This is the BOMB! ‘The Lost Moon of Bellaris’ continues the sonic evolution of the band, pushing further out into the vastness of the void, propelling you towards distant unexplored territories. Featuring newest member Nat Grant on vibraphone and percussion, along with other special guests, the band have let their ethio-jazz influences take hold and delivered an album that explores the darkness of space and the lightness of life. From the luscious horn and vibraphone melodies of the title track, through to the deep, subterranean rhythms of Nightmares on Sax and the straight dance floor swagger of The Son and The Snake. Once again, texture and form are at the forefront of the release with 8 tracks of cinematic, instrumental badness. 

LOW LEAF “Palm Psalms: A Light To Resolve All Darkness” 2LP $54

Low Leaf shares her most refined album to date, which explores uncharted territory with the electric harp in contemporary music, blended with her signature style of unrestricted experimentation and natural ear for songwriting. Palm Psalms is truly a milestone of a record in Low Leaf’s ever-evolving repertoire- one that distinctly shines as a unique and authentic light throughout the musical landscape of today, and of all time. As her 1st official self-release under her own label, creatorDIY, Low Leaf has produced a distinguishable record that not only establishes her prowess as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, but also demonstrates her ability to execute her vision as a completely self-sustained artist in a lane all of her own creation.

NON PHIXION “Future Is Now” (Uncle Howie) 2LP $48

Uncle Howie Records is proud to announce the 2LP reissue of Non Phixion’s critically acclaimed debut album The Future Is Now. With production from legendary producers DJ Premier, Pete Rock & Large Professor as well as guest appearances from The Beatnuts, MF Doom and Necro The Future Is Now reissue returns to the shelves on limited edition blood red vinyl.

KRS ONE “Return Of the Boom Bap” 2LP + 7” (blue vinyl) $55

Over two decades later, KRS One’s debut solo album Return of the Boom Bap finally gets the reissue it deserves. Pressed for the first time on color vinyl, this double LP not only includes a bonus 7” of Kenny Parker remixes, but also features the first-ever color sleeve on a U.S. pressing. Stripping away the intricate production of the final Boogie Down Productions album, Sex and Violence, Return of the Boom Bap saw the already iconoclastic rapper return to the bare bones, gritty territory of his landmark masterpiece Criminal Minded. KRS-One’s delivery, burned with a reinvigorated fury, spits out his rhymes with pummeling cadences and world-wise intelligence. Although the record isn’t as focused on social activism and political protest as the latter Boogie Down albums, KRS-One never made his lyrics simplistic, nor did he turn his back on what could now be called prescient social commentary. The combination of raw beats and emotion-driven rhymes made Return of the Boom Bap a genuine comeback for KRS-One, one of the founding figures of modern hip-hop. 

A-F-R-O & MARCO POLO “A-F-R-O Polo” LP $34

Once A-F-R-O (All Flows Reach Out) hit the hip-hop scene two years ago after winning R.A. The Rugged Man’s “Definition Of A Rap Flow” contest, he has become a lyrical force to be reckoned with. He has received various big name cosigns and even snagged a spot on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Today, the young rapper released a 6-track EP with producer Marco Polo coined A-F-R-O POLO. The project boasts a beastly feature from  Pharoache Monch on “Swarm,” but it’s the young MC who goes in on some famed names. A-F-R-O POLO also uses Eamon’s soulful voice for the hook on “Use These Blues” and scratches by Shylow throughout. Got the funk. 

JSTAR “Liar Liar / Liars Step Up” (JStar) 7” $15

What do reggae mash-up kings do after they’ve thoroughly rinsed the concept of the reggae mash-up? Make their own shit of course! Step forward Jstar who, like Mr Benn is proving as dab a hand at turning out original material as he was at grafting together unlikely reggae, hip-hop and rnb bedfellows. Liar Liar finds our man deliver a haunting slice of dubby modern reggae over whichDanish/Senagalese vocalist Kinck unfolds a tale of betrayal. Steppers remix on the flip….

PAUL & THE TALL TREES “Our Love In The Light” (big crown) LP + Download $32

One part of a crazily talented musical family, Paul’s music seems to embody the unexpected overlap of The Band’s Americana, Ian MacKaye’s unhinged emotion, Otis Redding’s raw, warm soul, and the doo-wop melodies his father, Bill Schalda Sr. (a member of Brooklyn vocal group, The Montereys) raised him on. On Paul & The Tall Trees’ debut album “Our Love In The Light” you hear the sum of his experiences. The album was written entirely by Paul, and produced by another Staten Island native, Thomas Brenneck of Charles Bradley, Menahan Street Band, and Budos Band fame. The combination of the two gives the record an amazing sonic range, from the powerhouse rocker “Crack Of Dawn” to the ethereal western vibes of “She Comes Around”. 

THE SHACKS “The Shacks” (Big Crown) 10” EP $26

When you listen to the Shacks’s self-titled debut EP, you might imagine that Shannon Wise and Max Shrager are much older than their respective 18 and 20 years. But when Shannon’s whisper-vocals breeze through the speakers, you hear the youthfulness of their sound which then in turn explains the fearlessness of their songwriting. Both vaguely familiar and completely fresh, The Shacks are one of the most interesting NYC bands to surface in a minute. Since the release of their first single, “Strange Boy” , which they recorded with El Michels Affair, The Shacks have been compared to 90’s indie icons like Mazzy Star, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Broadcast. As good as those bands are, you wouldn’t find a single one of their records in Max and Shannon’s music collection. All these bands are drinking from the same well, just 20 years apart.

MILES DAVIS ‘On The Corner’ (CBS) LP $38

Within weeks of its release in 1972, Miles Davis’s On the Corner had become the most vilified and controversial album in the history of jazz. “Repetitious crap,” wrote one critic. “An insult to the intellect of the people,” remarked another. Even the musicians who played on the album were bewildered. “I didn’t think much of it,” recalls saxophonist Dave Liebman. “It was my least favourite Miles album,” says Paul Buckmaster, the British composer and arranger who supplied musical sketches for the sessions, and turned Davis on to the music and method of Karlheinz Stockhausen. 35 years after its first release it is hailed by many outside the jazz community as a visionary musical statement that was way ahead of its time. On the Corner’s influence can be heard in the music of such varied artists as Underworld, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Byrne and Squarepusher.

LIKE (Of Pac Div) “Songs Made While High” LP $42

Like: “It takes me a long time to create. Especially when I thrive on inspiration. I need the experiences of life to help push me artistically. The reason I titled this album ‘Songs Made While High’ wasn’t because I’m a pseudo-druggy (I only smoke weed and occasionally take shrooms). As cliche as it may sound, music gets me high. I’m addicted to sounds and melodies, Chords and samples- colors and soundscapes my brother and I heard growing up in church; or cleaning our parents home Saturday mornings (mom always played Sade and Anita baker). My dad always played and sang beautiful songs on his upright piano. 

I want to thank everyone who played a hand in developing this project with me, it’s my first & hopefully not my last.”


HARVEY SUTHERLAND & BERMUDA “Priestess / Bravado” (Clarity Records) 12” $20

LOCAL This two-track missive is a significant one for Harvey Sutherland. Not only does it mark the debut of his Clarity Recordings imprint, but also his first recorded outing with regular backing band Bermuda. Opener “Priestess” is something of an epic, with Sutherland working a tasty groove – think languid, live drums, thick synth-bass and spiraling electronics – for several minutes before unleashing some killer jazz-funk keys and Harbie Hancock style solos. In contrast, flipside “Bravado” is a much more spacey affair, with regular, sweaty drum fills and groovy live bass underpinning wild synthesizer motifs and twinkling electric piano. Both are dancefloor-ready, but warm and loose enough to please jazz dancers as much as disco heads

A.B.ORIGINAL “2 Black 2 Strong” (golden era) 7″ $25

LOCAL Limited Edtion 7″ Single of the collaboration between Briggs and Trials with only 350 of this debit 7″ pressed. A.B. ORIGINAL was born when the two artists were invited to perform at triple j’s 40 year celebration, Beat The Drum, in January 2015. Which is ironic as Trpile J continue to celebrate Australia Day. Maybe with this collab they will force the station to change the top 100 day. Since Beat The Drum, A.B. ORIGINAL began writing songs in the spirit of N.W.A and West Side Connection, while lyrically bringing attention to issues closer to home. Respectively coming from the Yorta Yorta and Ngarrindjeri tribes, Briggs and Trials are socially conscious outspoken Indigenous artists. They bring a new voice to Australian hip hop as A.B. ORIGINAL.

LEE FIELDS “Make The World” (big crown) 7” $15

Mr Fields is back with a funk burner sure to light up every dance floor it plays to. There couldn’t be a better time for an optimistic anthem from the seasoned wisdom of Lee. The Expressions tearing this track apart with driving horns and guitars over monster drums and the slick arrangements we have all come to love them for. Leon Michels & Tommy Brenneck’s production bringing together some of the finest players doing it today with Lee’s inimitable voice reminding and encouraging us to get together and make some changes, changes that are ours to make. Another Big Crown sureshot.


Like its elders, Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness sees its music as a hedonistic trance, but also as a weapon of political and spiritual liberation.
Artistic heirs to Philip “Malombo” Tabane and Batsumi, they seek to give a contemporary voice to the ancestral traditions of indigenous peoples. Jazz sounds of 1970s and ‘80s productions have been replaced by hip-hop influences and a punk-rock energy. It all started about twelve years ago in a community centre workshop. The format of the band hasn’t changed much since that time, but its musical language has been greatly refined. While vocals and percussion have always driven their music, BCUC found its magic formula in 2013 when they folded a frenzied electric bass into the simple drum-and-vocals mix. And that’s the alchemy of “Africangungungu”, the name they’ve given to their “afropsychedelic” music. Both on stage and on this album (their first commercial production), their songs refuse to be formatted. Their “incantations” in Zulu, Sotho and English and their funky modulations extend over twenty minutes in a whirlwind of sound reminiscent of Fela’s Afrobeat.

ELECTRIC WIRE HUSTLE “Brother Sun feat KIMBRA” 12” $25

New Zealand psychedelic-soul duo Electric Wire Hustle are back with a brand new E.P following up last year’s critically-acclaimed album Love Can Prevail. Brother Sun features fellow Kiwi and Grammy Award winning chanteuse Kimbra. This track reflects the groups love for hip-hop while bringing the genre into the present day. Fellow NZ producers (now residing in Berlin) Aron Ottignon & Scratch 22 re-sculpt the tune into a bouncy piano-driven dancefloor jam that references 70’s disco and jazz with Scratch 22’s modern production elements.

DONNY BENET “Working Out” (plastic workld) 12” $20

LOCAL Donny Benét – Man of the people, wielder of synths, virtuosic in style, both aural and visual. Sydney’s undisputed master of conduction through seduction. One slap of the bass and the world melts at his feet. One outrageous synth solo after the other and the competition falls around him. Donny Benét make his Plastic World debut with Working Out. “Working Out” is a tune takes the trademark sound that Donny has spent years mastering. The same dripping bass and suggestive synths, but now they are framed behind driving four-four drum machine kicks. Features a remix by Francis Inferno Orchestra.

ALBA Feat Oscar Key Sung “So Easily” (plastic World) 7” $16

LOCAL As two cornerstones of their respective scenes, Sydney’s Alba and Melbourne’s Oscar Key Sung have teamed up to release a quick 7” that affirm the influential and exciting part that they play in the world around them.

MILTON WRIGHT “Spaced” (alston) LP $25

1977’s Spaced by Milton Wright is a perfect encapsulation of the times in which it was conceived. Wright exudes soul with every syllable, and the whole LP is a gem; it’s certainly one of those albums that you can safely leave on while you go about your life. While this would be typically categorised under the jazz-funk banner, Wright offers something fresh and different throughout each track: “Dance Have Fun”, for instance, is an uptempo disco nugget, “Magic Music” is a classic soul-dance piece, “Let’s Take A Break” offers a moodier funk vibe, and other still such as “Be With Me” are the sort of proto-boogie we like to hear from a 70’s soul LP. Essential for the soul boys and girls!

PASTOR T.L. BARRETT “Do Not Pass Me By” LP $25

Chicago’s Pastor T.L. Barrett has been known for more than four decades as an activist and pastor and for a certain scandal in the late ’80s but most of all for gospel records “Like A Ship…(Without A Sail)” as well as this very album that gets a much needed reissue on the Gospel Roots label who have also brought us the likes of Roscoe Robinson and The Dixie Hummingbirds. Originally recorded at the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Universal Awareness, “Do Not Pass Me By” and seen on Miami’s TK Disco offshoot. As a press release describes best it “is a real Gospel beauty and features eight tracks of resplendent hands in the air rejoicement.” The album comes with the original sleeve artwork and design.

GIL MELLE “THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (Original Electronic Soundtrack)” LP $30

The Andromeda Strain is a movie that came out in 1971, based on the Michael Critchon book of the same name. It was directed by Robert Wise. The score to The Andromeda Strain is a very early all-electronic scores for a major motion picture.. Gil Mellé composed the score, using entirely instruments of his own creation. He created many of the bizarre sounds heard on the album by recording and then distorting all kinds of found sound, including buzz saws, trains and bowling alleys. So if you’re expecting to hear something like a John Carpenter score then you may be disappointed. It’s more abstract and atonal than that, very soundscape-like. Imagine what Vangelis’ studio must sound like before he tunes all his synths. It’s like that.

BEASTIE BOYS “The In Sound From Way Out” (Grand Royale) 2LP $35

The In Sound from Way Out! is an instrumental compilation by the Beastie Boys, released in 1996. The title and cover art concept were borrowed from thePerrey and Kingsley album of the same name. Originally released through the Beastie Boys’ French fan club, The In Sound From Way Out! is a collection of the group’s funky instrumentals from Check Your Head and Ill Communication with a couple of new tracks thrown in. The Beasties have a flair for loose, gritty funk and soul-jazz, and the stuttering, greasy keyboards of Money Mark give the music an extra edge.

COUNTRY MIKE (from the Beastie Boys) “Greatest Hits” LP $34

Country Mike’s Greatest Hits, a “country & western” pseudo-comedy album by Mike D. of the BEASTIE BOYS. The album was released by Grand Royal records, but I’m told this was never put out commercially and was only given only given away to friends of the band and their label.

FRANK OCEAN “Endless” (boys don’t cry) 2LP $38

An amazing 45-minute-long, 18-track “Endless,” is a visual album. Out on coloured vinyl. An affiliate of the Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future, Ocean made a national splash with his sleek, innovative “Channel Orange” album in 2012. New music has been a long time coming, but its worth the wait!

EMILEE SOUTH “Howl” (fever shake records) 7” $15

LOCAL Emilee sweet Emilee… local lass done good. She works three doors down so as you buy it you can stop in at Aesop (her day job) and get her to sign it. She will love it if you do that. Melburnian Emilee South has released ‘Howl’, a single from her forthcoming EP. ‘Howl’ is earthy Southern-gothic bluesy rock, a sultry song.

ETTA JAMES ‘At Last’ (Vinyl Passion) LP $35

19 of the Greastest Hits by one of the best ever soul singers. Featuring hits like, At Last, All I Could Do Was Cry, Something’s Got A Hold On Me, Don’t Cry, Baby, Stop The Wedding, Good Rockin’ Daddyand many more. This is a great shot of her work. All the US chart songs Etta James had for the Modern and Chess labels between 1955 and 1963!

MAGIC SAM ‘Live At The Avant Garde’ (Denmark) LP $45

Before Magic Sam scored with 1967’s West Side Soul (DMK 615) his recorded legacy included a handful of sides for Cobra in the late ’50s, Chief in the early ’60s and a few miscellaneous 45s in the mid-’60s. But just when it looked like things were going to really take off for Sam he passed away on December 1, 1969 at the age of 32. Delmark issued 1968’s Black Magic (Delmark 620) and there have been several posthumous releases of live recordings including the classic Live (DMK 645). Magic Sam Live at the Avant Garde is a time capsule from the days when this Chicago blues trio could step into a Milwaukee club and tear the place up.

JAMES BROWN ‘The Payback’ (Polydor) LP $38

A solid gold record. The Payback is the 40th studio album by Mr Please Please himself. The album was released in December 1973, by Polydor Records It was originally scheduled to become the soundtrackfor the blaxploitation film Hell Up In Harlem, but was rejected by the film’s producers, who dismissed it as “the same old James Brown stuff.” (A widely repeated story—including by Brown himself—that director Larry Cohen rejected the music as “not funky enough” is denied by Cohen.) It went to #1 on the Soul Albums chart for two weeks and cracked the Pop Albums chart in the Top 40. It was Brown’s only album to be certified gold


THE CONGOS ‘Heart Of The Congos’ (Co-Feet) LP $35

coming back to town in a month! The LEGENDARY vocal trio are set to SHINE!!!! Get tickets NOW!!

PABLO AUGUSTUS ‘Rockers International’ LP $35

JAVA JAVA JAVA JAVA ‘Dub Instrumental’ (Impact) LP $34

CULTURE ‘Two Sevens Clash’ (Jo Gibbs) LP $34

NITTY GRITTY ‘Tribute To Nitty Gritty’ (VP) LP $34

THE ABBYSINIANS ‘Satta’ (Magic Fire) LP $34

PABLO AUGUSTUS ‘This Is Pablo Augustus’ LP $32

YELLOW MAN VS JOSEY WALES ‘Two Giants Clash’ (G Records) LP $32

ECHO RANKS “Clean Up Your Act” (nuff power) 7” $10

The great lyrics and heartful delivery of Echo’s vocal did not leave us much choice but to release our first attempt at the ‘digital revival’ style. This is the first release on the “NuffPowa Digital” series

I-MITRI / DUB PROVIDERS PROVIDERS “Heartful Man / version” (theca records) 7” $10

I-Mitri’s heavy vocal track “Heartfull Man on the a-side and our own ‘left-field’ remix of the track on the b-side titled “Improvement Movement”.

CASSETTE TAPES $10 – all new OG’s….

