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THIS FRIDAY 10th Feb @ the Grace BASEMENT!!!!!!


Scatter Scatter –> Afrofunk / Afrobeat / Island Disco / Cumbia / Outernational Sounds

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Scatter Scatter Tropical Discotheque

ScatterScatter#02The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra present The Scatter Scatter Tropical Discotheque

DJ Manchild (The Public Opinion, PBS FM) steps out from the shadows of the group to bring you a new monthly night of heavy African funk, deep Island disco, fiery Colombian salsa and psychedelic Cumbia records. The POAO Sound System set will see members of the band joining him with live percussion, vocals and dance. Also along for the ride in this first installment are two of Australia’s deepest crate-diggers in Charlie Bucket (WA) and DJ Jumps.

The Grace Darling (Basement)
114 Smith St. Collingwood
Friday 13th January

The Public Opinion Sound System
DJ Charlie Bucket (WA)
DJ Jumps
DJ Manchild (PBS FM, TPOAO)

Gonna be heavy heavy heavy. Avoid death from Hard Afro Funk 45s – dance!


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Step right up, step right up, soul for sale….

ikebe_shakedown_s1 Here are a couple of amazing new releases that have just hit the shelves.

Outta Brooklyn we have the great IKEBE SHAKEDOWN, heavy and funky this instrumental afrobeat band is ready for the dancefloor. They bring together elements of psyche and soul and put it together just right. From an Isaac Hayes cover to bold as brass originals you need this record for home. Ubiquity Records has released this LP with a copy of a cd in the one package.

Now-Again Records is proud to present Tamanrasset, the sophomore release from the trio of Jay Whitefield,karl_hector_and_the_malcouns-tamanrasset_s Thomas Myland and Zdenko Curlija – also known as Karl Hector and the MalcounsTamanrasset is a mosaic of Eastern and Northern African folk music, Western psychedelia, jazz and funk. This vinyl-only-EP, packaged in screen printed jackets from Hit & Run with original artwork from Kevin Lyons, is limited to 1000 copies.

There are so many more, but another LP that got me dancing around the store, (it’s not that hard!!) is the 2nd of the West Indies Funk comps! Out on the Trans Air label of Puerto Rico, this compilation of Carribean funk may not be from well known bands but they rock some great cover versions of James Brown (‘The Big Payback’)west-indies-funk-vol-2-hi-res, Sly & The Family Stone (‘Sing A Simple Song’), Charles Wright (‘Express Yourself’) and Young Holt Unlimitied (‘Soulful Strut’). Its nots just the covers but the originals are essential as well. Don’t take my word for it, come into the store and check them out! I gotta dancefloor here now!

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Scatter Scatter

POAO + PBSFM present Scatter Scatter
Saturday 30th October

PBS 106.7FM and The Public Opinion have joined forces to present Scatter Scatter: voodoo afro-funk on Saturday October 30th at the Hi Fi. Scatter Scatter takes you back to 1970’s Lagos and the birth of afrobeat, shaking it ’til dawn at Fela Kuti’s ‘Afrika Shrine’ nightclub. It’s all about this hypnotic music and dance movement that combines West African highlife and traditional rhythms with funk, jazz and a powerful political message.

Scatter Scatter brings you the finest afro-crate-digging DJ’s Manchild, Systa BB, Mr Fish & Future Roots, playing the hardest classic and contemporary afro-funk as well as some of Australia’s deepest African-influenced bands and live acts. For the launch party we are joined by Melbourne’s own 17 piece afrobeat heavyweights The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra live on stage, performing songs from their recent ARIA nominated debut album ‘Do Anything Go Anywhere’.

Live African voodoo dance and drumming acts will perform on the night in the scatter market place so paint ya face, get ya beads on n’ head down to Scatter Scatter, Melbourne’s first afrobeat club night! Tickets $15 @ the door. Doors 9pm.

Get the low down:
facebook | |

Word up: The POAO 12″ and CD are available at Northside, so pick ’em up and get your scatter on for Saturday night.

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Chico Mann – Live!

September 22 @ The Toff

You can forget about the obscure ‘grabs’ at the bottom of this poster… If you’re reading this blog you should already know who Antibalas are and you also know RayBan Wayfarers, Oakley Frogskins and kung-fu slippers are for chumps! No reference to ‘Casio’ or ‘the 303’ is gonna make me wanna go to a gig – quite the opposite actually. May as well just buy a daily and ride around on the 86! Motherfuckers at Urb Magazine and Flavorpill need to check their heads (because you look stupid!).

Anyway… Chico Mann. Do yourself a favour and check his blog, listen to his music and watch some of his recent film clips. Brother is heavy!

