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MAY 2009
“Walk On By” A Tribute To Black Moses (t&s)

Rarely does a record come along that leaves  you begging for more — but here is one of those; El Michels Affair “Tribute To Black Moses” is essential listening for anyone who appreciates good music.

CHRIS SAID: “This is like silk…..I have listened to this on repeat since I got it a few hours ago. The El Michels affair are an amazing Brooklyn band who are at the top of the tree when it comes to new soul bands. They had done a cover of Walk on By a long time ago for Ubiquity Records, but since Isaac died this year, this tribute is fitting respect paid. This is right up there with the Menahan Street Band record…

We’re having trouble keeping up with the demand on this record — so if you ain’t got yours, you better get it. CD also available

“Enter The 37th Chamber” Music Inspired By The Wu Tang (t&s)

We’ve ordered a whole crate of the upcoming El Michels Affair “Enter The 37th Chamber” Music inspired by the Wu Tang. If you’ve heard the 7 inch releases of CREAM, GLACIERS OF ICE, DUEL OF THE IRON MIC etc you know what this is all about. We expect this to be every bit as good (dope) as the Black Moses Tribute. Embrace the irony of listening to the recording of the live studio band replaying the digitally produced hip hop instrumentals, which of course came from samples of musicians and orchestras playing and recording music for records! You’ve gotta ask — who will be the first to sample this and make a hip hop beat. Shipment arriving any day now.

Check out more on the El Michels Affair at the Truth & Soul website — cop a listen + check the word on Quincy Bright, The Olympians and The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

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