SCHOOLY D ‘Welcome To America’ (Ruff House)

SCHOOLLY D ‘Reservoir Dog’ (PSK)

SNOOP DOGG ‘Dead Man Walkin’ (Death Row)

THE MG’ ‘The MG’s’ (Stax)

FRED WESLEY ‘New Friends’ (Minor Music)


RUN DMC ‘Tougher Than Leather’ (Profile)

DE LA SOUL ‘Is Dead’ (Fmac)

BOBBY WOMACK ‘Understanding’ (Unlimited Artists)

VARIOUS ‘Classic Hip Hop 2’ (Mastercuts)

DAVID BOWIE ’Stage’(Ryko Analogue)

KOOL G.RAP & DJ POLO (Cold Chillin)

BOBBY WOMACK ‘Looking For Love Again’ (Unlimited Artists)


HOUSE OF PAIN ‘Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again’ (Tommy Boy)

ABBEY LINCOLN & HANK JONES ‘When There Is Love’ (Gitanes Jazz)

BESSIE SMITH ‘Bessies Blues’ (Hallmark)

QUEEN LATIFAH ‘Nature Of Sista’ (Tommy Boy)


KOOL G RAP & DJ POLO ‘Rated XXX’ (Cold Chillin)

KOOL MOE DEE ‘Interlude’ (Wrap/Easy Lee)

MC POOH ‘Life Of a Criminal’ (Chrome)


ROBERT JOHNSON ‘The Legendary Blues Singer’ (Classic Blues)

ED O.G & DA BULLDOGS ‘Roxbury 02119’ (Chemistry)

KYORETSU NA RHYTHM ‘Characters’ (Restless)



YMO “Kyoretsu Na Rhythm (The Best Of)” (restless)


KARRIEM RIGGINS “Alone/“ (Stones throw) LP $32

QUASIMOTO “Yessir Whatever” (Stones throw) LP + 7” $35

J DILLA RUff Draft BEATS” LP (Stones throw) LP $32

DAM FUNK & SNOOPZILLA “7 Days Of Fun” (Stones throw) LP $32

MNDSGN “Yawn Zen” (Stones throw) LP 32

JACOB MAFULENI & GARY GRITNESS “Atuka Mondhoro / Chikoni 808” (nyami nyami) ep $28

AMIN PAYNE “Saffron” (BeatGeeks Records) LP $20 LOCAL !!

VARIOUS ‘Greg Belson’s Divine Disco – American Gospel Disco 1974-1984’ (Cultures Of Soul) 2LP $56

BEYONCE “Lemonade” 2LP $38

FRANK OCEAN “Unreleased Vol 2” 2LP $38


RETIREE “This Place” (rhythm Section) 12” $20 LOCAL !!!


Now we all know Melbourne has mad music on EVERY NIGHT of the year, but the local council are blowing a big trumpet about it this week. Some highlights include…


FOREIGN BROTHERS Sun 13 Nov @ Forecourt State Library – FREE

NAI PALM Friday 18 Nov @ Forecourt State Library – FREE

GL, BUOY, CORIN, LINYING Fri 18 Nov @ The Dome State Library – FREE

HANGIN WITH THE HOMIES air fresheners $5 each


YEEZY (Kanye)


Drizzy (DRAKE)



Ice Cube

Eazy E




all $5 each


AMIN PAYNE “Saffron” (BeatGeeks Records) ) LP $20

LOCAL NOW ON VINYL! Melbourne’s Amin Payne ambitious new album, Saffron is the sort of undertaking most producers shy away from while creating an instrumental beat project. Taking music from only a certain region/country/continent has been done before by Onra with his Chinoiseries and several of Madlib’s Beat Konducta projects, and Amin has handily taken up the mantle. Powered by Eastern sounds, primarily from Turkey, India and the Arab Nations, Saffron is a window into Amin Payne’s childhood but also a peek into his prowess as a producer.

CAN’T YOU HEAR ME : 70’s AfricanNuggets and Garage Rock from Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe VARIOUS (now again) 2LP + Download $45

This compilation finds the designer revisiting Egon’scollection. This time around Lemaire has gone for the garage rock of 1970s Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. The west and south African nations were going through their struggles for independence at the time and the music came directly our of that struggle. Instead of drawing direct inspiration from Fela’s Afrobeat, the bands featured here take more from Hendrix, Cream and Jefferson Airplane Fuzz guitars and repetitive melodies set the psychedelic sounds in motion. Includes the songs form Paul Ngozi, Witch, Chrissy Zembo Trio, plus more…

THE PEACE “Black Power” (now again) LP $35

First official reissue of this essential Zamrock album, painstakingly restored, remastered and pieced together from multiple copies of the incredibly rare original album. Contains extensive booklet with never before published photos, an overview of the Zamrock scene, and the history of Peace and Black Power.

LUIS CL “Its Getting Better” (Score) 12” $20

LOCAL Superconscious Records welcomes Luis CL back into the fold! Once again he brings his unique approach to dance music on this 3 tracker that explores footwork as well as traditional house in typical CL style.

CAITY BAKER “Heavy On My Heart” (CB) 7” $15

LOCAL Coming outta Darwin Caity has been singing with Elefant Tracks crew members for years and also as one half of NT soul outfit SIETTA. This 45 is a new track of her solo heat. THis features her dad on guitar. A legendary axe man, he delivers and is rewarded with an instrumental on the flip too! Produced by local legend DANIELSAN. He turns the drums up and lets Caity sing!

ANDERSON .PAAK & KNXWLEDGE as NXWORRIES ‘Yes Lawd’! (Stones Throw) 2LP $50

YES LAWD! As temping as it may be to just let that exclamation suffice as your sole introduction to NxWorries, we should go a little deeper. The men at the heart of this LP – soul styler Anderson .Paak and loop beast Knxwledge – make an exceedingly clean pair, even as they deal almost entirely in the gritty: vocals that sound lived in for a couple of lifetimes; beats that kick up dust as they bump; and an 18-track set that plays like a mixtape merging skits, songs, and snippets into a package of fluid groove and rough-cut rap ‘n’ soul gems. You may have heard these two out in the world, on their own or sprinkling some of their musical gold dust on someone else’s songs, but this is what happens when .Paak and Knx get home, lay back, light up, and let it go.

JANI HO / ZEN PARADOX / VOITECK TD5 ‘Planet Melbourne’ (Finn Audio) 12” $20

LOCAL – This 12” vinyl release brings together three undisputed pioneers of Melbourne techno seen. Zen Paradox aka Steve Law has long been a bedrock of Australian electronic music. Steve has truly crafted a beautiful journey with his long play Detroit flavoured track “Shadow Sculptor”. It is an epic track that is suited from house sets to morning sets to warehouse parties. Voiteck, founder of famous “Truck Music” needs no introduction, easily considered one of the best live techno acts come out of Australia. Voiteck’s “Wobble Plate” is a solid burner, it echoes the styles of Robert Hood, a relentless groove. Minimal yet full of power, a true ‘peak time’ weapon. Label boss Jani Ho brings his machine funk alive with “Flight 101”. It is a solid and sturdy track with multiple layers of 101 feel synths weaving in and out of the rhythm. While this is our first release of the artist together, there will be more to come from the planet of Melbourne in the near future.

DUBBYMAN ‘La Ciudad Inerior EP’ (Deep Art Sounds) 12” $20

DeepArtSounds 5th release ‘La ciudad interior EP’ was produced by ‘deep Explorer’ artist Dubbyman !

He’s mixing electronic music with jazzy chords and some space spherical grooves, giving us a brilliant mixture of different styles and vocals. It took almost one year to complete this three track EP. Dubbyman has also been drawing a lot on musician friends for adding a human touch. He has been blessed with amazing vocals by Bjak, Jenifa Mayanja, Gianluca TheHuge, Sinovuyo Tshomela and Debra Jones-Davis. All tracks are splendid and essential, making this a must for any Dubbyman follower.

JUJU & JORDASH ‘Down To The Roach EP’ (Dekmantel) 12” $20

JJ&J return on 12″ after knocking us sideways with last years double LP. There’s true finesse (as ever) in these tempo’d productions, with fabulous synth layering throughout and some of those ravey details they lace in so well for the more expanded dancers..up and out there.

JUJU & JORDASH ‘Dkmntl 005’ (Dekmantel) 12” $20

Juju & Jordash’s three-track debut right outta Amsterdam on the brand-new Dekmantel recordings. This white label spins a heavy 360: from the spooky dance-floor house of ‘Deep Blue Meanies’ to an exclusive psychedelic mix of Lerosa’s ‘Ruski’. And last but not least a sick outro called ‘Uncle Moon’. There’s a full album coming soon. watch out!!!

VARIOUS ‘Greg Belson’s Divine Disco – American Gospel Disco 1974-1984’ (Cultures Of Soul) 2LP $56

Greg Belson’s Divine Disco is a snapshot in time encapsulating the raw power of a spiritual performance, set to the pulsating 4/4 rhythms that were in vogue with the dance floors of the day. TIP!!

Labels like Savoy played a key part in identifying artists that fit nicely into this brand new style with

performers like Shirley Finney and The Gospelaires, both of whom were established within the scene, but carried the ‘Disco’ torch brightly with their tunes featured here. Divine Disco also paints a picture of the lesser known acts that privately released their message to the hopeful masses, such as the Gospel Ambassadors and the Inspirational Souls, whose recording budgets would have been significantly less than any ‘major’ label.

BECKIE BELL ‘Music Madness’ (Favourite) 12” $25

“Music Madness” is a brilliant disco track from Beckie Bell’s rare album, In Need Of… After highlighting it in an extended version, on the compilation French Disco Boogie Sounds (2015), Favorite Recordings decided to reissue this killer song on a proper 12inch single. The package including the original album version and two hot remixes by Tom Noble and Voilaaa.

ARMANDO SCIASCIA ‘Violin Reactions’ (Roundtable) LP $30

First ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail 1974 Library/Production Music LP. Limited edition 200 gram deluxe replica LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia and unpublished photos. Full dynamic range 2015 remaster direct from the first generation analogue master tapes.

“Armando Sciascia – by day, notable composer for Italian erotic and exotic cinema – by night, experimentalist and nocturnal avant-gardener. Lovingly crafted in his hand-built Vedette studio, Sciascia’s “lust for experimental research” has never been mre evident than on these precious, never before commercially released 1974 Library recordings.

“Violin Reactions” is a violently unique work, studiously constructed out of multi-tracked strings, ominous VCS3 drones and the drum breaks of Tullio De Piscopo. Part futurist broadcast, part Middle-Eastern short-wave trasmission, anchored by De Piscopo’s breakbeats and calisthenic percussion – strangely melodic and at times hauntingly otherworldly.”

BLACK POWER ‘The Peace’ (Now Again) LP $35

First official reissue of this essential Zamrock album, restored, remastered and pieced together from multiple copies of the incredibly rare original album. Contains an extensive booklet with never before published photos, an overview of the Zamrock scene, and the history of Peace and Black Power. Check! The Boyfriends, from Kitwe’s Chamboli Mine Township, supplied the founding members for Zamrock’s most famous band, WITCH, and kick started one of Zamrock’s best bands, Peace. Their sole Zamrock entry, Black Power, recorded at Malachite Film Studio circa 1973/4 and issued circa 1975, sounds like nothing else in the

Zamrock canon: a lost message drifiting from the flower power era, imbued with a fiery Zambian voice. (nice price!!)

GUELEWAR ‘Touki Ba Banjul – Acid Trip From Banjul To Dakar’ (Kindred Spirits) LP $34

Touki Ba Banjul is a compilation of the Gambian psych sensation Guelewar who played a major part in the development of the Afro Manding sound. From 1979-1982 the band released four albums, featuring some of Gambia’s best funk tunes. This official first time ever reissue features the highlights of their career. Due to the mixture of western influences such as soul and funk with traditional and regional rhythms like boogaraboo and sawrouba, The Super Alligators had a unique sound. The result of this blend is known as the psychedelic sound of Gambia (Senegal). In 1973 the Super Alligators decided to rename the group to Guelewar, Wolof’s for ‘noble warrior’.

CHRISTOPHER LEMAIRE ‘ Can’t You Hear Me’ (Now & Again) LP $45

Globetrotter of parallel subcontinents and digger of rare, forgotten records, Eothen “Egon” Alapatt tracks sounds from the dawn of time to the four corners of the world. On the other side of the globe, French designer Christophe Lemaire stays forward thinking and audacious in his choices: far from our deified present, he cultivates a love of timeless designs and mixed influences; a passion for iconoclastic music hidden in the dark corners of a global cultural industry. This extraordinary openness has been at the heart of their friendship since 2007. Their exceedingly eclectic, fierce rock discoveries gave birth to a first anthology, Where Are You From? (Now-Again, 2010), the fruit of Lemaire’s excavating Alapatt’s archives. That was a postgeographic exploration in psych, rock and funk territories from 1968 to now; this second anthology celebrates their impressionist vision and explores garage rock from the 1970s, voicing the struggles of independence in Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

GAY MARVINE ‘Bath House Etiquette Vol.1’ (Bath House Etiquette) 12” $20

This is volume one of a two volume set from edit master Gay Marvine aptly called Dance Floor Favorites

These are some of his most sought after unreleased edits that are known for their strong reaction on the dance floor. They cause an instant heat. Includes his own rude jacking acid jam “Banji Girl Realness”, using lines from Paris is Burning conjuring the energy of the dance floor battles that would ensue during a Ken Collier set at Heaven. “Keepyourbodyworkin” delivers that filth your dance floor needs, while “Street Life” simply elevates your floor, walking on air. And nothing shines the light stronger than “Weekend”, always a peak moment at a party.

GAY MARVINE ‘Bath House Etiquette Vol.2’ (Bath House Etiquette) 12” $20

This is volume two of a two volume set from edit master Gay Marvine justly called Dance Floor Favorites. These are some of his most sought after unreleased edits that are known for their strong reaction on the dance floor. They cause an instant heat. His perversity shines through the extreme tempo shift of “Jungle Fever” lifting it up into pure ecstatic dance floor action, with all the eroticism of “French Kiss” and all the spanish funk groove of Barrabas. We could to listen to the hypnotic “Goodnight” for hours on end, finally seeing light on vinyl. Gay Marvine’s “What’s Happening Bro” is not an edit per se, it’s what happens when you cross that line and it becomes house. This is perhaps his greatest tribute to Moodymann and his sets at Better Days,Hotbox and La Dolce Vita. The EP ends with the ever dirty “Bump Man” and Gay Marvine’s unique feverish take the needy anthem. Gay Marvine might just be the Frankie Knuckles of edits, because his music will keep you warm in the cold, a true musical heater.

GAY MARVINE ‘Bath House Etiquette Vol.3’ (Bath House Etiquette) 12” $20

Gay Marvine presents Bath House Etiquette Vol.3. “Anxiety into Ecstasy” – A clever take on a peak moment for the dance floor, fusing pieces of Chicago’s classic “Street Player” (it was such a small space in time, I never knew what I would find, a musical path for all to see, anxiety into ecstasy) with the classic beats of The Bomb! which famously sampled the original for Henry Street in 1995. “America” – The Bomb goes boom says Prince in this ecstatic take on “America” found only in parts from the 21 minute 1985 12″. Guaranteed to pump your dance floor into madness. “Wait a Minute, Baby” – One of the most gentle songs from Stevie Nicks on Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk perverted into a red hanky anthem. This mix is special because it allows you to play an almost folk rock moment as pure hedonistic disco, like a fantasy lost Cocteau Twins cut from 1979. “I Hate the Food I Eat” – I have nothing nice to say about Sting except he made some also pre-Police Italo and perfectly overacted in Dune. An effortless groove that despite being over 30 years old sounds remarkably contemporary.

GAY MARVINE ‘Bath House Etiquette Vol.7’ (Bath House Etiquette) 12” $20

More killer stuff from Gay Marvine: a lost michael cut, obscure depeche mode, his own original music for his take on see line woman, and first choice’s 1974 the player turned into a house jam but still using the 70s drums.

GAY MARVINE ‘Bath House Etiquette Vol.8’ (Bath House Etiquette) 12” $20

BHE 8 continues the devastation from Gay Marvine: totally transformed donna summer, a prince disco edit that removes all the vocals, his liaisons avant apres mars master edit, and iggy bowie eno sister midnight.

ASHA BHOSLE ‘Jab Chaye’/BAPPI LAHIRI ‘Dance Music’ – Bombay Disco 2 (Cultures Of Soul) 12” $20

This special limited edition 12″ is being released in conjunction with Cultures of Soul’s forthcoming compilation, Bombay Disco 2 !

Bombay Disco 2 is the second volume of our Bombay Disco series. This 12″ features two tracks, “Jab Chaye” by Asha Bhosle and “Dance Music” by Bappi Lahiri masterfully re-edited by Brother Cleve. Both tracks give you a great preview of what is to come from Bombay Disco 2 in a limited pressing of 500 copies.

LAM PLEARN MAEND TUB TAO / MON MEUANG TAI ‘Onuma Singsiri/Yupin Praethong’ (Paradise Bangkok) 7” $16

Launched at their recent 3rd Anniversary event in Bangkok, the ‘Paradise Bangkok’ label seeks to unearth little known musical gems from across Asia. Pressed up in a limited 1 edition of 500, the single boasts a silk screen cover and hand stamped, individually numbered sleeves. ‘Lam Plearn Maeng Tub Tao’ – Onuma Singsiri

Absolutely monstrous disco molam runnings from Onuma Singsiri – spattered with synth and uneven percussion, it’s a guaranteed, twisted dancefloor bomb! In addition, this is the first time this belter has been available on 45. Don’t sleep…. ‘Mon Meuang Tai’ – Yupin Praethong Originally available on a super rare 45rpm only run, Praethong’s gorgeous vocal underlines the Indian I ‘ roots of some of the Thai tradition, her voice offset by a plaintive violin meoldy, and a descending guitar line. Heading nodding, 3am percussion business of the highest order.