He’ll be performing with his band at the Toff in Town later this month. It should be a fantastic show. To put it simply: Real music for real people.

Check the poster for more info and ticketing details. Special guests Chris Gill and DJ Manchild will be in the house.

Holy shit, it’s a long way down from my high horse, especially for a bitter old man.

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Right Click, 1-2, 1-2…

By-products of the Timeless Series:
Quantic presents ADDIS to AXUM Mix

Northside has been a fan of Quantic’s explorations of African music for a long time now. In some ways we can thank Quantic for helping bring Mulatu to Melbourne for the first time this week. Here’s a hot little link to a recent posting of a super Quantic DJ set featuring some of the best Ethiopian music the west has uncovered so far!

Check it, DOWNLOAD HERE: exclusive-quantic-mulatu-show-mix

The Timeless Concert Series wasn’t just a series of stunning performances. All the shows were framed by our favorite DJs. From Madlib to J.Rocc to DJ Nuts and more. Cut Chemist even raised the bar with a one turntable romp!

For the Mulatu show, Quantic brought along something very special .

In 2004 Quantic, Miles Cleret and B+ went to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia to find records and meet with Mulatu Astatke. It was there and then the first thoughts of bringing Mulatu to LA were hatched. So it was fitting that Quantic came to LA to DJ for Mulatu and brought with him records almost all found on that first unique trip.

Ethiopia has many musical traditions indeed not all of them have made it to vinyl. But those chunks of plastic contain some secrets that you really have to go to Addis to find. Trawling ebay is never the same as a trip to East Africa.

Quantic made that trip. And at the Luckman Theater on February 1st, 2009 he buckled everyone in, and took us on a one hour flight back.  Here is his DJ set in its entirety. Don’t be alarmed by the crackle, that’s what 30 plus year old records sound like.

Quantic and Mulatu records and CDs instore at Northside. I hear Chris even has a couple of autographed Mulatu LPs up his sleeve. Lean on him.

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Lagos Disco Inferno

Believe the Hype

WOW! This record and the dedication that has gone into making it happen is amazing. In doing a little research for this release, I’ve found one of the best things on the web! Check out the VOODOO FUNK blog. The info, pics and love here is hard to beat.

From the press release:

Compiled by Frank Gossner of, this record contains 12 tracks that represent the sound of Lagos in the late 1970s.

Dean Disi (Music Journalist and formerly Director of Lagos based label TYC Records) wrote the liner notes for this album: “It was the era of sheer ecstasy. The music not only represents the vibrancy of youthful expressionism of the time but is also deeply rooted in African rhythm though not traditional in phraseology… This collection of songs marks the development of Nigerian urban pop culture… There was diametric difference in the music of the discos and the music play by the groups. Disco music as played by the DJs was essentially western. The fans could connect with this easily. It was hip, urban and stimulating. The young Nigerian groups were hooked on it and tried to play it but with a distinctive African stamp of their own.”

Some of the artists on this record were stars of their times while others remained in obscurity.

And here is what makes Nigerian Disco so special:

Lagos by the 1970s was a huge metropolitan city. Due to the oil boom, there was money to be made with music and nightlife and big international record labels like EMI, Decca and Philips had set up their recording studios that for a big part got equipped with vintage hardware handed down from their European franchises. So as the sound of the late 70s and early 80s in Europe and in the US got more and more modern and from todays point of view just plain shitty, overloaded with ugly sounding Roland keyboards, the sound of Lagos was dominated by powerful horn sections, heavy drums and percussion instruments. There’s plenty of early Moog synthesizers but no synth-generated strings or fake horns.

EMI’s house producer Emmanuel Odenusi had worked with Fela for many years, defining the sound of Afrobeat. Kayode Salami who produced another couple of tracks on this album also was responsible for the incredible sound of the famous debut LP by Psych-Rock group Ofege.

Lagos, a uniquely vibrant, gritty, energetic and sometimes quite dangerous tropical metropolis has always been much more than just a city. A state of mind where third world poverty met the oil boom, where African traditions clashed with Western decadence.

Make no mistake, this stuff will have you dance in a feverish rush in no time.

Side 1: DORIS EBONG – Boogie Trip 5:28  GEALDO PINO – African Hustle 5:25  GROTTO – Bad City Girl 5:34

Side 2:  POGO LTD. – Don’t Put Me Down 4:37  ASIKO ROCK GROUP – Everybody Get Down 8:17  PARADISE STARS – Boogie Train 5:31

Side 3:  DORGU – Rover Man 4:37 MFB – Boredom Pain 5:06  ESSIEN – Take Life Easy 4:14  TIROGO – Dancing Machine 4:03

Side 4:  BLO – Root 3:24  NANA LOVE – Hang On 14:45

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