this is FOR REAL! 10th Anniversary of Record Store Day, and we do it with a BANG! Add to this list of GREATNESS ABOVE this list of DJ’s that will be playing throughout the day at Northside!


MZ RIZK 9-10

EMMA PEEL   10-11


PERIL  12-1


REMI 2-2:45

SENSIBLE J 2:45 – 3:30


DJ MANCHILD & REX to fill between bands

MISS GOLDIE 5:30 – 6pm

Not to mention lots of great records as well.

HIROSHI & CLAUDIA “Six To Six” (atom / Northside Records)

A session recorded in Sydney in 1979 by a group of touring Japanese jazz musicians led by guitarist Hiroshi Yasukawa, and a forgotten and still undocumented Mauritian cabaret singer performing under the alias ‘Claudia’. Sitting somewhere between spacey Balearic disco, haunting soul and hectic funk reminiscent of electric Miles Davis, the Six To Six LP is a curious beast to say the least.

Northside will also be issuing the FIRST SOLO RECORDING of local SOUL SUPERSTAR

ALLYSHA JOY “Fnfl / Akala” on Northside Records.

The single, FNFL lends a voice to Indigenous Australians, reflecting upon their ongoing battle for custody of their land, custody of their children and open expression of their culture. The B side, Akala was inspired by the UK rapper and humanitarian of the same name, it is a song to incite change for those people seeking asylum, and to encourage rightful news broadcasting of this matter and many others.

Come down to the store it will be a fun day.

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