WAIPOD PETCHSUPHAN/THE SUPER RANANT BAND ‘Ding Ding Dong/A-Ba-Ni-Bi’ (Paradise Bangkok) 7” $16

Two new great tunes. Pressed up in a limited edition of 500, the single boasts a silk screen cover and hand stamped, individually numbered sleeves. ‘Ding Ding Dong’ -Waipod Petchsuphan Thundering out of the traps, this is a track that needs no introduction. Based loosely on the novelty song I from the Italian sex comedy ‘When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong, Lae legend Waipod I Petchsuphan laments the highs and lows of sexual 1I, pursuits, as Ethio-style horns punctuate the vocal, , on a rough R&B drum workout. ‘A-Ba-Ni-Bi’ -The Super Ranat Band . Appearing for the first time on 45, this mental cover I version by the unknown Super Ranat Band, originally I, came off a library LP. Over the toughest grooves, it I sounds like the group have thrown all their percussion and xylophones down the stairwell of an eight storey building! Enjoy…

ESMA REDZEPOVA ‘Abre Babi Sokerdzan’ (Paradise Bangkok) 7” $16

A unique collaboration between Asphalt Tango, Vlax Records, and Paradise Bangkok, this super-limited 7″ presents two gorgeously restored vintage tracks by the legendary Queen of the Gypsies, Esma Redžepova – unmissable eastward-leaning grooves from Europe’s Deep South. TIP!!

Drawn from the astonishing and critically acclaimed compilation Stand Up, People: Gypsy Pop Songs from Tito’s Yugoslavia, 1964-1980 (Vlax /Asphalt Tango), this single captures Esma and her ensemble at their red-hot best. The A-side, “Durdevan, Durdevan”, is a grooving, synth-driven celebration of Roma culture in socialist Yugoslavia – a must-listen hypnotic dancefloor-filler. The B-side, “Abre Babi Sokerdžan” is a rare recording of one of Esma’s earliest releases, with a punchy, driving enermble that provides the perfect backing for Esma’s youthful but amazingly passionate voice as she experiments with eastern styles and wild vocal ornaments.

2001 & BETO / TRIO MOCOTO ‘Labirinto/Swinga Sambaby’ (Cultures Of Soul) 7” $16

7″ taken from the Greg Caz and Deano Sounds compiled box set- The Brasileiro Treasure Box Of Funk & Soul. Trio Mocoto were Jorge Ben’s band – so you know they got the funk.

ANTONIO CARLOS & JOCAFI / OS INCRIVES ‘Quem Va La/Paz E Amor’ (Cultures Of Soul) 7” $16

7″ taken from the Greg Caz and Deano Sounds compiled box set- The Brasileiro Treasure Box Of Funk & Soul. From the daddy of Bossa….

TONI TORNADO ‘Bochechuda/Aposta’ (Cultures Of Soul) 7” $16

7″ taken from the Greg Caz and Deano Sounds compiled box set- The Brasileiro Treasure Box Of Funk & Soul. The stunning 45s from this set will now be available for individual sale. The series kicks off with Toni Tornado’s 1972 single Bochechuda…Check it!!!!


AMANAZ “Africa” 2LP (now Again) $45
ANDERSON .PAAK & KNXWLEDGE as NXWORRIES ‘Hud Dreems’! (Stones Throw) 2LP $45
AUSTIN PERALTA / SUN RA ‘Views Of Saturn’ (All City) 12” $18
BLACK SHEEP “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” 2 LP (universal) $35
FREDDIE GIBBS & MADLIB “Piñata” (stones throw) 2LP $35
J DILLA ‘Ruff Draft Beats’ (Stones Throw) LP 
JURASSIC 5 “Quality Control” 2LP (get on down) $35
KARRIEM RIGGINS ‘Alone’ (Stones Throw) LP
MF DOOM ‘Operation Doomsday’ (Stones Throw) LP $30
MOHAWKESTRA “The Green Manalishi/Paint it Black” (Reed) 7” $14
MNDSGN ‘Yawn Zen’ (Stones Throw) LP
MYRON & E ‘Do It Do It Disco’ (Stones Throw) 12” $20
QUASIMOTO ‘Yessir Whatever’ (Stones Throw) LP
SILK RHODES ‘Silk Rhodes’ ((Stones Throw) LP $32
THE SEVEN UPS “The Aviator / Dash Tapper” (Northside Records) 7” $14
TUXEDO ’Tuxedo’ (Stones Throw) LP $40
WITCH ‘Movin’ On’ (Invisible City) LP $34 – Zambian disco!!!


JORDAN RAKEI “Cloak” (Soul Has No Tempo) 2LP $40

LOCAL Delving deeper into his creative well, Jordan has delivered a record that continues to push personal and societal boundaries, a visionary journey through groove based soul, jazz and hip-hop with hints of psychedelia and afro percussive rhythms. Written and recorded in his new adopted home of London, Cloak is a scintillating and timeless debut drawing influence and inspiration from the discovery of meditation, the separation from ego and a personal conversation with self.

With guest appearances from fellow Australian’s Remi. and Ngaiire – and a feature cameo by the sublime Richard Spaven on Toko – Cloak will take you down the rabbit hole as Rakei expertly navigates explosive new boundaries, where colour and sound collide. ESSENTIAL!!

SAMPOLOGY “Natural Selections” (Soul Has No Tempo) EP $25

LOCAL After taking a break from his renowned AV shows, and keeping original releases close to his chest since his debut album in 2012, Soul Has No Tempo proudly present Natural Selections, the breathtakingly refreshing second EP from prominent producer, Sampology. The relentlessly innovative Brisbane native releases his best and most personal work to-date. As a torchbearer for collaborative inspiration, Sampology’s passion for extracting and supporting emerging talent from the depths of Brisbane’s evolving Soul/Electronic scene shines with Natural Selections, with collaboration being the pinnacle of the EP. Exposing a previously untapped side of his vast musical sphere, Natural Selections is an exquisite 6-track EP that delves into Sampology’s afro-percussive and organic influences which he has masterfully produced and laced with lush, live elements throughout. The producer is at the core of the live instrumentation on Natural Selections, playing keys, Kalimba, live percussion, Rhodes and drum programming – a highlight being the engagement of renowned composer and conductor, Gordon Hamilton, arranging strings on lead single “Thicker Than Water”.

Sampology has called on a number of Brisbane artists/friends that represent a new wave in soulful electronic music to lend their talents, with the producers own family also collaborating on the music and art. Featuring artists like Hiatus Kaiyote cover artist Laneous, NZ-born/Berlin-based (via Brisbane) artist Noah Slee as well as his own family laying the building blocks of Natural Selections. His father Ken Poggioli playing upright bass, his aunt Helen Poggioli playing viola and his mother Sue Poggioli creating the artwork and visuals that will feature throughout his new live show, it is a true labour of love.

MAYFIELD ”On The Ropes” (Choi Productions) 7” $12

LOCAL Choi Records Presents- the debut release from Mayfield!! Mayfield are a soul/funk/R&B/git down/hiphop- mish mash band formed around 3 years ago. Some long time friends and some new blood have now cemented the line-up in the shape that it is now, with the newest member being drummer/producer Ivan “Choi” Khatchoyan.

With an album on the way in early 2017, “On The Ropes” leads first as a perfect track for a funk jam on wax!!

TOM SHOWTIME QUINTET feat 1/6 and CLASS A “Birds Of Paradise” (groove Penguin) 7” + download $15

LOCAL dripping in the sounds of exotica mixed with neck snapping funk drums lie within sweet vocals and sweet raps. Boombap jazz coming at cha! Tom Showtime brings together his Quintet with local MCs 1/6 and Class A. The result is an amazing Melbourne hip hop jam! With Class A repeating “The Female of the Species – more deadlier than the male” – its hypnotic and funky!

LEN LEISE “Ing” (Genreal Purpose) LP $30 – SIGNED!!!!

LOCAL and SIGNED!!! If you’re scouting for some contemporary balearic experimentations then Len Leise is your man. The Australian producer is as multi-talented as he is mysterious, and although his productions paint a very clear picture of his personality and musical ideals, the man remains a figure of mystique. We love that, and we love this new album for his new General Purpose label. “Pretending” opens the LP and it’s a curious track indeed, shaped by a dubby bassline, watery acoustics and his own slippery vocal poetry. These aqueous waters fall neatly into the frenetic yet soothing patterns of “Swimming”, and then onto more funky territories on the dubwise “Rocking”. Flip to the B-side, and you get the relatively more house-minded “Stopping”, the subtly tribal sways of “Wandering”, and the electrifying dub banger aptly named “Stepping”. Think of this album as dub with that faint balearic twist for good measure. Excellent and highly recommended!

BITORI: THE LEGEND OF FUNANA: The Forbidden Music Of The Cape Verde Islands (Analog Africa) 2LP $34

Gorgeous reissue of a 1997 masterpiece which many Cabo Verdeans consider to be the best Funaná album ever made. It was recorded by a 59-year old accordion player named Victor Tavares, better know as Bitori. Halfway the 20th century Funaná was the most popular Cabo Verdean music style. However, since this music was strongly connected to the struggle for Cape Verdean independence, it was prohibited by the Portuguese colonial rulers, which is why Funaná seemed to have disappeared in the ’60s and early ’70s. However, after Cabo Verde achieved independence in ’75, this type of music met with a revival, leading to several recordings of which this collection is the undisputed pinacle.

HEAVENLY ETHIOPIQUES – The Best of the Ethiopiques Series’ VARIOUS (Heavenly Sweetness) 2LP $36

This is the first release within the framework of the collaboration with Heavenly sweetness and the series éthiopiques (Buda music). A double vinyl gatefold in which you can find the “classics” by Mulatu, Mahmoud Ahmed, Tlahoun Gésséssé but also some much rarer and less known titles. In brief, a panorama of the Ethiopian music from the 60’s and 70’s which will delight as well the greenhorn as the specialist.

A BAND CALLED FLASH ‘Original Soundtrack’ (FVW) 12” $18

Some proper jazz funk here. Ron Trent executive produced EP that reminds of bands like Atmosfear.

With its debut EP on the Future Vision label, is the band created by artist, writer and producer Jared Hines in collaboration with executive producers Ron Trent and Jonesy. Inspired by the Jazz Funk elements of UK outfit Atmosfear and the alternative Disco sounds of Dinosaur L, presented here on this EP are five tracks that embrace the energy of “live” dance music. Reminiscent of the early 80’s Boogie sound, A Band Called Flash will surely capture the attention of the more eclectic, global dance floor.


Like most great orchestras from West Africa, Super Biton have always combined a subtle mix of tradition and modernity, instrumental ease and vocal virtuosity along their scattered and scarce discography. Hailing from Orchestre Régional de Kayes, at the other end of the country, guitar player Mama Sissoko joined the Biton in 1972. He quickly became the main soloist of the band, and paved the way for a music which was both lyrical and sober. They triumphed at the 1974 and 1976 Biennales over the Kanaga de Mopti, Sidi Yassa de Kayes, Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou, Negro Band de Gao and Kénéstar de Sikasso, Mali’s main regional orchestras. By that time, Super Biton were declared Mali’s first ‘national orchestra’. At the height of their power, the Biton had a repertoire of over 200 songs and counted 19 musicians among them. This record is an exact reissue of one of their full albums, featuring songs from Mali’s golden age. Just like the Super Biton, still carrying on after many tribulations, they failed to reach a wider audience outside of Mali. Now it’s about time to enjoy the timelessness of Mali’s regional music from Ségou.

MOON B ‘Lifeworld: Repress’ (GBR) $34

Growing Bin Records is incredibly happy to bring you the vinyl edition* of Moon B‘s Lifeworld – previously released on tape by the Vancouver based label 1080p. Chopped, grainy subcontinental film aural motifs paired with other slankness on Moon B’s latest. After a brief pause since his PPU releases, Wes Gray returns with a remapped take on his distinctly dusty and groovy sample-focused synth funk. Gray has worked towards his particular sweet spot of retrofuturism, and Lifeworld’s segues between antiquity and contemporary g-funk benefit from extremely rich, filmic moods and a general knack for basking in warmth and sincerity rather than obscurity * Vinyl contains BONUS CUT “Moments In Slank”

TONY ALLEN ‘Black Voices’ (KSTA) $30

The man who put the beat into afrobeat is back! Part of the Tony Allen reissue series on Kindred Spirits, featuring remastered versions and original restored artwork. A must for afro-beat fans around the globe.

Without question, one of the highpoints of his post-Fela catalog was the in 1999 released record, Black Voices, which crosses over so many musical boundaries that it is impossible to name them all. A group effort in every sense of the word, Tony Allen found himself surrounded with some of the most innovative, talented, and energetic musicians on the planet, and the sounds and moods they created as a group represent the pinnacle of what can happen when such talent is properly focused. Each of the tracks on Black Voices explodes with positive energy and irresistible grooves, yet there are also social criticisms and observations running underneath the stunning musical arrangements.

DREAM 2 SCIENCE ’Dream 2 Science’ (RH) $20

Official re-release of this ‘lost’ 6-track mini album by New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame). Recorded and released in 1990 and is an absolute gem of a record – very much in the vein of Larry Heard’s best recordings. MASSIVE TIP! Electronic soul classic! Now available again for the first time in 22 years, remastered + full artwork.

Few would’ve have dreamed this would be performed live but the worldwide premier live show will be going on The Toff Sunday Oct 30


Nice reissue of a slice of Reggae / Calypso by the man Andre Tanker backed up by the Mansa Musa drummerboys.

MACHINEDRUM “Human Energy” 2LP (Ninja Tune) $48

Travis Stewaert aka Machinedrum returns with possibly his career-defining album. Written during the early stages of this year, which saw Steward move to California and start exploring esoteric and new age sounds. This concept of sound as a healer, or as a way of expanding our mind is something he’s trying to carry throughout the execution of the album. From opener “Lapis”, Machinedrum immediately grabs our attention – slowly an arpeggio ascending to heaven which, apparently building towards the mother of all drops, instead fades up and off into the ether. “Morphonogene” swiftly carries the listener into some skitty, future-proof beats backed by what will become the albums ident – pitched angel vox set to a half-tempo swagger. There’s a plethora of collaborations: the aforementioned MeLo-X; Jesse Boykins III offers a moment of astral r&b goodness on “Celestial Levels”; Rochelle Jordan provides the lift off as Machinedrum works the rhythm flips on “Tell U”. There are also contributions from Ruckazoid, Roses Gabore and MELBOURNE’S OWN – SK Simeon. It’s a tour de force of future musica come dig it!

BETTY DAVIS “The Colombia Years 1968 – 1971” (light in the Attic) LP + Boooklet $55

INCREDIBLE UNRELEASED album from 5 years before her debut – Production by Miles Davis & Teo Macero (Tracks 1-6) with performances from Harvey Brooks, Billy Cox (Band of Gypsys), Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Wayne Shorter, and Larry Young, along with Hugh Masekela and members of The Jazz Crusaders (Tracks 7-9). Also includes rare photos by Baron Wolman and Courtesy of Iconic Images, and new interviews and unseen historical documents from the Teo Macero archive. HEAVY…

ALBRECHT LA’BROOY ‘Eventide’ (Analogue Attic) 12” $20

LOCAL Following the success of ‘Edgewater Towers’ earlier this year, Albrecht La’Brooy show their darker side in the latest release from Analogue Attic Recordings. Somber and brooding at times, hard-hitting at others, ‘Eventide’ stays true to the Analogue Attic aesthetic whilst exploring themes and sounds of the evening.

HYJINX “RSVP” (Hyjink) CD $10

LOCAL Hyjinx are a super funk and disco outfit from Melbourne. Featuring the honeyed voice of Dominque Garrard backed by a powerful four-piece horn section, Hyjinx will take you on a euphoric groove journey. More FUNKY SOUL from a town that has dance floors worn out with so much use. A 5 track debut EP with a range of tender to upbeat. DIG.

WATERHOUSE “Empty Geller EP” (decisions records) 12″ $15

LOCAL Decisions is proud to announce its second release: Empty Gallery EP by waterhouse, a Melbourne based producer, DJ and vocalist. The EP spans 3 years of waterhouse productions (2013-2015) charting a sonic emergence suffused with spatial, textural and emotional complexity, as much primed for deep listening at home as it is for the more intimately challenging moments of a DJ set. waterhouse has been making waves in Australia with her intense live performances, visceral DJ sets and her recent opus ‘waterhouse at the Little Girls Orchestra’ for FBi Radio’s multi-award winning experimental show Ears Have Ears. Empty Gallery EP is her debut release.

AIR MAX ’97 “Core Work / Expenditure” (decisions records) 12″ $15

LOCAL – this is one from the LABEL BOSS…. A side ‘Core Work’ is an oblique polyrhythmic affair aimed to enrapture the body and mind. A nearly 4/4 kick pulses under viscous bell loops and bursts of syncopated clicks and crashes. The result is playful and bewitching, drawing the listener/dancer through a series of cascading, shifting grooves. B side ‘Expenditure’ is a low-slung extra terrestrial machine. Described by Ben UFO as ‘seriously twisted’, the track sets keenly textured bass in elliptical orbit around arpeggiated melodies and sharply honed percussion. Local grimey Techno….


LADY WRAY ‘Queen Alone’ (Big Crown) LP $32

Virginia-born singer/songwriter Nicole Wray has everything you’d want in a singer: an infectious Jackson-5-family-member flare, a range like Aretha’s, and a church upbringing that’s brought a pure, healing texture to her voice. But the struggle she’s been through has made her more than a singer. Nicole Wray is an artist. When talking about Queen Alone, her first solo album in some time, Nicole explains, “It’s a reflection of my soul. It’s who I am today.” And aptly so. Nicole is writing and singing songs about her life. And yet to even start to know her soul, you have to go back to the beginning. In 2013, Nicole paired up with London vocalist Terri Walker and released the album Lady. Once again, Nicole was tested. Terri parted ways with the group to pursue her own projects shortly after the album’s release – despite rave reviews and upcoming travel dates. The record was written and recorded in 10 days at the legendary Diamond Mine Studios, in Queens NY with Leon Michels and Tom Brenneck handling production.  CLASSIC WORK!!

