Chico Mann – Live!

September 22 @ The Toff

You can forget about the obscure ‘grabs’ at the bottom of this poster… If you’re reading this blog you should already know who Antibalas are and you also know RayBan Wayfarers, Oakley Frogskins and kung-fu slippers are for chumps! No reference to ‘Casio’ or ‘the 303’ is gonna make me wanna go to a gig – quite the opposite actually. May as well just buy a daily and ride around on the 86! Motherfuckers at Urb Magazine and Flavorpill need to check their heads (because you look stupid!).

Anyway… Chico Mann. Do yourself a favour and check his blog, listen to his music and watch some of his recent film clips. Brother is heavy!

He’ll be performing with his band at the Toff in Town later this month. It should be a fantastic show. To put it simply: Real music for real people.

Check the poster for more info and ticketing details. Special guests Chris Gill and DJ Manchild will be in the house.

Holy shit, it’s a long way down from my high horse, especially for a bitter old man.

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