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Saskwatch live at Northside

It’s been a minute since Saskwatch released their third album ‘Sorry I let it come between us‘, but it’s like brand new again with the arrival of the long player at Northside. To celebrate the highly anticipated vinyl release Saskwtach will be performing live instore at Northside on Friday, 28th August. Come down and get intimate with Saskwatch before they hit the road for yet another circumnavigation of Australia (Rubens Hoops Tour). The live set starts at 7pm sharp, and we’ll have a limited number of LPs available exclusively on the night prior to the official release the following week. Get in early and get some!


Support your local independent record store and local indie bands.


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One new, one funky and old. Both sweeeeeeeeet. Both essential. 


JORDAN RAKEI “Groove Curse” (soul has no tempo) 12″ EP $25

– The Brisbane based artist (musician, producer, singer, songwriter), who only began performing for audiences nationwide with his experimental blend of lo-fi soul at the end of 2013, is a raw and rare commodity. Rakei has been making waves internationally with his inventive and refreshing blend of soulful tones, turning everything he touches (from Hip Hop to Dub, Deep House to Reggae) to gold. After starting piano at a young age his love for music intensified, allowing him to translate his ideas and influences into his own music.”His modern take on Soul music (with a dash of Reggae) makes this multi-instrumentalist one of kind. Simply put, that Groove Curse EP sounds super refreshing. I mean who doesn’t love that raw, warm sounding Fender-infused vibe? The first single “Street Light” was off the hook, but ‘She told me add the bassline’…are you kidding me? Man what a freakin’ tune right there! And “A Tribe Called Government” with those drums? Let it be know that this fellow from Brisbane has made it to the top Soul artists in our lil’ book. Right up there with D’Angelo, Bilal and Musiq.”


I dare you to check his site and listen to his cover of Fat Freddy’s “Blackbird”


LEE FIELDS “Emma Jean” (truth & soul records) LP + download $28
– Soul legend Lee Fields has re-teamed with The Expressions for new album Emma Jean. Coming at a time when many new artists are trying to emulate the soul and swagger of the 1960s, Mr. Fields showers us with authenticity on the 11-track set, highlighted by first single “Magnolia.” Hear the refreshed cover of the JJ Cale track that embodies the late, great American singer-songwriter and the Tulsa Sound he helped create. Since releasing his first album in 1969, Fields has continued to make music for the last 45 years. Lee Fields & The Expressions have forged a distinct soulful sound and a grown style with this album. They’ve pushed their sound in new directions, moving from being content as contemporary soul music royalty and instead delving into and exploring its next steps. Mixing some of it with Dan Auerbach  and having Emma Jean mixed and partially recorded at his Nashville studio, country soul and bluesy rock are immediately noticeable. It brings a different kind of strut to the album, but Fields–born and raised in North Carolina–is right at home with the Southern soul sound. In fact, it feels like a natural progression: an organic, refreshingly pure next step.

lee fields

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DAPlicious week!

They are falling from the skies!!!!


DAPTONE RECORDS new releases.

DAP-1084-A_Doughnut copy-228x228 DAP-1082-A_Doughnut small-228x228 DAP 033 Cover Art Hi Res-228x228












NAOMI SHELTON AND THE GOSPEL QUEENS “Cold World” LP (+ download) $25
– With Gabriel (Bosco Mann) Roth at the helm, Naomi and company went into the studio Summer 2013, and cut onto tape what can only be described as bonafide Soul Excitement of the highest order!  At the heart of it, Cold World is a Soul record but the cross section of sub-genres the album weaves through makes it difficult to label it plainly as such.  There are tracks like ‘Sinner’, ‘Heaven Is Mine’, and ‘Humble Me’ that capture the group’s penchant for Soul grooves, seasoned with Naomi’s tough vocal delivery, and the Queens melodic interplay, which captures perhaps better than any of the other tracks, NSGQ’s live show.  Then there’s some hard funk by way of ‘Bound for the Promised Land’, ‘Cold World’, and ‘Thank You Lord’ – the percolating church rave-up of ‘Get Up, Child’, the country heavy ‘One Day’, and ‘I Earned Mine’, and the bouncing rumba of ‘Everybody Knows.’  This album is a menagerie of Soul music at its finest, untied by the strong message-laden lyrics. Trust us, the wait was worth it.