NICK WATERHOUSE “Never Twice” (Innovative Leisure) LP $42

Nick’s latest Never Twice is a culmination, intensification, and realization of everything he’s been developing throughout this prolific frenzy. Catchier and loaded with more hits than its predecessors, Nick’s new LP is at the same time harder hitting, more rhythmic, more harmonic, more diverse, and more adventurous than any of the excellent work that already separated him from the pack. A cool and elegant post-post-modern cocktail of 1950s r&b and club jazz, mixed with 1960s soul and boogaloo, and shaken with a minimal contemporary sensibility, Never Twice finds the artist taking his time, refining his vision, and speaking with new authority. In five short years Nick Waterhouse has come a long way and it looks like he may have just painted his masterpiece.

STREET CORNER MUSIC 2016 – 2017 Sampler (SCM) Cassette $15

A fresh offering of the latest Street Corner material from the likes of Jonwayne, Jake One, Stro Elliott, Ras G, DJ Harrison & many more!

ILLINGSWORTH “Worth The Wait” (SCM) LP $30

Doc Illingsworth has been cranking out heat in Detroit for years now. Whether it be solo, instrumental, or rhyming and providing the sonics for his crew Detroit CYDI, his discography has grown as long if not longer than many of his contemporaries. I felt that a full length LP of his work was long overdue. No better time than the present, right? So we made it happen. Better late than never right? Hopefully this will be the first of many for Illingsworth. It took a minute, but it’s definitely Worth The Wait…

HOUSE SHOES “The Gift vol 7 Seven” (SCM) LP $30

The Gift, Vol. 7 marks the first time House Shoes himself releases an installation in his acclaimed “The Gift” series., comprised of beats he composed between 1997-2011 for Elzhi, Proof, Quelle, Danny Brown and others.

ENTROPY “Ornament” (Entropyemcee) LP $35

LOCAL – Entropy is a Melbourne born and bred Hip Hop artist. Cutting his teeth with the EP ‘System Architect’, he emerged onto the scene as a lyrical emcee. With his latest release ‘Ornament’, Entropy has shown that he has graduated his style to define a flow that not only encompasses a unique delivery; but also deep lyrical undertones that ask the listener to question the topics described. Ornament is a full length LP that features Australian artists: Elf Tranzporter, Mikoen & One Sixth. The topics tackled on Ornament include The 9/11 Conspiracy, The Sydney Siege & Australia’s Convict History. Forging a name among Melbourne open mic nights for his freestyle abilities, Entropy has shared the stage with the likes of Pegz & R.A The Rugged Man.

LADY WRAY ‘Make Me Over/Smiling’ (Big Crown) 7” $14

Big Crown Records is proud to present the second single from Lady Wray’s Queen Alone album “Smiling”.An instant feel good anthem, “Smiling” finds Lady Wray reminding us to keep our heads up and keep a smile on our faces through whatever life deals us. With production from Leon Michels & Thomas Brenneck that rides the line between bubblegum pop and lo fi tough grit, Nicole lays out with a voice as encouraging as the lyrics she is singing. Listeners will be hard pressed not to find themselves singing along after the first listen. A proper good vibe tune guaranteed to move dance floors the world over.The B side “Make Me Over” is a lushly scored tale of letting your guard down and letting the one who loves you take care of you when you are down and out. A relatable tale of having expensive taste and empty pockets, Nicole finds herself asking for a little help so she can get a break from being strapped for cash promising to take care of her man as soon as her check comes in.

BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND ‘Pimp/Police In Helicopter’ (Big Crown) 7” $$14

Possibly the fourth different press on 7” of the super smash hit, the smell drum funk cover of 50 Cent’s PIMP. Club banger. The flip features the John Holt classic given the Jah love of course, but with the Steel drums in the mix too.  Another sure shot…..

79.5 ‘Terrorise My Heart -Disco Dub/45 Edit’ (Big Crown) 7” $14

Hard to categorize, easy to love, 79.5 has been making tons of noise around New York City for the past year. With three lead vocalists, Kate, Nya, and Piya and a band that pulls influence from every corner of a record store, it’s no wonder they are already taking the scene by storm. A smashing rhythm section covered in punching rhodes chops, flute parts, and dubbed out reggae rhythm guitar sets the perfect vibe for the ladies to trade off leads and come back together in three part harmonies: All the while taking the whole tune from half time to double time. The B side, coined the Disco Dub mixed by Jens Jungkurth, finds Michels’ production taking “Terrorize My Heart” from the change where it goes to four on the floor and lacing it with drums and a clap track that absolutely pushes this tune over the edge into the realm of dancefloor banger. Tombstones fall over, the earth cracks open, and dead people get up and dance when this comes on…

MAGDY EL HOSSAINY “Music De Carnival” (petite) 7” $15

Batshit crazy funk from Egypt. This banger will make your neck hurt! Magdy el Hossainy is an egyptian keyboardist who played with Abdel Halim Hafez and Om Kalthoum. Music de Carnaval is a crazy psychedelic funk track blended with oriental rhythms & arabic influences. This tune was recorded in 1972 during a one shot jam session in Cairo. You probably won’t believe it though. B side is a re-drum version by Steven J (half of Creative Swing Alliance) who added a heavy beat on the track that will for sure please the wordlwide B-Boys & headstrong funk dj’s..


30/70 ‘Cold Radish Coma’ (Moontown Records) LP $25 – LOCAL SOUL

BOBBY WOMACK ‘The Bravest Man In The Universe’ (XL) LP $26

CARIBOU ‘Our Love’ (City Slang) LP $32

CAT EMPIRE, THE ‘Rising With The Sun’ (Two Shoes) 2LP $42 – LOCAL SOUL

CAT EMPIRE, THE ‘Steal The Light’ (Two Shoes) 2LP $38- LOCAL SOUL

COURTNEY BARNETT ‘Sometimes I Sit & Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit’ (Milk) LP $32

D.D DUMBO ‘Tropical Oceans’ (4AD) LP $20 – LOCAL SOUL

DORSAL FINS “Mind Renovation” (Grapples) LP $30 (plus download) – LOCAL SOUL

FLOATING POINTS ‘Elaenia’ (Pluto) LP $36

FLYING LOTUS ‘Cosmogramma’ (Warp) 2LP $34

FLYING LOTUS ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp) 2LP $34

FLYING LOTUS ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ (Warp) LP $32

FLYING LOTUS ‘You’re Dead!’ (Warp) 2LP $32

GIL SCOTT-HERON & JAMIE XX ‘We’re New Here’ (XL) LP $32

KAMASI WASHINGTON ‘The Epic’ (Brainfeeder) 3LP $100

KAYTRANADA ’99.9%’ (XL) 2LP $48

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD ‘Paper Mache Dream Balloon’ (Flightless) LP $32

KNXWLEDGE ‘Hud Dreems’ (Stones Throw) 2LP $42

MARK PRITCHARD ‘Under The Sun’ (Warp) 2LP $52

RAAH PROJECT, THE ‘Score’ (Equinox) CD $25 – LOCAL SOUL

REMI ‘Divas & Demons’ (House of Beige) 2LP $40 / CD $20 – LOCAL SOUL

RODRIGUEZ ‘Cold Fact’ (Light In The Attic) LP $38

RUN THE JEWELS ‘Run The Jewels’ (Big Dada) LP + 12” $42

SASKWATCH ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’ (Northside Records) LP $32 – LOCAL SOUL

SERGE GAINSBOURG ‘Histoire De Melody Nelson’ (Light In The Attic) LP $42

SUI ZHEN ‘Secretly Susan’ (Dot Dash) LP $32 – LOCAL SOUL

THEESATISFACTION ‘Earthee’ (Sub Pop) LP $42

THUNDER CAT ‘The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam’ (Brainfeeder) LP $26


VARIOUS ‘Back On The Street Again: Australian Funk, Soul, and Psych (mostly) from the Festival Vaults’ (Warner) 2LP $55 – LOCAL SOUL




LOCAL 3 Lucchesi brothers bring you their second album THE GIFT. Out now! The local disco freaks are no stranger to the dance floor as Mark dis[layed at the launch for this great new record! With 3 hit singles off it there is a sense of another musical movement in Melbourne as the sound of synthesisers (James Bowers) combine with the funk and great harmonies drive the songs to happy places.

ENTRO “Wave 92” (groove Penguin) Cassette $10

LOCAL ENTRO// is a beatmaker, DJ and producer based in Melbourne Australia. Coming with a new take on the boom bap and jazz rap era of sample based beats. ONLY 25 made!!

THE GOODS “The Goods” (personal best records) LP $30

LOCAL Sydney soul cats THE GOODS drop their debut on wax. Two sides make up this team. And two different sides are written for it. One by a drummer and one by a bass player. Both show strengths in their instruments that is a great change up from each side. TIP

PAUL MAGI BIG BAND “Esimene / Tuulte Tants” (jazz aggression) 7” $15

Previously unreleased funky radio big band stomper from Estonia Composers Tõnu Naissoo and Sam Brown, Huge tip!! Two lovely cuts taken from an All-Star Estonian Big Band radio concert broadcasted in 1984. The funky ‘Esimene’ ia a original Tõnu Naissoo penned stomper. Flip it and you’ll find the groovy ‘Tuulte Tants’ arranged by Tiit Paulus written by Sam Brown. Both tracks Previously unreleased!

HIGH RISK “The Common Woman / Degredation” (jazz aggression) 7” $15

New all woman Soul Jazz with attitude and a message! ‘The Common Woman’ is a basement revamp of Herbie Hancoks ‘Mayden Voyade’ with flute, resitation and and a lovely piano buildup. Flip it and you have the polical soulful ‘Degradation’ including conga breakdown! Rare replica reissue from the very hard to find 1974 original. Comes with jacket and limited to 500!

OMAYAH KHALIQ AND THE BLACK BELT SYMPHONY “Geronimo Pratt / Brotherman” (Jazz aggression) 7” $15

Two political fueled Soul Jazz cuts out of California in the early 1980. Black Panther related. Featuring the vocals of the late Somayah ‘Peaches’ Moore Khaliq. She lays down a serious message over the great, sligthly reggae tingled ‘Brotherman’ The highlight is the jazz funky ‘Geronimo Pratt’ telling the story of the falsely imprisoned Black Panther member who was released in the 90s on false charges. Another sad story in the long line of wrong convictions in the American legal system. This EP is an absolute gem! Rare limited 500 only replica reissue from the very hard to find 1983 original. Comes with jacket.

VARIOUS “The Grasso Brothers present: We Know How To Boogie” (BBE) 2LP $46

Compiled by Italian DJ and purveyor of rare vinyl Gino Grasso with the assistance of his brother Federico, ‘We Know How To Boogie’ is a joyful romp through the finest forgotten dance-floor disco and soul from the 70’s and 80’s . A bona fide ‘disco don’, Gino has collected music for over 30 years and supplied the likes of Kenny Dope and Dimitri From Paris with obscure gems. Many of the tracks included on ‘We Know How To Boogie’ have become ‘signature tunes’ for DJs such as Phil Asher, Sadar Bahar, Joe Davis and Daniele Baldelli, rarely if ever leaving their record boxes. Containing several exclusive edits from the Grasso Brothers, ‘We Know How To Boogie’ is simply filled with sure-fire hits for the discerning dance-floor. Lesser known tracks remastered from eye-wateringly expensive original vinyl releases by William Barlak, Living Colour & Carol Meriwether rub shoulders with the truly obscure and utterly wonderful French-Canadian disco outfit ‘Black Sun’ in what can only be described as a musical celebration like you’ve never heard before. This ‘Italian Job’ is guaranteed to do more than just ‘blow the bloody doors off.

DEXTER STORY ‘Wejene Aola / Eastern Prayer’ (Soundway) 7” $15

For his next release on Soundway Records, Los Angeles-based Dexter Story hooks up with long time friend and compatriot of music, the saxophonist, jazz composer, producer and band-leader Kamasi Washington.This is a record that no lover of Ethio-Jazz, Afro-Beat or Funk should be excused for not owning. A fierce, rumbling electro Ethio-Funk groove provides the platform for an intense and powerful interplay between Washington on tenor sax and Todd Simon on trumpet. An instrumental cover version of Tilahun Gessesse’s1970s cut of the same name, it’s Story’s homage to the oppressed Oromo people of Southern Ethiopia. Backed on the flip by the one ut from Story’s ‘Wondem’ long-player that did not make it to vinyl when the LP version was cut, Nia Andrew’s sublime and atmospheric collaboration on Eastern Prayer will keep all those happy who grumbled at it’s exclusion from wax first time around.

ANDREW ASHONG ‘Special/Never Dreamed/Love The Way’ (Whichway) $20

First solo release after an amazing collaboration with Theo Parrish. Check out Special. TIP!!! Released on Theo Parrishʼs Sound Signature the 9-minute cut was a summer anthem, played by DJs as diverse as Tim Sweeny, Floating Points and Benji B. Gilles Peterson listeners voted it the ʻTrack of The Yearʼ at the Worldwide Awards. All of which came as a surprise to studio perfectionist Andrew. Growing up in Forest Hill with Ghanian/English parents, he listened to disco, funk and soul, amassing a huge vinyl collection initially from charity shops, supplemented by his older brothers Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock and choice Talking Loud Records collection. The ʻSpecialʼ EP sees him release 3 more songs of eagerly awaited soul music, equally heaven- sent. And plenty more eyes and ears are following now.

VAKULA ‘Dedicated To Jim Morrison’ (Leleka) LP $30

This time Vakula explores the universe of the man who was searching for a world where there were women and children obeying the moon but faced the reality with its wisdom, and fever, and sickness. And faced it too soon. ‘The music and voices are all around us. Choose, the croon, the Ancient Ones. The time has come again’. The album is Vakula’s thoughts in time and out of season dedicated to Morrison, the poet, the musician, the soft mad child, the great man. ‘Enter again the sweet forest, enter the hot dream, come with us. Everything is broken up and dances’.

SKOMES “Mindloops On A Heartbreak” (Groove Penguin) LP $20

LOCAL repress Skomes is now releasing an instrumental beat tape ‘Mindloops Ona Heartbeat,’ his first solo endeavour. The title of this tape is really a description of Skomes’ production style; chopped samples float in and out like hazy memories over the steady heartbeat of dusty drums, this is music to vibe out to, to meditate to, and to ride the train to, headphone music.


D.WILSON & L.CARSON ‘Tracks From The Tapes’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

HOWARD THOMAS ‘Experiment #1’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

JEFF MILLS ‘The Beatmaster’ (Axis) 12” $20

JUAN ATKINS ‘Electric Jungle/Impulse/Ohh La La’ (Black Market) 12” $20

LARRY HEARD ‘The It/Black Oceans/Endless Right’ (Black Market) 12” $20

LOUIE VEGA “Starring….XXVIII PART 02” (Vega Records) 3LP $52

MARCELLUS PITTMAN/THEO PARRISH ‘Essential Selections Vol.1’ 12” $20

PAUL HILL / NIKKI O ‘Need Me Some U/Music’ (Mahogani Music) 12” $20

ROTATING ASSEMBLY FT BILLY LOVE ‘Rusty Waters (Illumination)’ 12” $20

SCOTT GROOVES ‘Bitter Sweet’ (Wild Oats) 12” $20

THEO PARRISH ‘Any Other Styles’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

THEO PARRISH ‘Capritarious #7’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

THEO PARRISH ‘Dance Of The Medusa/Bubbles/Ambalamps’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

THEO PARRISH ‘Goin Downstairs Pt. 1 & 2’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

THEO PARRISH ‘Lights Down Low’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20

THEO PARRISH ‘You Forgot/Dirt Rhodes’ (Sound Signature) 12” $20


REMI “Divas & Demons” (House of Beige) 2LP $40 / CD $20

VARIOUS ‘BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN: Australian Funk, Soul, and Psych (mostly) from the Festival Vaults’ (Warner) 2LP $55

GL “Touch” (Plastic World) LP $30

TANYA RIA “Do The Smasher / Love You Didn’t Want” (afro 7) 7” $15

FADUMA KASSIM / AHMED SHARIEF YUSUF “Majogo 3.30 / Berflasana” Afro 7) 7” $15

DOUBLE EXPOSURE ‘My Love Is Free’ (Salsoul) 12” $20


REMI “Divas & Demons” (House of Beige) 2LP $40 / CD $20

LOCAL Melbourne emcee Remi returns with his second album, Divas & Demons. Working once again with long-time collaborator Sensible J, the album acts like a diary of the last two years. Touching on the intricacies of love, race, politics and mental health, it features some huge special guests including Sampa The Great, Jordan Rakei, Baro, members of Hiatus Kaiyote and more. The guys are a cornerstone sound of the Northside of this city. They bring the FUNK!!! Lyrics that are conscious and smart and funny combined with funky funky beats. We can see this being labelled an Aussie hip hop classic in years to come.

GL “Touch” (Plastic World) LP $30

LOCAL Rewind to a time when Madonna was making flirtatious, distinct pop music, Janet defined groove and Paula Abdul was known as a popstar more than a talent show judge. The late ’80s is the reference point for Aussie duo GL’s debut album Touch – a backwards reaching, forward-thinking pop record that treads a steady line between nostalgia and innovation. Thanks to bubbling beats, breezy melodies and charismatic bass lines, Touch may be the funnest local record of the year. Beginning with the triumphant synths of Number One, it takes you straight to the dancefloor while still exploring the intimacy and physicality of lust and romance. It’s an album made for the dance-ready masses that also manages to sound decidedly personal. “I can be your number one,” Ella Thompson sings on the opener over a beat that would make everyone feel as if they’re GL’s number one. With percussive help from GRAEME POGSON this band is your number one. Get a GRIPP and cop it!

TIGERMOTH “Effort And Essence” (Hydrofunk)
LP $30

LOCAL Born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, Tigermoth’s (a.k.a. Tim Paterson) beats take you on an aural journey. He is a multi instrumentalist who chooses to express himself using turntables, samplers and FX. His intelligent mixing attests his abstract turntabilism, while his film background and jazz leanings allow him to compose sets that tell a story. A prolific producer, Tigermoth has multiple solo releases, and is in high demand for his remix and soundtrack work. He has recorded, performed with and supported a vast array of artists including DJ Krush, MF DOOM, Jon Wayne, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Del the Funky Homosapien, Oh No, Kool Keith, EL-P, De La Soul, The Opus, Gaslamp Killer, and Cut Chemist. Mastered by DAVE COOLEY who has done LOTS of work in LA notably with J Dilla. DIG.

