HEAVY 45s on the racks

They are new soul 45’s and also some reissues of some classics, but the one things that unites these is that they are all ESSENTIAL.

Pimp 45 $14

Pimp 45

Fuck the Police / Scrabble  $14

Fuck the Police / Scrabble

Thank You / Don't Know What I'd Do $16

Thank You / Don’t Know What I’d Do










from Brooklyn comes the new and super funky steel band, the Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band “Pimp / Laventile Road March” Coming in at $14 this track PIMP is actually a cover of 50 Cent’s track “Pimp”. Many people thought that this was the original that was sampled for it, but alas no. Its fresssshness.  The flip brings a great new track that is a funky upbeat dancer.  $14

Then there is the ORIGINALS reissue. One of the first in this series that matches great hip hop songs with the originals that they sampled for it. This time it is J DILLA and his track “Fuck the police” with the classic an hard to find library tune “Scrabble” by Rene Costy. $14

Dont forget the new PAUL KELLY project that is almost fully released now. The MERRI SOUL SESSIONS is a project that Paul started using his friends to record some soul music that he had hidden away inside. It is inch by inch that it comes out. Infact seven  inches at a time. Part two is with himself and KIRA PURU. $16

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