ANTIBALAS “Tattletale” (daptone) 7″ $10
-Composed by the prolific keyboardist/producer Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah, “Tattletale” has been a sinister, funky flute-driven live staple for Antibalas for many years, drawing from musical inspirations of Ethiopian funk and jazz masters Mulatu Astatqe, Wallias Band and Mahmoud Ahmed of the the mid-1970s. After years of performing it to audiences across the globe, the band recorded “Tattletale” at the Daptone House of Soul during the album sessions for their self-titled 2012 LP. Since then, like a trove of military secrets, the song has sat marinating in the Daptone archives, waiting for just the right time to expose the dark, sinister side of Antibalas.”

THE COMO MAMAS “Out Of The Wilderness / Well, Well Don’t Worry ’bout Me” (daptone) 7″ $10
– Led by Ester Mae Smith’s unmistakeable voice, the Como Mama’s have found their place at the gospel end of the Daptone table alongside a legendary stable of soulful musicians. However, as stirring as their music is, up to now, all of their recordings have been a capella. With this record they join forces with the boys of the Menahan Street Band (billed pseudonymously here as The Radiant Rhythm Band) to lay bare the funkier side of gospel music. “The rhythms we all play were already right there in their vocals,” explains drummer Homer Steinweiss, “so it felt natural to lay down the grooves behind them.” Thomas “T-N-T” Brenneck, the up-and-coming producer who brought us both Menahan Street Band and Charles Bradley, presided over the collaboration, which took place in the old Dunham Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Dont forget the SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS show this month on the 18th and 19th!

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LEONG LAU reissue now available

leong lau

Sometimes billed as the Malaysian Elvis, Leong Lau looked more like Jimi Hendrix.

 Leong Lau arrived in Adelaide at the end if the 60’s to study engineering and ended up cutting three great jazz/funk albums in the mid 1970’s.

His final LP “That Rongeng Sound has now been reissued by a new local re-issue label called Left Ear Records. There are not many / any Malaysian Australian groove records that I know of and this is a great project to bring to the light. It holds some sounds that hark back to the Malay jungles but is based in a steep groove that has spacey keys and tight drums holding it down. Leong’s vocals are great, half sung half spoken that leave everybody feeling relaxed!

Below is some amazing documentary footage of the man that has been unearthed. Check it out!


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Northside Records: Our label

2014 is here – and it’s almost February! We have exciting new releases coming in 2014 – including new singles and album from Saskwatch, a very special Record Store Day release (vinyl only of course) and a few more surprises you’ll here about in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned –> get the latest news and new stock listings by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in Melbourne – we’ll ship the records to you, and we’ll send them for FREE if you spend $100 or more. SUBSCRIBE for the newsletter now.

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The freshest homies

Now we’ve seen it all! Gangsta wrap air-fresheners are here… at Northside for only $5 a hit. Get your ride smelling fressshhhhhhhh, from the depths of the sea, back to the block! There’s SNOOP DOGG, doused in special Gin & Juice fragrance (honestly, it smells more like Hubba Bubba), there is ICE CUBE flavoured with BLACK ICE! Picture Me Rollin in my 500 Benz! with theTUPAC freshener flavoured COOL WATER. Last but not least is EAZY-E scented APPLE. These are designed as car fresheners – but you you can rock this shit anywhere! Tie it on you bicycle helmet, on your christmas tree, or just make it jiggle in your 5-star hooptie


Want to see more? Check the website hanginwiththehomies –> These are flying out the door faster than free beer. Get on it now.

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SUPERDINKS at Northside

For the DJ, for the home listener, these superfine 45 adapters are now available for sale EXCLUSIVELY in Melbourne at NORTHSIDE RECORDS.

Call them what you will, spacers, adapters, centres, jukebox thingymajigs, they are what you use on a turntable to fill the big hole on a 7″ single. They are here and ready to spin.They are all made from 100% aluminum and have a LIFEtime guarantee.

$10 each or $20 in the double pack, come get some.