KINGS KONECTED “Corrupted Citizens” (unkut recording) 2LP $55

LOCAL Kings Konekted hail from the tumultuous terrain of Brisbane’s western suburbs, and follow in the tradition of great rap duos that boast equally skilled MCs with distinct and complementary flows. Think Erick Sermon and PMD, Havoc and Prodigy, Ghost and Rae. And like their forebears, Konekted’s impermeable slang reflects the place where they dwell. Their dialect is opaque and territorial, painting unmistakable visuals with every breath. Replace the US East Coast’s bleak winter with the sticky summers of Brisbane’s west line and you’re part way there. Every verse lets you into the back seat of the Falcon, puts you privy to murky in-jokes and felonious proposals. The pair’s exemplary wordplay is matched by a forensic attention to detail in structure. Rarely content to simply trade off sixteen-bar verses, they have authentic pass-the-mic empathy. Witness it in full flight on ‘Misconceptions’, a jaw-droppingly gymnastic five-and-a-half minutes of spits with barely a breath drawn. They do it again while decoding their speech for the listener on ‘Windtalkers’. A homage to Big L’s iconic ‘Ebonics’, it hews close to its forefather – the cadence as well as the concept immediately recalls that classic – but the Chief and the Captain make it their own. Elsewhere, lead track ‘Value of Adaption’ is accompanied by a cinematic clip executed in crisp monochrome by Unkut visualists Heata and Josh Davis. It’s calm, collected and crucial to the bigger Corrupted picture. Queensland: beautiful one day, a seething hotbed of corruption the next. Kings Konekted is buying history. If crews knew…

B & THE FAMILY “A Good Time / You’re Gonna Love Me” (Super Disco Edits) 7” $15

Brian Morgan, guitarist who played on the classic Sugar Hill Gang cut “Rappers Delight and who was a young protégé to soul legend Kashif.Here we have the feel good cut of “Youre gonna love me” Due to a move in location Brian decided to shelve this song for the time being, and concentrate on other matters.Around late 2014 he dug out the old tapes and carried on from where he left of, like no time had even passed. He kept most parts of those original 1987 recordings, and gave them a little modern day sparkle. Both sides are previously un-issued until today.

Australian Funk, Soul, and Psych (mostly) from the Festival Vaults’ (Warner) 2LP $55

LOCAL Australia produced some amazing music during the 60s and 70s that sat outside of the normal rock mould. Avant guard artists like John Sangster pushed boundaries and experimented with the fusion of local and overseas influences; artists like Dalvanius recorded soaring disco music that was lost amongst the popular music of the time, only to be rediscovered by DJs overseas who were searching for unknown sounds; composers like Brute Force and His Drum took risks and recorded left-field funky sounds hidden within their more mainstream compositions; and popular artists like Billy Thorpe occasionally strayed from their A&R directions and took leaves from the books of American artists who were largely unknown in Australia at the time. Beneath the veneer of bland rock and roll lay an unknown multitude of funky sounds hidden from mainstream view.” In addition to the artists that Kinetic mentions (and the compilation features two John Sangster tracks – stunning versions of ‘Hair’ and the Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’), the collection includes iconic names of the era like the Daly-Wilson Big Band (featuring Kerrie Biddell), Renee Geyer and the Johnny Rocco Band. ’60s sides from Ross D Wyllie and The ID (featuring Jeff St John) reveal the various styles’ roots in American rhythm & blues, and the unexpected inclusion of some legendary Australian rock outfits like Tamam Shud and Blackfeather reveals the psychedelic and progressive rock influences at play. The full range of the music is highlighted by the inclusion of both cabaret/daytime TV performer Al Styne and outrageous Kings Cross club act Count Copernicus & The Cosmic Fire as well as the in-house studio ‘pops’ orchestra, Festival Studio 24 Orchestra. ESSENTIAL

AIR “Air” (Be With Records) LP $42

Long Island’s AIR only made one album. As solitary statements go, it’s exceptional. Divinely elevated by Googie Coppola’s beautiful voice, this transcendent masterpiece of soulful jazz-rock fusion has become increasingly tricky to track down. 45 years on from its initial release, Be With Records finally make it available again on vinyl. The highlights are many and memorable. From the irresistible groove of “Mr. Man” to the heavenly piano vocal of “Jail Cell”; from the funk-fuelled brass breaks in “Man Is Free” to the haunting, unforgettable “Sister Bessie”, it is easy to understand why this record has been long revered amongst aficionados. Yet the entire record is without weakness and, therefore, selecting standout tracks seems redundant. If ever there was an album to surrender to in full, this is it. A perfect blend of rock and jazz, the record’s greatest asset is surely Googie’s uniquely expressive voice – the like of which we’ll never hear again. Much like the music contained within, the original jacket was a thing of total beauty, presented as a lavish gatefold with a distinctive die-cut logo on the front flap. Accordingly, in keeping with the quality of all Be With reissues, this has been painstakingly recreated, along with the original liner notes. Sonically, Simon Francis’ dextrous mastering adds real clarity and muscle throughout and, as ever, it has been pressed at a reassuringly weighty 180g.

RASPUTIN’S STASH “Hidden Stash” (Athens of the North) LP $32

It’s a big one, a third previously unreleased Raspuitins stash LP, half of which was thought to be lost. Just recently it turned up in a Chicago warehouse and we managed to get out hands on it. With the blessing of Paul Coleman (Rasputins Stash member) we reunited the masters with the remainder of the tapes residing in Curtom archive to complete the LP, Huge! “How do you measure achievement when you’ve never been paid? A hell of a question ain’t it?” Former Rasputin’s Stash band member, Paul N. Coleman, is considering how best to appraise his remarkable life experiences in terms other than monetary earnings. He has to. He’s never really had any. Still grinding hard, but happily, at the coal-face of songwriting and production in a musical career now almost five decades long, he is, at the time of writing, yet without a nickel in royalties to his name. For one whose recorded output still resonates and sells today, who has graced stages facing almost fifty thousand concert-goers in a single venue, and yet who was ripped off in every which way but inside-out, it is indeed a hell of a question.

THEO PARRISH “American Intelligence”
(Sound Signature) 3LP $75

From 2014….Given that this is the first album from the great Theo Parrish since 2007, it’s unsurprising interest in American Intelligence has rocketed over the course of the year as Sound Signature left a trail of hints. Happily, American Intelligence is a fine album; deep and woozy in parts, undeniably soulful, shot through with jazz influences and full to bursting with killer cuts. By now, everyone should know the brilliant “Footwork” single (arguably one of the records of 2014); soon, clubs will swing to the off-kilter dancefloor jazz of “Make No War”, the 21st century broken house of the epic “Fallen Funk” and the decidedly odd – but brilliant – “Helmut Lampshade”.

THEO PARRISH “Going Downstairs”
(Sound Signature) 12” $20

‘Going downstairs’ is a electronic blues song with ‘Lazy’ sort of synths and a repetitive vocal hook placed on top of a midtempo rhythm with kicks, hi hats etc entering and leaving the mix continiously. This was a CD only track from the Sound Sculptures CD release and now gets a 12″ release.

TORNADO WALLACE “Kangaroo Ground” (Beats in Space) 12” $24

LOCAL Australia’s one-man storm of tropical funk Tornado Wallace returns to Beats In Space Records with the acid-flecked two-tracker, Kangaroo Ground / Ferntree Gully.Where Desperate Pleasures, his first EP for Beats In Space, distilled post-punk and electro influences into sunkissed sub-equatorial tones, Lewie Day’s new 12 secretes lysergide and sweat from deep within a zero gravity dance bunker.“Kangaroo Ground” shares the buoyancy of its spirit animal namesake, but grinds in high-gear with a shredded 303 line and monstrous groove more akin to a possessed croc. The record’s flip, “Ferntree Gully,” sheds its scaly acid skin for softer sines and sirens signaling Italo productions past and built to last. A score to a surfer’s dream wave or a marathon man’s final stretch, Kangaroo Ground / Ferntree Gully ornaments Tornado Wallace’s discography with another shining, kaleidoscopic sonic gem.

FUNK FACTORY “Funk Factory” (be with records) LP $42

An exquisite slice of psychedelic jazz-funk, Funk Factory was criminally overlooked upon release but became a crate-diggers classic over time. Yes, the LP is most famous for containing the peerless dusty groove of “Rien Ne Va Plus”, heavily lifted by the Beastie Boys for their Paul’s Boutique standout “Car Thief”. Yes, you’d be correct to assume said gem is worthy of the price of admission alone. Yet, to those in the know, Funk Factory represents so much more than a Dust Brothers sample-source. Indeed, the entire album represents a space-aged opus, featuring tripped-out keys, tight drums and baked synths; all laced by Urszula Dudziak’s ethereal vocals drifting around the exceptional instrumentation. Funk Factory were boldly led by brilliant Polish violinist and saxophonist Michal Urbaniak and vocalist Dudziak. Two additional, accomplished Polish musicians were involved: virtuoso keyboardist Wlodek Gulgowski and singer Bernard Kafka, founder and leader of great Polish vocal group Novi Singers. To augment this solid foundation, a sensational American rhythm section was assembled, with bassists Anthony Jackson and Tony Levin, drummers Steve Gadd and Gerald Brown and guitarists Barry Finnerty and John Abercrombie.

NAT BIRCHALL “Akhenaten” (Jazzman) LP $36

Akhenaten was the first album Nat Birchall released via the then brand-new Gondwana Records label in Manchester. Originally only released on CD this is the first time this classic recording has been made available on vinyl. The album on the whole features a quartet, and is expanded to a quintet on the title track where UK trumpet virtuoso Matthew Halsall joins in with a stunning solo. The album explores deep, hymn-like themes at length, finding much to say on the relatively simple melodies and arrangements. Nat and his fellow band members play here with the selfless motivation and focus that’s required to allow them to tap deep into the human psyche, producing music that is soulful and stately. Very different from most modern jazz styles played nowadays, the music has a timeless beauty that will stand the test of time.

GREG FOAT GROUP “Dancers At The Edge Of Time” (Jazzman) LP $32

This major new release from the Greg Foat Group sees celebrated jazz quintet making the most of the acoustics of an ancient church, accompanied by a full ensemble of supporting musicians. The fourth album from the celebrated jazz combo will further delight Foat fans who have been consistently enthralled by the taste and finesse with which they execute their beguiling arrangements and instrumentation. Recorded across three of the hottest days in summer, direct onto 1″ tape and with all the rich, live analogue sound and the hallowed magnificence that church acoustics can bring, The Dancers at the End of Time features the classic Foat group with guesting local musicians and friends, and celebrates the summertime and beach ambience of living on the island.

LAPTOP FUNKATEERS “Feel The Goodness” (Breakbeat Paradise) 12” $20

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is pleased to welcome back the Laptop Funkers for another set of high-octane fun & funky breakbeat. This 8-track album is a symphony of samples and breaks designed for you to Feel The Goodness.Following up on the successful vinyl releaseReady to Rumble from 2013 the Laptop Funkers is back in better shape than ever! Almost instantly after Ready to Rumble was sold out and a repress was demanded , tunes started coming in for what quickly turned out to be a full album release. Now after tweaking and perfecting these jams for over 2 years we are ready to present you with Feel The Goodness – a 12″ vinyl filled to the limited with the finest beats and breaks this scene has to offer. The Laptop Funkers ( the alias used by producer and sound designer Nuno Soczka for this breaks project ) is an elusive underground act that only emerges when there are some fresh choons to showcase. The influences are not hard to discover and Laptop Funkers has no problem in taking us back to the glory days of Big Beat with tunes that would make even Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers feel envious!

ASHFORD & SIMPSON “The Best of…Love Will Fix It” (2LP (Grooveline Records) $44

Fantastic best off compilation with many classic tracks on here – initially a 2016RSD item. The husband/wife songwriting powerhouse that gave us most of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s 60s hits and the lion’s share of Diana Ross’s early material, Nickolas and Valerie Simpson launched their own recording career in the early 70s that lasted well into the 90s. Much of the sharpest and most prolific output during this second chapter of their 40 year career was between 1973 and 1981, which is displayed right here on this Record Store Day gatefold vinyl. From the glam boogie struts of “Nobody Knows” to the slap bass 80s funk of “Love Don’t Make It Right”, their dynamic partnership – with Ashford’s flexible falsetto and Valerie’s gutsy Turnerisms – is truly one of a kind and has aged incredibly well.


Classic funky Aussie HIP HOP from over 10 years ago! All mint stock copies

2 DOGS “D+K Wax Sessions” (hydrofunk) LP $25

2 DOGS “Prozac Beats” (horrorshowRecords) LP $25

SUB-URB-AN FILES various (hydrofunk) 12” EP $25 (comp with DJ Fdel, Blunted Stylus, Seany B-Sta + more…)


WAX POETICS magazine Issue # 65 A Tribe Called Quest / David Bowie $25

A.P.S.D. “Digital Dust” (Hot Shot) 2LP $40
AMY WINEHOUSE ‘Unreleased Rarities’ LP $30
BONOBO “Black Sands” (ninja tune) 2LP} $42
CHARLES BRADLEY “No Time For Dreaming” (daptone) $32
CULT CARGO – SALSA BORICUA DE CHICAGO various (numero group) 3LP boxset $55
EMMA DONOVAN & THE PUTBACKS “Dawn” (hope street records) LP $26 – Award winning LOCAL SOUL!!
GARY BARTZ NTU TROUP “Harlem Bus Stop” (bp) LP $28
GHSTFACE KILLAH “IronMan” (epic0 @LP $48
HENRY STONE’S – MIAMI SOUND various (athens of the north) 2LP $48
J DILLA “Ruff Draft” (stones throw) 2LP $40
J DILLA “The Diary” LP $48
KARRIEM RIGGINS “Alone” (stones throw) LP $32
KENDRICK LAMAR “To Pimp A Butterfly” 2LP $55
LITTLE DRAGON “Machine Dreams” LP $48
MADVILLAN “Madvillany” 2LP (Stones throw) $42
MIDNIGHT SPARES various (Efficient Space) LP $28
ROB “Make It Fast Make It Slow” (soundly) LP $38
RUNNING THE VOODOO DOWN : Explorations in Psychrockfunksouljazz 1976 – 80” VARIOUS (warner) 2LP $55
NANA LOVE ‘Disco Documentary’ (BBE) LP $48 with CD
SVEN LIBAEK “Inner Space OST” LP $30
THE FRUIT BAND “Friut” (athens of the north) LP $46
TOUMANI DIABATE & SADIKI DIABATE “toumani & Sadiki” (world Circuit) LP $45

$25 REISSUES!!!!

$25 each or buy 5 or more and the brand new LPs become $20 each (5 for $100)

(Interstate customers please note: If you make a $100 order from these we’ll need you to bump up your order to $125 to get the free shipping)

Here are some titles…

BAMA THE VILLAGE POET ‘Ghettos Of The Mind’ (Aware)

BERNARD WRIGHT ‘Nard’ (Arista)

BIG MAYBELLE ‘The Soul Of Big Maybelle’ (Scepter)

BO DIDDLEY ‘Big Bad Bo’ (Chess)

BO DIDDLEY ‘Is A Gunslinger’ (Checker)

BOB MARLEY ‘Lee Scratch Perry Masters’ (Golden Lane)

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS ‘Rasta Revolution’ (Trojan)

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS ‘Soul Rebels’ (Trojan)

BOBBY WOMACK ‘Across 110th Street’ (United Artists Records)

BREAKWATER ‘Splashdown’ (Arista)

CHARLES KYNARD ‘Your Mama Don’t Dance’ (Mainstream)

CORTIJO & HIS TIME MACHINE ‘Y Su Maquina Del Tiempo’ (Coco)

CURTIS MAYFIELD ‘Superfly OST’ (Curtom)

DOM UM ROMAO ‘Dom Um Romao’ (Muse)

DOROTHY ASHBY ‘Afro Harping’ (Cadet)

DOROTHY ASHBY ‘The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby’ (Cadet)

EDDIE CANO & HIS QUINTET ‘Brought Back Live From PJs’ (Dunhill)

EDDIE PALMIERI ‘Superimposition’ (Tico)

GARY BARTZ NTU TROOP ‘Juju Street Songs’ (Prestige)

GWEN MCRAE ‘Gwen McRae’ (Atlantic)

HASTINGS ST JAZZ EXPERIENCE ‘Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd’ (Midnite)

HEADHUNTERS, THE ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ (Arista)

JOE CUBA SEXTET ‘Estamos Haciendo Algo Bien!’ (Tico)

JOHN LEE HOOKER ‘Burnin’ (Veejay)

JOHNNY ZAMOT ‘Tell It Like It Is’ (El Sonido)

KENI BURKE ‘Changes’ (Burjo)

KOOL & THE GANG ‘Good Times’ (De-Lite)

MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS ‘Come And Get These Memories’ (Gordy)

MARVA WHITNEY ‘It’s My Thing’ (Polydor)

MARVIN GAYE ‘Let’s Get It On’ (Tamla)


NINA SIMONE ‘It Is Finished’ (RCA)

RICK JAMES ‘Reflections’ (Gordy)

SIR JOE QUARTERMAN & FREE SOULS ’Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul’ (GSF Records)

STEVIE WONDER ‘Talking Book’ (Tamla)

TERRY CALLIER ‘I Just Can’t Help Myself’ (Cadet)

TERRY CALLIER ‘The New Folk Sound’ (Prestige)

VARIOUS ‘Wild Style OST’ (Animal)


KYLIE AULDIST “Family Tree” (Freestyle) CD $20

LOCAL soul QUEEEN! Australian vocalist extraordinaire Kylie Auldist will be no stranger to soul & funk fans, her searing soul singing having featured on her own albums ‘Made Of Stone’ ,’Still Life’ (Tru Thoughts) also in The Bamboos, as well as Freestyle Records own Cookin’ On 3 Burners. Her unmistakable voice is currently topping the pop charts across Europe, as the Kungs remix of Cookin’ On 3 Burners ‘This Girl’ has proven a sure fire hit with club audiences as well as pop fans. It has been playlisted on BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM, and has been Number 2 in the Official UK Chart for weeks! For her first solo album on Freestyle, Kylie, assisted by long time friends & collaborators Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos/Lanu/CO3B/Black Feeling) and Graeme Pogson (of Aussie electronic duo GL) have honed and perfected a collection of amazing new boogie, disco & electro-funk inspired tracks that evoke the feel and sound of late 70’s & early 80’s club classics. Think of classic acts like D Train, Sinnamon, and singers like Chaka Khan, Maxine Singelton, Sharon Redd and you will already start to understand where this new project is rooted.Waste Of Time, a shimmering, soulful and devilishly catchy mid tempo groover. Graeme Pogsons’synthesizer bass lines are so evocative of that era , they act like a musical time machine! This is perfect summer time soul.Sensational (which has a fantastic video to accompany it) hits a little harder, the beats, bass line and Kylie’s vocals will drive you onto the dance-floor and stay there until the very last note and begging for more. Good Time Girl doesn’t let the pressure drop for a second and also features a fantastic proto-rap contribution from King Merc -whilst Family Tree is pure Saturday night, feel good disco aimed at the ears and dancing feet.

