Record of the Month: John Sangster

once_lpOnce Around the Sun:
Music by John Sangster

Roundtable & Votary Records are known for their attention to detail and this new release from the Roundtable team is no exception.

“The greatest ever Australian record never released – until NOW!!! The amazing soundtrack to a super dope movie (documentary) of the Ourimbah Festival held in January 1970. This movie nor the soundtrack were ever released. Dubbed as Australia’s own Woodstock, this festival was a brave and furry freak brother explosion. In contrast to the Aussie Rock and folk sounds of the festival, Sangster delivers an expansive orchestral space jazz masterpiece. Likened to Jean-Claude Vannier’s ‘L’enfant assassin Des Mouches’, OATS is a uniquely orchestrated score where passages of avant garde incidental music sit along side thumping bass heavy psych. Featuring members of the Don Burrows Quartet, SCRA, Galapagos Duck plus the Sydney Philharmonic.”

“Not for the club. This is a definite sit-down record. Reminiscent of  Roy Budd’s finest soundtrack work (Stone Killer, Final Option, Get Carter etc), with hints of Axelrod and a spattering of Herbie Hancock’s Death Wish. Check “Into the Atom”…. destined to be sampled and make this record some sought after shiz. Chris is on the money calling this The greatest Australian record never released.

A PRESSING OF 500 COPIES ONLY. If you collect records you will need this piece of Aussie history for your mantlepiece, for the kitchen and the bedroom and the back shed. Maybe even one for the neighbour.

Props to James Pianta (from Votary Records) and Jeff Wybrow, these boys are making the world a much more interesting place!

If you get excited by oddities like this record, check out the full catalogue at Roundtable and Votary
Numerous titles in stock now at Northside, including Sven Libaek’s ‘Misty Canyon’

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