Super Dinks

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Record Store Day at Northside – Saturday April 20

From 11am when the doors open Northside will host DJ’s all day, when the doors open, the needle drops. DJ’s Manchild, Mista Rex, Chris Gill, Laim McGory, Lance Ferguson, Ms Butt, will all be playing records. THings you can buy or joints to make you shake.
Then at 2pm we have the privilege of hosting AGAIN a favourite soul band of Northside, THE PUTBACKS. One of the first bands on the Hope Street Record label, these cats have a great groove that WILL make you move. On bass, Mick Meagher is actually one of the inspirations behind this years RSD T-SHIRT, ask him why. Also the keyboard player, Simon Mavin is also in the next band that is playing.

Fresh from performing at SxSW in America, HIATUS KAIYOTE, took their sweet soul sound up to NYC and around that area. They had some incredible shows there and we have to make sure that their home town provides them with the MOST FUN show yet! This could be the last time you see these guys doing a free show. Also they are going back overseas soon, so get in while you can. They will be playing a special show at 3PM on Saturday 20th.

These release are to be sold on Saturday from 11am onwards. One per customer.

ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE: HOMEMADE RECORDS 1958 – 1992 (sinecure books) HARDBACK BOOK + 7″ $90
GZA / GENIUS “Liquid Swords Chess box” (get on down) 4LP $90
BEAT BOX: A DRUM MACHINE OBSESSION (get on down) 2×7″s +booklet $35
NON PHIXION “I Shot Reagan” (uncle howie) 7″ $15
THE XX  “Jamie XX edits” 12′ (young turks) $22
HERMITUDE “Parallel Paradise” 12” (elefant tracks) EP $22
BRIAN ENO, GRIZZLY BEAR & NICOLAS JAAR “Lux / Sleeping Ute” (warp) 12″ $20
IF MUSIC various (ninja tune) 2LP $38
KING MIDAS SOUND “Aroo”  (ninja tune) 12″ $20

NEWS FLASH!!!!! new additions!!!


Need I say more? If you’re not already on the mailing list sign up now to get the latest on exclusive releases.

whats a PARTY without and AFTERPARTY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


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The Soul of Melbourne – Available now

We are very excited to present the second release from Northside Records, “The Soul of Melbourne”. The official release date is November 9, 2012, however copies of 18-track CD have been fast-tracked to Northside to coincide with RRR Album of the Week! Get yours now.


Check the RRR blurb:
This extremely impressive compilation is an acknowledgement and celebration of Melbourne’s vibrant and vital soul music community. Presented by two of the city’s leading champions and proponents of all things soulful (Northside Records’ and Triple R’s Chris Gill and The Bamboo’s Lance Ferguson) the eighteen track collection showcases some key local jazz, funk, R&B and modern beat-based outfits. Recent releases from artists such as Chet Faker and Kylie Auldist are highlighted, and featured alongside rare and unreleased songs from The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and new spiritual jazz group Menagerie.

That’s right! 18 hand-picked tunes (inc. 4 previously-unreleased exclusives) from the cream of the Melbourne soul scene. Featuring THE BAMBOOS, SASKWATCH, THE CACTUS CHANNEL, KYLIE AULDIST, ELECTRIC EMPIRE, CLAIRY BROWNE & THE BANGIN’ RACKETTES, HIATUS KAIYOTE, AKOLOTL, COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS & more. The official website for this record/project will launch on November 9. Stay tuned.

The official “unofficial” release party happens as part of AWME – with a stellar line-up of local artists joining forces with AWME and Northside Records to present what will be once of the most epic nights of Soul and Funk witnessed in Melbourne in recent times. Thursday Nov. 15 at Hi-Fi, Catch The Bamboos, Saskwatch, Electric Empire and more. Full details here. And that’s not all! Friday 16th Nov. sees Deep Street Soul at the Lounge, supported by Sietta and the Northside DJs (Chris Gill Experience, DJ Manchild, Mistarex, & Lewis Can Cut).

“Where’s the vinyl?” I hear you say! It’s coming – delivery of vinyl is expected early December. Vinyl features 12 tracks from the CD – especially all the cuts that have not previously been available on vinyl such as Electric Empire. Vinyl is a strictly limited press. Watch this space for news of its arrival + all Soul of Melbourne related events. We’ve also just sent our second 7″ off to manufacture. A MASSIVE double A-side 45 that is guaranteed to make you shake! More news on that in upcoming posts.

