Funk 45 of the Month

JUNE 2009:
“Dollars”  bw.  “SWEETLOVE” feat. LADI 6

Not officially a June release – but still a hot 45. The Open Souls are a New Zealand crew who have been making waves on the funk scene for a couple of years now, reaching some tsunami-like proportions with this smoking little slice of wax. Perhaps not ‘funk’ to the purist – but still funky as hell, the A-side “Dollars” picks up where Sir Joe Quarterman and the Free Souls left off – hitting a real “So Much Trouble” kinda groove – but also evokes a “Devil Inside” (yes, INXS) feeling. I know someone is going to be offended by me using these two comparisons – but if you can mix SJQ and INXS together in your head – then add a female vocal, you might get some idea of where this tune is going…. and maybe not.

It’s probably best you just hit the Open Souls myspace page and check it ya damn self. Then you can get back on here and tell me I’m smoking crack!

The flipside “Sweetlove” is nice – but it’s not  funk. “Dollars” is def the money tune on this record. Limited pressing – get it before it’s gone. Forever.

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