KYLIE AULDIST “Family Tree EP” (Freestyle) EP 12” $20

LOCAL the first ever 12” vinyl of Kylie in her solo steeeez. This soul queen picks 5 of the hottest jams from the Family Tree LP and slaps them down on the big grooves from the 12” variety. Featuring Lance Ferguson’s firs rap verse on wax too! The pressing sounds great too.

A.P.S.D. “Digital Dust” (Hot Shot) 2LP $40

LOCAL heat! Together Melbourne pair Amin Payne and Sean Deans form APSD, and they debut in quite impressive form with this Digital Dust album for Hot Shot Sounds. Inkswel and Benny Badge’s label has developed into the prime source for what they call “drum machine soul music” and APSD are a perfect fit. Some 11 tracks deep, Digital Dust features contributions from the voice of Fat Freddy’s Drop himself, Joe Dukie, as well as Miles Bonny, Cazeaux OSLO, Silent Jay and more. Yet it’s Deans and Payne’s innate mastery of a glistening brand of funk across various tempos which shines through on this album. We call them Melbournians but I think they would both be still flying the kiwi flags.

FELIX RIEBL “Paper Doors” (Felix Reibl) LP $42

LOCAL from the Cat Empire, Charismatic Melbournian, singer songwriter Felix Riebl, is set to release his second solo album ‘Paper Doors,’ on My Shore Productions via Kobalt Label Services.
‘Paper Doors’ is collection of ten elegant and inspiring songs, kicking off with two focus tracks, the energetic “Shadows,” and the gentler, melodic style of “In Your Arms,” with the magnetic Martha Wainwright. It features a stunning cover image created by world-renowned and awarded illustrator, Eiko Ojala.
With ‘Paper Doors’ Felix makes the rare quiet spaces and simple still places add up to something rare and special. After years of navigating the surreal, body-trashing banality, and momentary bliss of tour life as co-founder and long-time front man of The Cat Empire, he’s peering over his shoulder to re-glimpse the experience.
‘Paper Doors’ features three duets – “Wasting Time” (with Little Birdy’s Katy Steele), the aforementioned “In Your Arms” with Martha Wainwright, and “Snowflakes” with Tinpan Orange’s Emily Lubitz. Arriving one after another, in the wake of the infectious build of the opening title track, each duet brings something new and special to Riebl’s own performance.

MIDNIGHT SPARES various (Efficient Space) LP $28

LOCAL – On Midnite Spares, Australian music devotees ANDRAS FOX and INSTANT PETERSON hold a candle to overlooked avant-pop and electronic works by antipodean artists and outsiders working through the ’80s and ’90s. Through co-presenting their weekly radio show “Strange Holiday”, the duo slowly upturned their locale for inspiration—archives, country bookstores, private collections and convenience stores—searching for a place to anchor their own identities in the oceans of the island continent. The ten tracks here acknowledge a minor history, passed on via a network of friends, friends of friends, the libraries of radio station 3RRR and more often than not, the artists themselves. Features tracks from MARIA KOCIC AND THE MK SOUND, WHADYA WANT?, POETS OF THE MACHINE, THE COUCH, → ↑ → (pronounced “Tch Tch Tch”), THE IGNITERS, MUMBO JUMBO, MIX, FOOT AND MOUTH, and CAMERON ALLEN & GRAHAM BIDSTRUP (whose soundtrack for petrol headed “ozploitation” film, Midnite Spares (1983) is the compilation’s namesake).

EXIT “Detroit Leanin / I Wanna Dance” (Superior Elevation) 7” $12

Superior Elevation is proud to present to you the raw unadulterated Motor City Funk of Exit, a one man band consisting of the psychedelic artist George Gullet.Originally from Detroit, George relocated to California in 1980 and soon afterwards began to reminisce about the D.He decided to take home-studio action and recorded Detroit Leaning, a synth string\ s drive through a dark neighborhood of Motor City.

MYSTIC PLEASURE “Back Door (Getting Down)” (Superior Elevation) 12” $20

Tom Noble coming through once again with another absolutely smokin’ 12″ on Superior Elevation. This time, the digger extraordinaire teams up with Mystic Pleasure for the sure fire disco-soul bomb “Back Door”. You got to hear it to believe it, but the track sounds a lost late 70’s disco grail with uptempo arrangement, killer vocals, and Tom even lending a hand playing the ARP. Hard to believe it is a contemporary track! I went to see Tom last week and managed to to snag a few copies of this super limited 12″ before it sold out everywhere.


“Americana Rock Your Soul” compilers Zafar Chwodhry and Mark ‘Goodvibes’ Taylor have known each other since the 1980s, and both shared exactly the same musical tastes throughout their friendship. After losing touch for a while, they were drawn together again when they found out they had both been checking out the sounds of our youth, AOR (Adult Orientated Rock). An absurd abbreviation for such a great genre, which takes in soft rock with elements of soul, jazz, funk, folk and disco.
Which exactly what this compilation has. After many conversations over the phone on what both of them had collected in this genre Chwodhry suggested they do a compilation. The pair dug out eight tracks each and instantly realised they had an absolute classic compilation in the making. Each picked eight tracks from their collections, which were then randomly put together without much concern for programming. The flow is seamless and the tracks sound great after one another, and the point is when you have beautiful music it doesn’t matter which order you put it in.

NANA LOVE ‘Disco Documentary’ (BBE) LP $48 with CD

The third instalment of our “Masters We Love” series, our crate-digging journey led us to the original producer Reindorf Oppong; of what could possibly be one of the most ‘mysterious’ Afro-Disco records produced in the late 70s; Nana Love’s “Disco Documentary – Full Of Funk”. The original master tapes were un-covered [and luckily in great shape] and in the process of restoring the tapes, un-released material was discovered, enriching this very special package. Nana Love’s work, is a testament to the music’s most redeeming qualities: great musicianship, funky basslines and killer breaks. As a singer / songwriter in the leading role throughout, she [with production by Reindorf Oppong] lends a wonderfully balanced approach to the arrangements. The result is a set of tracks that are positioned carefully at the forward thinking crossroads of Disco, Boogie and Soul & Funk… Her band included 6 of the original Boney M members as well as the legendary Harry Mosco and was recorded in London in 1978, in the same studio as Boney M recorded alongside David Bowie. This album makes us think; would there ever have been a Studio 54 in Ghana in late 70s? If so these would have been the recordings that would have packed the dance floor with their deep root in Disco, Soul & Funk!

DJ SPINNA PRESENTS various ‘The Wonder of Stevie VOLUME 3’ (BBE) LP $48

The list of musical highlights for Vincent Williams aka DJ Spinna are too numerous to list, from his seminal hip hop duo Jigmastas and DJ sets across the globe, to his iconic solo productions and remixes. But if you ask him, it’s the relationship he’s forged with personal hero Stevie Wonder that Spinna considers to be his single greatest achievement. As with most artists of a soulful persuasion, Stevie’s music influenced Spinna from the outset, dictating everything from his approach to writing to his use of Fender Rhodes and Moog bass-lines on his productions. Having gained so much from the great man, Spinna decided to pay tribute in the form of ‘Wonderfull’, a series of parties celebrating the Wonder of Stevie. This is where the story became somewhat surreal for Spinna, suddenly finding himself joined onstage in Washington D.C. by none other than Stevie himself, a spine-tingling moment even when viewed on YouTube. An extension of the Wonderfull parties, this album represents a celebration of the life, music and cultural impact of Stevie Wonder. Few compilers can boast Spinna’s understanding of Stevie’s back catalogue, not to mention the large number of songs he’s written for other artists over the years. Featuring stunning cover versions you may well have never heard before alongside songs many of us had no idea he’d written, Spinna’s vast knowledge of and boundless enthusiasm for Stevie’s music shines with every selection. As both a super-fan and a close friend, surely there is nobody better placed to compile this wonderful document of Stevie Wonder’s music, inspiration and influence.

SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL ’66 ‘Stillness’ (Soul Jazz) LP $36

This classic and groundbreaking album was recorded in Los Angeles in 1970, at a time when Sergio Mendes was at the height of his commercial status with his incredibly successful musical blend of Brazilian flavours and American pop sensibility. ‘Stillness’ was a decisive break away from commercial pop towards a more serious and mature sound.
Powerful new vocal songs such as Stillnes s and Righteous Life signified a new era in the music of Sergio Mendes. The Brazilian influence is, if anything, even more pronounced than before as Mendes and guitarist Castro-Neves – originally two central figures in the Bossa Nova scene in Rio de Janeiro in the early 1960s – dig deep into Brazilian music with amazing versions of Gilberto Gil’s Viramundo and Caetano Veloso’s Lost in Paradise.
But what is new about this album is the perfect blending of this Brazilian sensibility with the deep West Coast sound at the start of the 1970s. Mendes augments his Brasil ’66 group with Los Angeles players to stunningly interpret songs by Buffalo Springfield (For What It’s Worth), Joni Mitchell (Chelsea Morning) and Blood, Sweat and Tears (Sometimes in Winter), creating a fantastic unique and mature new sound.
Long-regarded a cult classic due to the club tracks ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Viramundo’, and the spiritual and musical depth of tracks such as Stillness and Righteous Life, Stillness’ is a tour-de-force album.

RUNNING THE VOODOO DOWN : Explorations in Psychrockfunksouljazz 1976 – 80” VARIOUS (warner) 2LP $55

Following on from previous Festival Records compilations including ‘Heavy Soul,’ ‘Cosmic Country’ and ‘A Different Kind of Blues,’ compilers Dean Rudland (of BGP/Kent/Ace Records fame) and Tony Harlow present another curated collections, ‘Running The Voodoo Down: Explorations in PsychRockFunkSoulJazz 1967-80.’
‘Running The Voodoo Down’ looks at a time when African-American music was exploring myriad new directions against a backdrop of incredible and explosive social change and features the likes of Funkadelic, James Brown, Miles Davis, Lightning Rod & Jimi Hendrix, Keith Jarrett, Buddy Miles, The Meters, The Chambers Brothers, Swamp Dogg, James “blood” Ulmer And Sly & The Family Stone.
Whilst not a lot of this music was commercially successful at the time, its importance and its influence on subsequent generations of artists – both black and white – has continued to grow over the years.
To quote Harlow’s extensive liner notes: “This is the sound of Musical Revolution. Social Revolution was in the air and musicians jumped with the times. Working around the funky ground built by Mr Brown, The Big Four – Miles, Clinton, Jimi and Sly – set about recreating a new psychrockfunksouljazz explosion. As they played a new generation of explorers was set in motion and as sure as fireballs off the sun they splintered in many directions.” Opening with James Brown’s ROCK version of Talkin’ Loud and Saying Nothing is a good place to start. Don’t tell DJ Manchild you now own this record.

AMY WINEHOUSE ‘Unreleased Rarities’ LP $30

Amy Winehouse was a maelstrom of talent and trouble. She lived with a brash, unapologetic flair that earned her headlines, but the flashes of vulnerability in her music made her work truly timeless. Her 2011 death at age 27 has already taken on the quality of a tragic myth.

Winehouse’s immense musical legacy rests on just two albums issued during her lifetime, in addition to a handful of B sides, live recordings and guest vocal spots. Following the release of the posthumous rarities compilation Lioness: Hidden Treasures, label executives claimed the vaults were empty – having destroyed any further demos for her incomplete third record of original material. Despite this, a number of high-quality tracks have surfaced on bootlegs and online over the years, lovingly shared by fans desperate for the album that never was. In advance of the fifth anniversary of Winehouse’s passing, take a listen to a career-spanning selection of the singer’s unreleased gems on this limited edition vinyl.


ALAN LEE : An Australian Jazz Anthology” (jazzman) LP $38 – LOCAL JAZZZZZ
BADBADNOTGOOD ‘Timewave Zero / Here & Now’ (Innovative Leisure) 7” $16
BLOOD ORANGE ‘Freetown Sound’ (Domino) 2LP $48
CLOUD MICHAELS ‘New River’ (Wonderful Noise) 7” $15
COXONE’S MUSIC various (Soul Jazz) LP $48
DISCO various ‘2’ (Soul Jazz) LP $48
DISCO various ‘Record A’ (Soul Jazz) LP $48
DISCO various ‘Record B’ (Soul Jazz) LP $48
THE DO YO THANGS “One Plus One / Indecisive” (hope street records) 7” $15
HIATUS KAIYOTE ‘Breathing Underwater’ Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Remix/Instrumental (BBE) 12” $18
JOELISTICS ‘Out Of The Blue/Say I’m Good’ (Inertia) 7” $15
JOHN MORALES ‘Presents The M + M Mixes Vol 3 – Part A’ (BBE) LP $48
JOHN MORALES ‘Presents The M + M Mixes Vol 3 – Part B’ (BBE) LP $48
KON AND AMIR various ‘OFF TRACK VOL.2 Queens’ (BBE) LP $48
LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS ‘Special Night’ (Big Crown) 7” $12
PRIVATE WAX various (BBE) 3LP $48
RASTAFARI – THE DREADS ENTER BABYLON 1955-83 various (Soul Jazz) LP $48
ROSS MCHENRY “Child Of Somebody” (fw) LP $28 – LOCAL JAZZZZ


DE LA SOUL And The Anonymous Nobody” (AOI) 2LP $42 (black vinyl) – ARRIVING FRIDAY!!!

Legendary Hip Hop trio, De La Soul announce their highly anticipated 8th Studio album, ‘And The Anonymous Nobody!’

The creation of ‘and The Anonymous Nobody’ has been several years in the making. De La Soul wanted to make another sample-based album in the vein of ‘3 Feet High And Rising.’ In order to do so, and avoid the legalities of sample clearance, they spent a few years recording more than 300 hours of live music, converging everything from bossa nova, soul and hip-hop to funk, disco and reggae, creating their own sample library. The body of work is a concept and continuous story, even down to the transitions of songs with sound effects and instrumentals.
The features-based record is mixed by Bob Power, Morgan Garcia and De La Soul, and was produced by De La Soul and Dave West. Guest appearances include, Snoop Dogg, Usher, 2 Chainz, and more.
“This album is about lending to the scape of music in 2016, trying to give something, not for the sake of we want to balance what’s going on or fix hip-hop. We just want to say something to the creative aspects of music,” says Dave. ARRIVING FRIDAY

DE LA SOUL And The Anonymous Nobody” (AOI) 2LP $42 (clear vinyl)

like above but with clear vinyl…..

SHIRLEY DAVIS & THE SILVERBACKS “Black Rose” (tucxone) LP $42

LOCAL It’s a great soul band that sits behind Shirley Davis and this is no exception. I was waiting to hear the Silverbacks out on black plastic and they do not disapoint. Their first album with London-born singer Shirley Davis, is a beautiful soul record. With horns to drive each song and a great rhythm section this is a great record. They make each other sound great. Shirley is a total star and the silverbacks are rock solid.
Until recent times, Shirley has been living in Australia, her home since her late teens. Now relocated to Madrid, she has wasted little time finding her new direction, building on her experience of working with heavy funk luminaries Deep Street Soul and Osaka Monaurail and influenced by friendships with Sharon Jones and the late Marva Whitney to produce a first-class album of funk and soul. Full respect!

VENUS II “Inside your Sun” (warner) 2LP $45

LOCAL Venus II is the dream-team pairing of Jarrad Brown (Eagle & The Worm / Dorsal Fins) and Ryan Grieve (Canyons). The band’s first offering, their debut single “Inside Your Sun,” is an acid-soaked rave-up that takes cues from baggy-era Manchester and weaves it through string-tinged psychedelic-techno.
The rush of “Inside Your Sun” vividly marries Brown’s innate talent for song craft with Grieve’s deft production flourishes. The track was mixed by Chris Colonna from Bumblebeez, who has worked on albums for The Vines, Alison Wonderland and Jaguar Ma.
The duo’s debut album, also titled ‘Inside Your Sun,’ heralds Venus II as the birth of an entirely new journey for Brown and Grieve. “I think Jarrad is one of the truest artists I’ve worked or been involved with,” says Grieve. “If something’s feeling good then it doesn’t need to be questioned. We’re good like that.” For Brown the partnership marks an entire personal and creative transformation. “I feel like a different artist,” says Brown. “It’s a whole new world for me. It’s really exciting.”

MICHAEL KIWANUKA “Love & Hate” (warner) 2LP $65

Michael Kiwanuka’s second album, Love & Hate, was recorded in LA and London produced by Grammy Award winner Dangermouse and young up-and-coming producer Inflo. Love & Hate is a fascinatingly assured and resonant body of work following Kiwanuka’s acclaimed 2012 debut LP, Home Again. Honest, unabashed, andambitious, this record is Kiwanuka emerging from the emotional cocoon of his first album, ready to secure his position as one of the most exciting and renowned talents or our time. Michael Kiwanuka is a British soul musician who has been compared to Bill Withers, Randy Newman, Terry Callier, and Otis Redding, as well as Van Morrison and the Temptations.

BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND “Scorpio / 8th Wonder” (big crown) 7” $14

WOW! The super fresh steel drum funk band, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, hailing from Hamburg in Germany, have set dance floors on fire worldwide. From BBoy cyphers to club light up disco dance floors these sounds are heard loud and clear. A brand new single is a brand new reason to play them out loud again.

ST PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES “Half The City” (single lock) LP + Download $44

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 debut from the highly-touted Birmingham, Alabama-based Soul sextet. St. Paul & the Broken Bones have already created a maelstrom of interest with their roof-raising live shows and self-released four-song 2012 EP. Produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes, and recorded and mixed in the storied R&B mecca of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the album harkens back to the region’s classic Soul roots while extending the form with electrifying potency. Half the City vital, direct, emotionally affecting presents the same engaged, high- voltage, in-the-pocket sound that St. Paul and the Broken Bones produce at their live dates.

HAILU MERGIA & The WALAIS BAND “Tche Belew” (Awesome tapes from Africa) LP $36

The acclaim and out after re-release of “Tche Belew,” Hailu Mergia and the Walias’ 1977 instrumental jazz and groove recording set against the backdrop of post-revolution Ethiopia. Following Mergia’s Shemonmuanaye/Classical Instrument reissue last year, the keyboardist and accordion player has been visiting stages across Europe and North America to much critical acclaim. “Tche Belew” was a groundbreaking recording and the LP became collectible for so many reasons but overall it is just an astounding merger of Ethiopian songs, elegant contemporary arrangements and “western” instrumentation. Completely sublime music from one of the seminal bands of a funk-laced era of Ethiojazz and soul.

KLLO “Well Worn” (different Records) EP $26

LOCAL Ascendant Melbourne duo Kllo will release their second EP ‘Well Worn’ on Friday 5th August on [PIAS] Different Recordings/Ghostly International. Things happen so fast these days that Kllo barely had a Facebook page or a proper song before a wave of interest began to build around their breakthrough EP ‘Cusp’. What a telling record title; in the year since its release, cousins Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul have played sold-out shows and festival slots throughout Australia, racked up millions of plays on Spotify, and landed on several Artists to Watch lists. The first glimpse of the new EP was ‘Bolide,’ a track which hit no 2 on the Hype Machine and notched up over 2 million streams in its first month.

DJ KOZE “Reincarnations Part 2” (pampa records) 3LP $48

A year has passed since DJ Koze released his masterpiece Amygdala, which was heralded worldwide with numerous awards and prizes: “Best Album” in Groove, De: Bug, Byte FM and Zündfunk, “Best Album #2″ at Resident Advisor, as well as the HANS Music Prize, the VUT Indie Award for “Best Album” and finally, the ECHO Critics Award. Now, after Reincarnations – The Remix Chapter 2001-2009 and Music Is Okay (2000), comes the third major exhibition of DJ Koze’s work as a remix virtuoso: Reincarnations Pt 2. Here Koze remixes, HERBERT, MOUNT KIMBIE, CARIBOU, Gonzales, Who Made Who and MORE. An experienced mountaineer, DJ Koze also leads us along winding paths, up through shady valleys and high over the clouds. Reincarnations Pt 2 is that kind of journey, rambling and floating, a grand illumination. Enlightened.

A ROUGH GUIDE TO SAMBA various (rough guide) LP $32

Samba is the dancing spirit and rhythm of life in Brazil. This Rough Guide features the best of old and new from the Afro-Brazilian inspired Mart’nalia and underground artist Loop B to legendary sambista Alcione and superstar vocalist Marisa Monte.


2PAC “All Eyes On Me” 4LP $52
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “Beats, Rhymes and Life” (jive) 2LP $55
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “Midnight Marauders” (jive) 2LP $55
ABY NGANA DIOP “Liital” (Awesome tapes from Africa) LP $36
AMY WINEHOUSE “Back To Black” LP (universal) $36
ANDREW THOMAS WILSONN “Chain Reaction OST” (omni) LP $34
ARCHIE ROACH “Charcoal Lane” LP $36
AVALANCHES, THE “Wildflower – deluxe edition” (warner) 2LP $65
BRIAN MAY “Turkey Shoot OST” (omni) LP $34
CHARLES BRADLEY “No Time For Dreaming” (daptone) LP $34
CHARLES BRADLEY “Victim Of Love” (daptone) LP $34
CHELSEA WILSON “I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me” (HOVJ) LP $25
CYBOTRON “Cybotron” (omni) LP $34
DJ SHADOW “Endtroducing” 2LP $42
HAILU MERGIA “Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye” (Awesome tapes from Africa) LP $42
ICE T presents WESTSIDE various (obsessive) 2LP $38
J DILLA “Donuts” (stones throw) 2LP – smile cover $42
JOHN COLTRANE “Blue Train” (blue note) $32
KMD “Bl CK B St Rds” (MF) 2LP $58
MASSIVE ATTAK “Messanine” (virgin) 2LP $45
MF DOOM “Mmmm……Food” 2LP $38
N.W.A. “Efil4zaggin” (back to black) LP + download $38
NIGERIA 70: The Definitive Story Of 1970’s Funky Lagos” (strut) 3LP + 2CD + 1 DVD $50
PULP FICTION ost VARIOUS (back to black) LP $35
RESERVOIR DOGS OST various (back to Black) LP $35
ROSS McHENRY “Child Of Somebody” (First Word) LP + download $28
SLUM VILLAGE “Fantastic Vol 2” 2LP $44
SYL JOHNSON “Complete Twinight Singles” 2LP $48
TAME IMPALA “Innerspeker” LP $42
THE BUDOS BAND “Burnt Offering” (dapsone records) LP $34
TULALAH ‘The Flood’ (Equinox) 2LP $45
WU TANG CLAN “36 Chambers” (rca) LP $42

A great radio show today with special guests THE SWEETHEARTS, THE DO YO THANGS and VAUDEVILLE SMASH bringing the LOCAL HEAT.

Lots of great local heat this week, as well as more of your favourites BACK IN STOCK.


ROSS McHENRY “Child Of Somebody” (First Word) LP + download $28

LOCAL Child of Somebody is the new album from multi-award winning composer, producer and bass player Ross McHenry. Known for his work as bandleader of The Shaolin Afronauts as well as his 2013 First Word release ‘Distant Oceans’, Ross has been described as “The Future of Australian Jazz” (PBS FM) . The album was recorded at Red Bull Studios in New York in mid-2015 alongside regular collaborators Mark de Clive Lowe, Myele Manzanza and Dylan Marshall as well as seasoned NYC players Marcus Strickland, Corey King, Tivon Pennicott and Duane Eubanks. The resulting album represents the arrival of a unique antipodean voice in modern jazz; one that sits comfortably alongside artists like Kamasi Washington and The Robert Glasper Experiment at the vanguard of contemporary improvised music. Child of Somebody is more than just a collection of compositions; it is an album in the truest sense. Thematically inspired by the world events that have dominated our headlines over the last 12 months this new body of work clearly represents an artistic and compositional progression since the release of Distant Oceans in 2013.

TRAVANCORE / RINGS AROUND SATURN “Omega EP” (Old Habits) 12” $18

LOCAL Following on from Wax Stag’s acclaimed 2015 album II*, Old Habits return with a new split 12″ featuring 5 tracks from some of the finest underground electronic talent Melbourne has to offer. Side A features 3 tracks from Travancore, consisting of Andy Donnelly, Leo Fieldgrass & Ed Coogan, who together perform live improvised electronic jams using only analogue hardware. These tracks were recorded during a session 2014 and finally see the light of day on vinyl after a tape only release on DIY label Hidden Waves. The opener DCF evokes memories of classic era Mr Fingers, while Morely Mans takes things in a more abrasive direction before finishing with Obsolete, more of a straight up techno banger, albeit more Late Junction than Essential Mix. All three members have been putting out music under various guises stretching back 15+ years, perhaps most notably Red Bull Music Academy recruit Andy Donnelly who, under his Kloke alias, has released music on labels such as Styles Upon Styles, Sub Squared and Entrada.

PARLIAMENT “Osmium” LP (invictus) $25

Osmium is the debut album of American funk band Parliament, led by George Clinton. The album has a psychedelic soul sound with a spirit of experimentation that is more similar to early Funkadelic than the later R&B-inspired Parliament albums. An insane bit of fuzzed-out funk! This is Parliament’s rare first album – a trippy batch of tunes that come off of Clinton’s experimentation in the Detroit soul scene, infused by the rock-heavy energy of the city at the time, and probably a heck of a lot of cannabis, too! The record is quite different than the slick funky sound of the group’s later work for Casablanca – and has the psychedelic funk sound of the early work of Funkadelic, which was also recorded during the same period. The album’s filled with funky classics

THE METERS “The Meters” (josie) LP $34

DAMNNNNNN, From the melting pot that is New Orleans come the legends themselves. The Meters, “Before they released this self-titled first album in 1969 on the Josie label, the four New Orleans musicians who comprised the Meters had spent several years serving as producer Allen Toussaint’s house band and backing the likes of Lee Dorsey, Chris Kenner, Earl King and Betty Harris. By the time they struck out on their own, keyboardist Art Neville, guitarist Leo Nocentelli, bassist George Porter Jr. and drummer Zigaboo Modeliste were a well-oiled machine whose earthy grooves and intricate rhythms set a standard for Crescent City funk that’s never been matched. This classic debut, produced by Allen Toussaint, features the Meters’ instrumental hits ‘Cissy Strut’ and ‘Sophisticated Sissy,’ and covers of tunes by Sly Stone, Burt Bacharach and the Classics IV.”

THE METERS “Struttin” (josie) LP $34

Exact repro of the The Meters’ third album for Josie, originally released in 1970. Funky jams like “Chicken Strut,” “Same Old Thing” and “The Handclapping Song,” are joined by covers of “Wichita Lineman,” “Ride Your Pony” and “Darlin’, Darlin'” with Art Neville taking lead vocals.

SKULL SNAPS “Skull Snaps” (GSF) LP $25

Skull Snaps is a legendary funk album that has long been shrouded in obscurity. The band recorded their self-titled debut and a handful of singles in 1973, and then vanished without a trace. In recent years, their vinyl has become ubiquitously sampled and highly collectible. The monstrous break that opens up their classic cut, ‘It’s A New Day,’ furnished the beat for countless hip-hop hits of the mid-’90s (along with James Brown’s ‘Funky Drummer’ and Sly & the Family Stone’s ‘Sing A Simple Song,’ ‘It’s A New Day’ contains the most sampled break in music history). More than just a treasure trove for the hip-hop community, though, Skull Snaps stands as a classic in pure funk and soul. The band’s irresistible sound embraces the black vocal group sound of early ’70s Temptations, Chi-Lites, and Dramatics, cut with an unmistakable originality. Every song is blessed with a gospel-soaked call and response dynamic that contrasts gritty lead vocals with the band’s perfect harmonies.”

SCIENTIST “Dub Landing” LP + CD $36

Dub Mir present the first reissue ever of Dub Landing (1981) byScientist. Produced by Linval Thompson, mixed by Scientist and first released in 1981. The wonderful Dub Landing starts out with an exceptionally powerful dub reformation of Al Campbell’s “Unfaithful Children” showcasing Scientist’s exceptional skills of deconstruction and reconstruction. Scientist at his best on Dub Mir. Remastered by Hopetown Overton Brown. Contains a bonus CD. 45rpm – audiophile edition.

BEAM UP “Innerstand” CD (bbe) $20

Dedicated to the great Osborne ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock, ‘…for repeatedly showing there are no rules’, Innerstand builds on that great legacy in its presentation of a truly contemporary, outernational dub experience.

Abetting Brian May are a diverse trio of vocalists, each of whom brings unique qualities to the project: Terrence Alfonso Bowry, a UK-born Canadian national whose experience has mostly been gained on Shanghai’s jazz and blues scene (where he worked alongside artists of the calibre of Wynton Marsalis) brings an ear for sophisticated harmony and improvisation; Jornick Joelick, a French-Guyanan rastaman with a big voice bringing an earthy, rootsical quality; and Katya Tasheva, a polyglot singer with what May calls ‘sublime frequencies’ whose background spans traditional (including world-music mavericks and former Beam Up compadres Rotfront), pop and drum- and- bass.

The album is a musical journey that of course references King Tubby’s Kingston, Ja. and Rhythm and Sound’s Berlin, but also the Balkans, Japan and Australasia (and more); as well as Pablo, Glen Brown and The Skatalites, influences such as Prince suffuse the set, which sometimes takes on the feel of a version excursion, as May’s riddims nod to the classics of the past, subliminal echoes of the great dub tradition, though it’s more usually in the form of ‘inspiration’ than carefully worked out covers. The Wire mag has already called this ‘timeless top-grade dub’ on the basis of a sneak preview

BEAM UP “Travelling / No Chains” (bbe) 7” $14

Sounding like it could’ve been recorded in the golden era of the early ‘80s No Chains concerns itself with the classic reggae theme of emancipation from (mental and physical) slavery. Beam Up’s fine horn section adds depth to rousing percussive rhythms, with classic rimshots, echo FX and a heavy bass. Travelling is something Brian May, the alter-ego of Beam Up, has done a lot of, but this Berlin- based DJ/producer who made his name with out-there dub/Balkan sets is using his current musical direction to document a spiritual exodus.

Done sing-jay style, Travelling begins and ends with train whistles, and its jaunty riddim belies its conscious message(s). Horns, strings and organ augment the journey.

Bonus remixes and versions on the digital release give more attention to the soundsystem, club and lounge arenas.Athens finest : FLeCK’s junglistic dancehall Travelling remix will test the bassbins and “lighta” people, whilst UK D&B legend T.Power’s version reigns it back in with sophisticated downbeat vibes that Massive Attack would be proud of. Beam Up dubs No Chains up into outer space for soundsystem scoops & headphone smokers alike. Instrumental versions are included for the natty singjays too.

In a climate of increasingly ephemeral pop and dance music, this release that will sit happily in any collection that has ever found a home for the likes of Burning Spear, Horace Andy, Congo Natty, Massive Attack or even Shiloh-era Buju Banton. His own journey might’ve begun in Manchester, but Beam Up looks set to have solid roots in the contemporary outernational roots reggae scene.

BEAM UP ‘Gerrup/Vibin’ (45 Seven) 45” $14

Here’s something for the D&B, dub, reggae heads. An absolutely boombastic dubbed out D&B half-stepper on the German label 45 Seven from the artist Beam Up. The production on this is just superb, both sides. Not a great deal of D&B makes it onto 7″, so if you’re partial, then drink this up now!

BEAM UP ‘Gerrup/Vibin’ (45 Seven) 45” $14

2 heavy heavy cuts skillfully engraved at Rand Muzik.

Frankie updates roots dub with junglistic ziontific flavours and big cat sound that’s definitely not shy.

Helden squeezes Daisuke Ichiharas horn playing on a heavy rough update of the Skatalite’s Hero riddim.

ROB “Make It Fast” (soundway) LP $38

Soundway re-issue Rob’s second album for the first time outside Ghana.

Rob was an enigmatic recording artist from Ghana who cut two albums for the legendary Essiebons label in 1977. Neither of these were big domestic hits at the time and have since become prized amongst collectors in recent years. The title track from this LP was always one of the most popular on the first Soundway release “Ghana Soundz” and over the years the label have been asked many times to re-issue the LP in its entirety. A stranger, slower offering than his more dancefloor funk-laden and Spartan first LP, this record sees Rob in similar territory but with the tempo switched down and the introspection turned up.

Rob’s trademark horns dominate and are supplied by the Mag-2, an army band founded by leader Amponsah Rockson, who named it after the army unit the band played for – the “magnificent” second battalion. In 1977, Rob traveled to the coastal town of Takoradi in search of Mag-2, which had an entire section of its line-up dedicated to horns, with the intension of laying out his proposal to them. Luckily for Rob, the band took him up on it.

With religious overtones and a broody, slightly off-key atmosphere at points it’s certainly one of the stranger Afro-funk records to come out of West Africa but with tracks like “Loose Up Yourself” and “Make It Fast, Make It Slow” he nails it for sure.

MUHAMMAD ALI “I’m The Greatest” LP $25

Recorded during America’s bicentennial in 1976, “Muhammad Ali: I’m The Greatest!” is a unique collection of songs performed by, written by or about the most colorful boxing personality of the 20th century. Besides the great Ali himself, featured performers include Destiny Knight, B.J. Smith, Ron Jones and the Crimson Dynasty studio band. All selections newly remastered.

THIS IS KOLOGO POWER various (make records) LP $30

Following the releases of the KING AYISOBA and PRINCE BUJU LPs, here’s now a full new compilation of Kologo musicians from Ghana, compiled and released by Arnold de Boer (THE EX/ZEA). Kologo is the traditional instrument of the region, a sort of simple banjo or guitar with only two strings. The LP contains 10 songs from various artists, also incl. KING AYISOBA and PRINCE BUJU again. The Kologo sound is like an African equivalent to the original Delta Blues (as Robert Johnson), but with it’s strongly driving rhythms, the reduced directness, and the political attitude, it’s as well some sort of original African Punk.
LP comes with insert featuring linernotes, photos and interviews.

STEFANO TOROSSI “Feelings” (schema) LP $30

A sweet groover from the Italian scene of the 70s – music that’s got a lush feel, but a funky one too – a great mix of strings and electric instrumentation that rivals the best cop/crime work of the time – yet also has a nice sexy feel too! There’s almost a blaxploitation vibe to the record at times – and although some instruments solo at points, the real groove lies in the tight vamping of the orchestra – which hits all the right notes to really send the whole thing soaring – often with a nice use of tone and color too!“Feelings” is considered an absolute cult inside the library music panorama. As the same Torossi recently said, the album “was played only by studio musicians … the best we could find at the time, and the results show” .The album sees the participation of Sandro Brugnolini, Giancarlo Gazzani, Puccio Roelens and Stefano Torossi, famous songwriters in the field of soundtracks and libra ry music. “Feelings” had been released for the first time in Italy by Carosello Records, under the pseudonyms of Jay Richford and Gary Stevan, a necessary choice dictated by contractual restrictions which prevented the two real authors, Brugnolini and Torossi, to appear on other releases. This reissue, published by Schema Records, is a faithful reproduction of the original first edition. Last two copies available.

