Rampage this Friday!!!

Cold Crushin’ returns

This Friday is going to be something special. PBS-FM, First Floor and Zack Rampage team up to bring a much needed injection of real hip hop to the streets of Melbourne. Pre-90’s styles from Melbournes’s maestros of all things turntablist. Featuring true heavyweights J-Red and Danielsan, along with the regulars on the Melbourne scene, Manchild, Rob C, Mz. Rizk and the one and motherfuckin’ only, Zack ‘Eric B’ Rampage. Dust off you shell toes and start ironing your fat laces. This is what a lot of us have been itching for. Real hip hop, real DJs and actual real records (we hope).

This is a PBS benefit gig, so all the coin goes back into helping fund and run one of the finest community stations in the world. As such, we’ve capped ticket prices at tenbukah! Awww yeah.

Don’t forget to tune into RAMPAGE every Friday at 2pm!

In other news this week – it’s Wax Museum’s ‘Jam’ 1 year celebration, featuring special guest Kon (Kon & Amir). This Saturday night at the Croft Institute. More DJs on the bill than a long-weekend at Revolver. Expect the dopest-dopeness and the rarest-of-the-rare – and expect special guests Bonez and Danielsan to make the international guest look pedestrian! Others guests include Aux-One, Arks, Kano 172, Kuya, Inkswell and Japeye… It’s gonna be huge. Get in early to see the freshest DJs around. All the info is here: WAX MUSEUM JAM

Count on Northside to bring the realness!
ps. Nice poster!

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