Well it aint no secret now, Jemery Sole, a radio cat from KCRW radio in Los Angeles, scored (an awesome holiday) a trip to Australia as part of a sponsored travelogue (tourism Australia). The purpose was to document what he could in terms of culture and good times and talent. I think Jeremy had mild expectations of what might be in stall, but I think he got BLOWN AWAY!He says, “Instead I found bands, deejays and producers that draw influence from other regions of the world, just like anyone else, but cull their strongest inspirations from their own souls – which is always the makings of the best music, in my opinion.”

jsole-van-sepia-med_reasonably_smalltumblr_lip19xepqx1qhbizqo1_500Jeremy Sole                                    Lance Ferguson & Leroy

He posted up a travel blog that you can access here…

It should be added to a little more, so keep checking…

It was great to speak with Jeremy and to sit back and actually look at what we have here in Melbourne. It is nice when an outsider (no Pony Boy jokes) comes in and opens you eyes a bit. Performances are by The Cactus Channel, Kylie Auldist, Monkey Mark, LOTEK & Morganics, Laneous, and loads more to come (I think).

To think this is just  a snapshot over one weekend…Pity we didn’t take him to the footy!

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