While you were sleeping…

Records of the Month

Lee Fields: My World

Kings Go Forth:
The Outsiders Are Back

I love these records, my 4 year old daughter loves these records, my 62 year old mother loves these records, and even my friends in Sydney like these records! Pretty much says it all if you ask me.

Neither are actually new releases – BUT, both have dropped recently and are available at Northside. This is some heavy heavy shit. They’ll tear out your heart and soul – and then they’ll do it again. This is the kind of music that is dangerous to listen to while driving – it will have you zoning out; missing turn-offs, running red lights and exceeding the speed limit. They are so f*cking good I just can’t find words to describe… but let me try…

My World is amazing! Lee Fields and the Expressions take soul above and beyond all previous attempts of the new millenium. This is serious soul music with a healthy does of funk nastiness to boot. Tunes like ‘My World’ and ‘Honey Dove’ are beautiful; rich and lush like classic Philly and Chicago Soul, raw and lean like the best James Brown, and heart wrenching like Otis Redding or the deepest funk 45’s. Then – you have tunes like ‘Money is King’ – still soul, but with a funk edge that just makes you wanna smash some fool. The Expressions are an all-star line up that features Leon Michels (El Michels Affair), Homer Steinweiss  + Tommy TNT Brenneck  (The Dap Kings),  Toby Pazner (The Olympians), Michael Leonhart (The Avrimina 7). Damn, Enough talk – buy this record today.

KIngs Go Forth follow up their succession of amazing 7-inch releases with what is perhaps the greatest funk record of the decade. The Outsiders Are Back is definitely an apt title for this incredible album. This Milwaukee-based group serves up heady mix of funk, soul and RnB with a spoon full of disco and pinch of reggae.  Every cut is a stone-cold monster. Just ask the heads around town like Miss Goldie, Callum Flack or DJ Manchild – this shit is the shit. It’s hard to pick a favourite from this record (CD), but the instant-classic ‘One Day’ and latest single ‘I Don’t Love You No More’ are definite stand outs. Other tunes like ‘Now We’re Gone’ have become standards at nights like Soul A Go Go and every other credible soul night in the world. Get up, get in to it, get involved! This is an album that anyone with any inclination towards soul or funk music should own.

The vinyl release of the KGF album is not out yet, but we should have it really soon. In the meantime we have the CD and some of the singles (on Mr. C’s).  Don’t sleep any longer – and take care when driving.

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