BONOBO presents LATE NIGHT TALES various (Late night Tales) 2LP $48

Late Night Tales and Bonobo were pretty much made for each other, it just took them a while to both realise it. Stepping forward into the compiler’s spotlight for the 33rd edition is Simon Green – aka Bonobo – a musician, producer and DJ perfectly suited to soundtrack an evening spent reclining to some parallel beats. Six albums to the good (‘The North Borders’ released earlier in 2013), Green has been on a winning streak since 2010’s breakthrough ‘Black Sands’. Wrapped in delicately programmed drums, Green’s music is at once both sombre and reassuring. If what comes out the other end is the music of Bonobo, then this is the fuel that keeps the engine running: soul, jazz, classical, pop, funk, leftfield, rock. Pianos and brass are abundantly present. Our ivories are warmed and tickled by the classic, Bill Evans, and new school, with Matthew Bourne’s mournfully beautiful ‘Juliet’ and Dustin O’Halloran’s ‘An Ending A Beginning’. The brass section comes courtesy of Menehan Street Band’s jazzy ‘The Traitor’, ‘Flipside’ by the Hypnotic Brass Band. Also included is YouTube sensation ‘One Thing’ by Peter & Kerry, R&S signing Airhead, jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby and the timeless soul of Dorando’s ‘Didn’t I’. Not only that, but there’s Bonobo’s special LNT cover version, a brilliant reading of Donovan’s ‘Get Thy Bearings’. As the light dims, the unsettling sounds of Lapalux or maybe even Shlomo pierce the misty evening air, before giving way to the ethereal splendour of Eddi Front’s ‘Gigantic’ or even Nina Simone’s paean to an imagined rural idyll ‘Baltimore’. Amble down to the riverside. The criteria for choosing the songs was really music I’ve been playing away from the dance floor over the years. So there’s a wider variety of stuff on here, from neo-classical to more abstract electronic pieces to spiritual jazz. It’s more a reflection of the stuff my music is informed by.” – Simon Green October 2013

WAXMASTER MAURICE “Crazy Tunes” (Dance Mania) 12” $20

Re release of 1995 Wax Master Maurice seminal EP “Crazy Tunes”. Containing 5 tracks of pure underground ghetto house from the Chicago stable. Also includes bonus never before released track “Hydro”. Freshly re mastered for 2016.

RELAEN ‘Twines’ (Relaen) CD $15

Emelyne explained these guys to me as the Berlin version of 30/70. Picturing Ziggy in lederhosen was not something I hoped for. However…….getting past that RELAEN, like 30/70 play that jazzy sweet new soul sound that make knees week.


BILLY DAVIS “PRESSURE feat Jace XL / PROBLEM feat ALLYSHA JOY”(Northside Records) 7” $15 – LOCAL HEAT

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “Hits, Rarities & Remixes” (jive) 2 LP $48

ALICE COLTRANE “Journey In Satchidananda” (impulse) LP $34

BRIGITTE FONTAINE “Areski” (byg records) LP $30 (180 grams)

CAN “Can” (Synergy) LP $30 (180 grams)

CHARLES BRADLEY ‘Changes’ (Daptone) 2LP Limited Edition inc Instrumentals $55

CHARLES BRADLEY ‘No Time For Dreaming’ (Daptone) LP $35

CHARLES BRADLEY ‘Victim Of Love’ (Daptone) LP $35

DR DRE ‘The Chronic’ (Death Row) LP $35

LORD FINESSE & DJ MIKE SMOOTH ‘Funky Technician’ (Wild Pitch) LP $30

SHUGGIE OTIS ‘In Session’ (Daptone) LP $35

SNOOP DOGGY DOGG ‘Beware Of Dog’ (Death Row) REMASTERED 2LP $48

Cut Copy presents OCEANS APART various SAMPLER ONE red (Cutters Records) 12″ $20 – LOCAL HOUSE HEAT!

Cut Copy presents OCEANS APART various SAMPLER TWO pink (Cutters Records) 12″ $20 – LOCAL HOUSE HEAT!

KAUF “Relocate” (Cutters Records) 12″ $20 – LOCAL HOUSE HEAT!

BOBBY BOOKMERANG “Uncharted Waters” (cutters Records) 12″ $20 – LOCAL HOUSE HEAT

NO ZU “Hi Gloss” (Cutter Records) 12″ $20 – LOCAL HOUSE HEAT


ANDERSON PAAK “Malibu” (steel wool entertainment) 2LP $48

This new album by the rap / hip-hop / nu-soul wunderkind Anderson .Paak. It features production from 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, Madlib, Kaytranada, Pomo, Dem Jointz, Callum Conner, Hi-Tek, Anderson .Paak and The FreeNationals. Featured vocalists include ScHoolboy Q, Talib Kweli, BJ The Chicago Kid, Rhapsody and The Game. This is the second album by rap’s newest sensation, who has been tipped for big things since featuring on 6 tracks on ‘Compton’ by Dr Dre earlier in 2015. ‘Malibu’ is the maturation of .Paak’s journey from soul and R&B over into hip-hop and even soulful house / disco, all the while giving listeners a deep look into his personal experience. Don’t forget it ALSO contains the track “without You” which was made SUPER AWESOME by the Hiatus Kaiyote SAMPLE of “Molasses” in there…..

TWINN KONNEXION “Don’t Fight The Love” (super disco edits / gardner) 7” $16

The Super Disco Edits label known for issuing previously unreleased material continues on with their tradition of doing just that, blessing DJ’s and collectors with great music for their crates and dance floors alike. For their upcoming release, the label dug into the Gardner label archives and pulled a great Modern Soul tune off of the master tapes from Twinn Konnexion. “Stu Gardner, leading a group of top notch session musicians in 1980 and noticed that there was still time on the clock after they had finished their work for a popular network television show. Making good use of precious moments, the band recorded an exuberant track that’s quintessential 80’s with a timeless and positive message, love and desire” Super Disco Edits is in a lane all by them self when it comes to bringing these types of releases to light and doing a great job at it. As with previous, this is a limited edition release never to be reissued so be sure to scoop a copy. An unnamed female vocalist gives you the performance of her life

HIATUS KAIYOTE “Tawk Tomahawk” (Music on Vinyl) LP $36

LOCAL legends get their record re-pressed on the Music on Vinyl label. This is a groundbreaking classic Australian record by the way. It’s officially in the top 100 all time Australian Classic Record list. btw.

GILLES PETERSON’S HAVANA CULTURA BAND “Havana Club Rumba Sessions (MCDE mix and MAX GRAEF mix” (Brownswood) 12” $18

The latest chapter in the long standing relationship between Gilles Peterson and the music of Cuba sees him explore the roots of rumba through a project comprising three parts: a feature length documentary, a collection of remixes and a free sample pack. Produced in collaboration with rum maker Havana Club – creator of the Havana Cultura platform to promote contemporary Cuban culture – this is another episode in a six-year relationship that’s already given vital exposure to different aspects of Cuba’s thriving music culture through the Havana Cultura album series. The recordings of rumba’s three key styles were handed to a crop of producers working in the orbit of the most interesting corners of club music, allowing for an exciting, global re-interpretation of rumba’s roots. The result is Havana Club Rumba Sessions: a collection of remixes that’s as varied as you’d expect from a roster of producers spread across locales as wide as South London to Japan and beyond. Berlin-based Max Graef & Glenn Astro deliver a kickdrum-sprung workout of ‘Weird Melody’ that pays testament to the free and easy hip hop / beatdown house beat making in a style that’s long been their MO, whilst Motor City Drum Ensemble’s swinging, jazzy 4/4 arrangement of ‘La Rumba Experimental’ loops things up into a hypnotic slow burn.

DISCLOSURE “Moog For Love” 12” EP $25

The Brothers Lawrence hit us with another of their out-of-the-blue bonus EPs, dropping three essential, brand new tracks for the dancefloor. On side A we get the peak-time nu-garage banger ‘Boss’, a bass-bouncing, filter vocalled winner all the way. Heading in the other direction BPM-wise is the slo-mo shuffler ‘Feel Like I Do’, which samples the honeyed tones of the legendary Al Green, adds some retro needle crackle and grooves all the way to the dancefloor. Summer anthem alert! Eats Everything’s Daniel Pearce is the collaborator on the title track, a filter house bomb sampling George Benson’s ‘Moody’s Mood for Love’. Again, another surefire dancefloor filler. Limited 12″ pressing!

CHANCE THE RAPPER ”Coloring Book” 2LP $38

His new LP Coloring Book (the fourth mixtape he’s released in as many years) has topped the US charts, making him the first artist whose music is solely available online to enter the Billboard charts.

The album shows Chance at his best; the 14 songs pull us into Chance’s universe, his many influences. From funk (“All Night” ft. Knox Fortune) nd gospel (“How Great” ft. Jay Electronica and My Cousins Nicole) to soul, with the track “Blessings”; a collaboration with Ty Dollar Sign, who we can’t stop listening to at the moment anyway. Ty Dolla Sign & Chance the Rapper might just push us over the edge!

There’s other artists featured, including Kanye West himself in “All We Got” and Lil Wayne and 2Chain in “No Problem”. He almost makes us think of Kid Cudi in his glory days. With its ingenious beats and hardcore instrumentals, Coloring Book revolutionises its genre.

A$AP FERG “Always Strive & Prosper” (sony) 2LP $48

Sophomore hip-hop / rap album on Columbia Records, from A$AP Mob collective member A$AP Ferg and the follow up to his 2013 “Trap Lord” album release. This is an x18 trk album, available on LP Vinyl and CD formats. Collaborators include:- Missy Elliott, Skrillex, Future, A$AP Mob, Rick Ross, Chuck D, Big Sean, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and more.

M.O.P. “Warriorz” (get on down) 2LP $40

MOP’s gritty fourth full length effort – maybe the last inarguably top notch record – capping of a pretty great run from the mid 90s to 2000! Like so many of the great hip albums of the era, its share of filler and repetition, but the high points find the Brownsville boys at their bleak, confrontational best. Once again, sprinkled with beats and mixes by Premier that threaten to steal the show. This one still holds up! Includes Welcome To Brownsville”, “Everyday”, “Ante Up”, “Face Off 2K1″, “Warriorz”, “Old Timerz”, “Nig-gotiate”, “Cold As Ice” and more. 19 tracks in all. Produced by DJ PREMIER

MONOSWEZI “Monoswezi Yanga” (tug) LP $30

Monoswezi weave traditional African songs and instruments with cool Scandinavian jazz. Zimbabwean mbira and vocals are enriched with Mozambican percussion and embellished with Nordic sax and sympathetic rhythm section.

MIGUEL DE DEUS “Black Soul Brother” (groove) LP $40

For the first time reissued, with the great contribution of Miguel de Deus’s family in São Paulo, who suplied the collection of photos for the 4 page booklet insert. Brazil is a country of great musical talent especially in the field of rhythm oriented music. The rich tradition of samba sounds among others will certainly prove that. By the 1970s of course other styles came into the music lover’s perception. Funk and soul washed down south from the bigger US metropolises and infected a whole generation of musicians including Miguel De Deus and his fellows. As a result the former Oz Brazoes (Latin acid rock with fuzzed out guitar) rhythm guitarist and his crew delivered their now classic sole album “Black Soul Brothers” in 1977, a hot blooded, steaming masterpiece of raging ghetto funk spiced up with soul eruptions on and a Latin American flavour. A rather explosive cocktail in times of slick disco music. The Latin elements tend to be more like a support for the groovy soul and funk than a bearing pillar of the whole sound. They still give the songs exciting twists and turns. The non stop rhythm pulsations would certainly feel different without any Samba influence. And so the album presents a permanent steaming dance beat that will swallow you when you put this hottie on your turntable. A never ending swirl of rhythm patterns, bass notes, brass section harmonies and commanding vocals pushes you to your physical limits. A few more relaxed songs let you breathe some fresh air but the spell of this music lasts upon your soul. You want to go wild and crazy and have your lame high school party turn into a loose and lethal freak out? Play some wicked Latin funk like “Flaca louca” with its beautiful interplay of utterly melodic female vocals and dirty, screaming male vocals, your desired result will be the case. An ingenious crown jewel of 70s funk that will appeal to each fan of early FUNKADELIC, BLACK MERDA, BETTY DAVIS.

ELOAH “Os Orixas” (Mr Bongo) LP $36

‘Os Orixas’ is rich in layered percussion, horns and guitars. Singer Eloah’s lead vocals are reminiscent of the likes of Ellen McIlwaine, Elza Soares and Joyce. Samba, funk, folk, jazz and MPB over ijexa and African grooves, that combine beautifully across the moods. Os Orixas refers to one of the manifestations of the ’supreme God’ in the Yoruba faith.

The songs were written by Luis Berimbau, assisted by Ildásio Tavares. Berimbau was a very influential multi instrumentalist, poet, writer and composer from Bahia, Brazil. He produced the wonderful folk / psychedelic rock group Perfume Azul Do Sol’s ‘Nascimento’ LP amongst many others.

MARIA AFI USUAH “African Woman” LP $40

Mary Afi Usuah trained as an a opera singer at the prestigious St Cecilia Academy in Rome and spent 13 years touring Europe with artists like Duke Ellington and Deep Purple. She matched vocal chops with Robert Plant performing with Led Zeppelin and blew away the top names on the Lagos scene when she returned to Nigeria. She also broke a few hearts with her killer smile, if some accounts are to be believed. African Woman marshals these experiences into an exceptionally powerful and diverse album. From the Tina Turner stomp of ‘What’s A Woman To Do’, to the Aretha-style musings of the title track, Mary takes everything she learned on the road to tell her story about her continent in a distinctly African manner. The boys from Akwassa were on hand to ensure that everything was kept extra tight and funky. Mary Afi Usuah only released two albums but she is undeniably one of the greatest female singers the African continent has produced. African Woman serves as her legacy, along with the remarkable number of Nigerian female singers she mentored and inspired.

KENYA SPECIAL various : Selected East African Recordings from the 1970’s & 80’s” (Soundway) 3LP + 7” + booklet $58

A much-needed look at the massive amount of music recorded in Kenya during the 70s and 80s – an incredibly fertile time for local culture in the nation – and a time when it seemed like there was a great new groove coming out nearly every day! The work here really rivals the best of the classic Soundway compilations – especially their strong surveys of Ghana and Nigeria, with an ear for grooves that go way beyond the usual mainstream sounds of world music! There’s more than enough grit and funk here to please any fan of American funk and soul – but the sounds also go way way deeper, too – and echo not only a long Kenyan cultural heritage, but also reflect the unique place the nation had at the crossroads of East Africa – a site that often made the scene especially vibrant in these years. The presentation is superb – with detailed notes and wonderful imagery that includes vintage label scans – and titles include “Mu Africa” by The Rift Valley Brothers, “Wendo Ti Mbia” by Gatanga Boys Band, “Ware Wa” by The Loi Toki Tok, “Sweet Sweet Mbombo” by Orchestre Baba National, “Cha Umheja” by Afro 70, “See Serere” by Sophia Ben & The Eagles Lupopo, “Mutumia Muriu” by The Lulus Band, “Nzaumi” by Ndalani 77 Brothers, “Teresia” by Huruma Boys Band, and “Week End” by Afro 70.

JAMES BLAKE “Klavierwerke” (R&S Records) 12” $20

repress… James Blake’s debut EP for R&S and some of the some of the most startlingly original music to have emerged from London in 2010. It follows amazing releases on Hemlock and Hessle and seriously pushes the boundaries of what is expected of ‘dubstep’ music. Single Of The Year – Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards – 2010 Best Dance Single – DJ Magazine Awards – 2010

ZOMBY X BURIAL “Sweetz’ (hyper dub) 10” $22

Long time mutual admirers, Zomby and Burial get together for this one-sided white label taken from Zomby’s forthcoming album “Ultra”. “Sweetz” could well be the most toxic track from either of their back catalogues to date. Claustrophobic bass swells and Blade Runner industrialized atmospheres saturate the mix while a catchy, demonic vocal refrain repeats ‘get me fucked up’ over and over again through the fug. Dystopian and corrosive yet, as always from these club technicians, there’s always an eye towards the dancefloor. The track’s destined to cause plenty of damage in the darker and more forward focussed dancing halls. Limited release by two of the absolute stalwarts of the genre – move quick if you wanna grab a slice of the action.


LOCAL the last 8 copies of this CD. A real under the radar heat rock from Melbourne’s smoking soul scene. ITs hip hop but its SUPER soulful. Coming out of the collar called HIGH TEA, these guys call in great MC’s to keep the soul rolling.


BILLY DAVIS “PRESSURE feat Jace XL / PROBLEM feat ALLYSHA JOY”(Northside Records) 7” $15 – LOCAL HEAT

ANDRAS FOX ‘House Of Dad’ (HOD) LP $25


COOP DEVILLE ‘Bat Funk Crazy’ (Block Rockin Music) LP $25

VARIOUS ‘Cumbia Libertad’ (Hawaii Bonsai) 2LP $45

DEEP STREET SOUL ‘Come Alive!” (Freestyle Records) LP $30


SAN LAZARO ‘La Despedida’ (Hope Street) LP $30

RADIOHEAD ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ (XL) 2LP $48

PLUTONIC LAB ‘Deep Above The Noise’ (Wax Museum) 2LP $45


MILWAUKEE BANKS ‘Deep Into The Night’ (Remote Control) 2LP $42

MF-DOOM ‘Operation Doomsday’ (Metal Face) 2LP $35

KANYE WEST ‘Kon The Louis Vuitton Don’ (KW) 2LP $38

VARIOUS ‘Future Society – compiled by Seven Davis Jr’ (R2) 2LP $48

MAN MADE MOUNTAIN ‘Congo Square’ (House Of Beige) 12″ $25
SAMPA THE GREAT “The Great Mixtape” (Wondercore Island) LP $32
ST GERMAIN “St Gemain” (parlophone) LP $40
THE ZOMBIES “Odessey & Oracle” LP $30