Want more? Tune in GET DOWN on RRR this week to hear Chris Gill dropping heat and chatting with some of the artists from our great new compilation. Chris Gill on RRR

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Kylie Auldist Single Launch + Instore performance!

Northside is excited to announce an exclusive instore performance from Kylie Auldist to launch her new Single/7-inch ‘Changes‘. Not only will Kylie be performing with her band… there will be NEW 45s available (if they don’t sell out before), plus Kylie will be signing records, posters and stuff! Northside DJs will be providing ear-candy before and after. Dig!

The new ‘Changes’ 45 WILL sell out. Don’t sleep on this one…… Get in touch with the store if you need a copy reserved prior to Saturday. Don’t forget to come down early (before 4.30) so you can peruse the shelves and get your funky fix. Changes out now on Tru-Thoughts. Full length album STILL LIFE dropping November.

Update Oct 24.
Thanks to everybody for coming it was amazing! A perfect soulful spring day.Photography by Rob Steer


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I don’t mean Camberwell Carrots, I am talking about some great recent releases to come out on 7″ vinyl. Or you might know them as 45’s. These are some heavy hitters from around the world. Starting with THE  TRANSGRESSORS, this is an unreleased track from the POETS OF RHYTHM or you might know them as THE WHITEFILED BROTHERS. Whatever, these German cats have been doing it for longer than the Dap Kings and hit harder than the taxman.

Then we have the QUANTIC and ALICE RUSSELL direct to disc recording of the two beautiful soul tracks from their latest album. Originally for record store day these babies got held up in shpiping delays. They are here now though. Recorded during the London Riots they have an amazing soulful calm about them.

Then don’t forget RICKEY CALLOWAY outta Florida, who teams up with his favourite band WILL SESSIONS from Detroit. This is some heavy and cold american A grade funk. Aso check the dope instrumental on the flip!



QUANTIC AND ALICE RUSSELL "Look Around the Corner"

QUANTIC AND ALICE RUSSELL "Look Around the Corner"



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RECORD STORE DAY – “Whats Going On”


No, I don’t have Marvin Gaye in store, but I do have THE PUTBACKS and THE PSYDE PROJECTS. Then there is all the DJS playing all day long. Starting from 11am we have ANDRAS FOX, ROLEX, BLAIR STAFFORD, EDD FISHER, REX, LEWIS CAN CUT and MR MOONSHINE. Good times all day long.

There is the T-Shirt SEE POST BELOW and also all of the SATURDAY only record store day VINYL exclusives.

DJ JOHN “Locked Down” (nonesuch) LP plus CD $40 diggin-2012-cover1

PHARCYDE “The Singles Collection” (get on down) boxset $100 7 x 7″s + Double CD + 21″x28″ Poster + 120 piece puzzle

PETER TOSH “Legalize It – Echodelic Remixes” (delicious) 10″ picture disc $35

LEE SCRATCH PERRY “BlackBoard Jungle Dub (2012 record Store Day Deluxe Edition) (get on down) BOXSET  3 x 10″s and 30″ x 30” giant poster. $50

SHABAZZ PALACES “Live at Kexp” (sub pop) 12″ $20

DJ FOOD “The Illectrik Hoak (Amorphous Androgynous remixes)” (ninja Tune) 12″ $20

NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN “The Flip Side Of Stax 1968 – 1974″ Various (light int the attic) 10 7” + 84 page book + download card $110

And don’t forget….

The new 2012 Diggin’ Melbourne Map drops on Record Store Day. 51 stores, maps, detailed listings and more. Get yours!

“Now here we go dropping science / dropping it all over like bumping around the town like when you’re driving a Range Rover / expanding the horizons and expanding the parameters / expanding the collections of beat diggin’ amateurs…”

I don’t want to start rumours, but DE LA SOUL’S – DJ MASEO will be playing at the Espy on Saturday night and is being supported by the Psyde Projects and MIGHT I repeat MIGHT pop in to lend his skills on a verse!

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